57. The demon kings curse

Were you frightened by my bloodlust? Emilia trembles while backing away. "What's wrong? Is this low born mixed-blood so scary?" "........Yeah, don't flatter yourself................ I'm not scared!" While speaking Emilia is falling back while looking for an opportunity to escape. "Don't move." When I say that Emilia casts Flight <Fres> and flew into the sky. … Continue reading 57. The demon kings curse

56. Melody in the flame

Heading back home my mother is talking to the fan union girls. They've left the more popular streets and the area they are in now is already dark and deserted. "Isabella-san." My mother turns around and see's Emilia standing there. "Good evening Emilia sensei. It's amazing that the two students from your class are in … Continue reading 56. Melody in the flame

54. Sheila’s wish

"Well done." I dispel Illusion Mimicry <Rainel> and appear. "Ah.....no, I only managed to get something useful in the middle of the conversation......ahahaha....." Fumu. Doesn't look like she's being humble. I'm interested in Ray's background and circumstances as well. "The result is the same." I put my fingertip on Sheila's head and activate Time Manipulation … Continue reading 54. Sheila’s wish

53. Ray’s past

We decided to wait in the hospital room and before long the sound of a door being opened could be heard. Ray enters and walks straight over to his mother and quietly watches her face. ".......Mother....." There's no reply as Sheila continues to sleep. "I won the tournament.......tomorrow is the finals." He reports to the … Continue reading 53. Ray’s past