13. The witch of ruin

When I returned to my seat Emilia said "Candidates please stand up." All the students who had previously raised their hands stood up. 5 people including me. At a quick glance none of them particularity interested me but upon closer inspection one of the girls caught my eye. A blonde twin tail with blue eyes. … Continue reading 13. The witch of ruin

12. The mark of the inept

A few days later........... I headed towards the entrance of Deruzogedo Demon Kind Academy wearing the uniform that an owl delivered to me yesterday. Today is the first day of school and many students are passing through the front gate. On my way in I noticed that there were 2 kinds of uniforms. I'm wearing … Continue reading 12. The mark of the inept

066. Nighttime production

After hunting a further 23 Nepia Sidewinders I was able to obtain another 2 demon stones. Thanks to Mamoru-kun my defence has risen so I was able to fight closer to the front for a change. The other member's levels have been steadily rising. Gobu reached level 15 today and his [Intelligence] became 51. "Uuuuuugaugagaa♪ … Continue reading 066. Nighttime production

11. Friend of the demon king

Dinner was finally ready so Misha and I moved to the living room. Luxurious dishes were lined up on the table as well as the mushroom gratin which is my favourite. "Now then, eat up" my mother said setting down a large platter full of mushroom gratin before serving it out onto smaller plates. Kuu, … Continue reading 11. Friend of the demon king

10. Passing celebration

The doorbell of the shop sounded with a *clang-clang* "Welcom.....ah, Arnos-chan welcome back." My mother who was tending the store walked towards me. Dad's probably making something in his workshop. "How...... how'd it go?" my mother asks with a nervous look. "I passed." My mothers face lit up and she hugged me tightly. "Congratulations! Congratulations … Continue reading 10. Passing celebration


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