38. Spirit magic

"......I've shot <Geo Greys> before but this was so strong........even though the magic power was only me and Misha........." Sasha mutters to herself in amazement as the huge soldier falls to the ground. "........Surprising......" Misha's voice can also be heard from the ice castle. "Nee Arnos, what did you do?" "I've already told you. Listen … Continue reading 38. Spirit magic

36. Ray’s ability

".....I can't believe it.......Gaius-sama, one of the old seven demon emperors was handled like a child......." ".....Just now......it wasn't even a match......" "...Maybe what Arnos is saying.....is true.....? Maybe he really is the Demon King of Tyr—" "Oi! What stupid crap are you saying!! No matter how strong he is, he's not a royal. An … Continue reading 36. Ray’s ability

35. Grand demon sword training

"Right. Now that Ray-kuns group has been decided I'll begin the class." Emilia's in high spirits, no doubt due to Ray becoming a group leader. "We'll be performing grand sword training today and since this is practical training we'll be moving to the arena. Since a special lecturer is here please don't be rude." All … Continue reading 35. Grand demon sword training

34. The tempering demon sword saint

The next day at the 2nd training ground classroom. Emilia enters along with the bell signalling the start of class. Behind her is a male student in black clothes. "Good morning. Before we start I'm going to introduce a new transfer student." Emilia writes a name on the blackboard. Ray Grandori. The black-clothed student steps … Continue reading 34. The tempering demon sword saint

33. Half a demon sword

".....I'm sorry for all the noise....." Misa says to me after I signed everyone's <Zekt>. "Everyone got worked up seeing the raw Arnos-sama up close for the first time." "That expression. How to say it.......I don't like it." Sasha says and next to her Misha nods. "Like alcohol." "Fumu. Raw Arnos sake?" "You don't need … Continue reading 33. Half a demon sword