049. Ghost stories of Hofkins village

The temple was a small stone building built in the centre of the village. The front door opens into the chapel with its altar and behind the altar is a door leading further into the depths. I was led to the office at the back of the temple by sister Maria. "I was worried because … Continue reading 049. Ghost stories of Hofkins village

047. The angel with broken wings

For the first time in my life, I'm running on a snow-covered road. It's harder to run than I thought it would be. I'm running along the frozen road after escaping from the governor's residence and every 10 seconds I'm applying recovery magic so in effect I can run endlessly. I've lost track of the … Continue reading 047. The angel with broken wings

046. Farewell Kombu wall mine

Governor Cordelia Rootpia raises my chin with her riding crop and presses the tip into my throat. "So, what am I misunderstanding? Please do tell." What should I do? Should I think of an excuse? "It's a curse." "...Curse?" "Any woman who sees my body is cursed." "Nonsense. Cursed how?" "With rapid ageing." "..........." How's … Continue reading 046. Farewell Kombu wall mine

045. Well prepared means no worries

There is a proverb [well prepared means no worries]. If you prepare in advance then you don't have to worry about whatever happens. It might be so, however, I am not some gullible young boy who will accept that without question! I was almost raped by 2 prisoners. No matter how much you prepare it … Continue reading 045. Well prepared means no worries

044. Father & Daughter

Viscount Cherrycoke smiled gently at his 2nd daughter Patricia who had entered his office. His pretty and vibrant daughter now looked exhausted and haggard. She had been that way since her friend.....no her lover, Ippei Miyata had been imprisoned. She had come of age and was an adventurer now. There was nothing he needed to … Continue reading 044. Father & Daughter