96. Origin womb (Eleonor)

Taboo magic. I'm able to grasp the general circumstances from that. "In other words, you're a human type magic?" (Arnos) Eleonor's eyes go round in surprise. ".....That's amazing Arnos-kun. You really did understand." (Eleonor) "I had also theorised about creating humanoid type magic. I even created the formula to experiment with." (Arnos) "....Did it work?" … Continue reading 96. Origin womb (Eleonor)

92. Origin killing

Diego jumped back and turned his hate-filled eyes towards me. "Wicked mazoku...... Did you bring me back to find the secrets of the hero academy?" (Diego) "Fumu. Deigo." (Arnos) I was already approaching Diego and as I spoke I pierced through the left-hand side of his chest. "Gaa.....haa......a.........!" (Diego) Diego vomits blood. "Who gave you … Continue reading 92. Origin killing

91. 2000 years of hatred

Misha teleported in front of the temple. Thanks to us being connected through the magic of <Guys> whatever Misha sees with her demon eyes I can see as well. Misha restlessly looks around but Eleonor can't be seen. —In here— (Eleonor) A feeble voice using <Liikus> could be heard and using her demon eyes Misha traced … Continue reading 91. 2000 years of hatred

90. The radiance of life

"....Mazoku.... Kill........?" (Elen) Elen said in amazement. "....Demon king of tyranny.........kill......?" (Jessica) Jessica muttered in an almost delirious tone. ".....Kill?" (fan union) The girls in the fan union started murmuring almost incoherently. They're hearing it through the<Liikus> I have established with them. Fumu. This is slightly bad. Should I be careful? "......No, hang on. Everyone! … Continue reading 90. The radiance of life

89. Arnos-sama support song No.3 (peerless demon king)

"....What do you think living is?" (Elen) "Its Arnos-sama!" (fan union) "What's the meaning of life?" (Elen) "Its Arnos-sama!" (fan union) "What is Arnos-sama?" (Elen) "He is both zero and infinite. He is all the concepts of this world!" (fan union) Elen raises her voice "Arnos-sama told us to sing. That Arnos-sama is waiting for … Continue reading 89. Arnos-sama support song No.3 (peerless demon king)