045. Well prepared means no worries

There is a proverb [well prepared means no worries].

If you prepare in advance then you don’t have to worry about whatever happens.

It might be so, however, I am not some gullible young boy who will accept that without question!

I was almost raped by 2 prisoners.

No matter how much you prepare it doesn’t mean that trouble will just disappear and not bother you anymore.

“Why’d you pick that guy to fuck!?”

“Cause he’s young.”

I don’t want to hear such a conversation so I thought up various things.

I have the protection of my hummingbirds if I’m near the bunkhouse and I’m safe if Gordon is with me but the problem is when I’m alone.

My attack and defence in this world are utter crap. This is the sad reality that I have to accept if I want to move forward.

I had considered making a weapon but if I got caught with one I’d get even worse treatment.

I don’t have access to demon stones so I can’t make a golem.

I was troubled.

My chastity is in crisis you know.


Perhaps I was wrong to think only about attacking.

Wouldn’t the optimal solution, in this case, be defence?

That’s why I made a chastity belt.

Using the abundant materials from the mine and leather from the beasts George-kun had caught I made the strongest armour to protect me from wild beasts.



[Name] Mithril underwear.

[Type] Waist armour

[Defence] 39

[Attribute] None

[Notes] Underwear made from mithril (with a key). Magic resistance, magic reflection 4%.


It’s unexpectedly good armour. You could use this in the labyrinth.(1)

It’s impossible to take these pants off even if a weirdo catches me.

This armour is penetration proof.

Trouble will still find me but my heart has regained some peace.


It’s been a month since I came to Kombu Wall mine.

The mountain is now covered in snow and the temperature continues to drop.

The bunkhouse was only given 1 heater for the entire building and the guard for the bunkhouse slept by it. Other prisoners had to sleep in the cold.

I secretly made another hot water bottle so now I had 2.


During breakfast, soldiers entered the dining room which was unusual. Usually, they hand food to the jailers and leave but today they are walking between the prisoners.

“You, you and you over there. Go stand by the door.”

They are gathering people for some reason.

They seem to have a common factor. All the guys they are picking are comparatively slender and somewhat good looking.

“Hmmm…..you as well.”

Eh? Me as well?!

Am I in that category?

“Commander, won’t they be angry with that fellow with the funny face?”

The underling smashes my rising pride.

“He’s there to make the others look better. Anyway, you eventually get tired of eating only sweet things and this is the same. Also, the orders were to bring people who look as harmless as possible so there’s no problem.”

I’m not an ikemen. I understand that. (2)

After gathering 10 prisoners the soldiers explained the circumstances.

“The proclamation informing us arrived late but today a new governor from the royal capital Elimore will be arriving. Their luggage will be here soon and you lot will help carry it. Don’t damage it and treat it carefully!”

Because they will be sending prisoners into a mansion did they deliberately leave the strong guys out to reduce the chance of someone damaging something?

At least the governor’s mansion will be warmer than the tunnels.

I went to the mansion with a light feeling. It’s nice to have an easier than usual job.


While us prisoners are carrying expensive looking furniture into the mansion a luxurious carriage arrives.

Tension starts appearing in the soldier’s faces.

“You lot stay out of the way. The governor is arriving.”

Because the Kombu Wall mine is a royal territory the governor is a top official from the royal capital.

Although this territory is very rural its an incredibly important source of revenue for the royal family.

This place is rich in various resources and if you do well here your career will be fast-tracked. A high-ranking official can save a lot of money here and bribe there way into a good life back in the royal capital.

I was surprised because when the door to the carriage opened a woman who seemed to be about 30 came down.

I was thinking would the governor be bad, good or somewhere in the middle and just assumed it was a man. I shouldn’t have assumed it would be a man.

Her name is Cordelia Rootpia and she seems to have an intense personality. (3)

The image of an S&M queen fits her perfectly.

You shouldn’t judge people by their appearances though.

I don’t know her. She might be the type to pick flowers and smile prettily.

As she climbs down from the carriage something in her hand attracts my attention. A whip. The type horse riders use.

Feeling slightly uneasy I carry on moving luggage into the mansion.

There was a large number of cosmetics and beauty medicines in the bags.

Trying to look younger is fine but eventually, you reach a corner when it comes to your skin. Not to mention the other troubles that come along too.

I looked at the ingredients but they didn’t have many effects.

A lot of them are liquids. I think I can understand why Patty’s mother wanted my skincare set now.

My skincare set is at least 20x more effective.


When I entered the living room carrying a sofa, Cordelia Rootpia was there talking to an old man who was probably her butler or steward.

“I’m listening but its so boring.” she spits out

“The town is under construction at the moment but pretty soon it will be open.”

“What are you talking about. By the time this town opens, I’ll be a wrinkly grandma. I’m not even joking!”

She doesn’t seem to like the countryside. Perhaps there isn’t enough entertainment for her?

“Today’s plan?”

“A dinner party welcoming Cordelia-sama will be held by the town mayor this evening.”

“Haa, I’m depressed. Hey you!”

The other prisoner carrying the sofa with me was called out to by the governor.

“Yes, you. Come here.”

Probably because he was starving for a woman he had been staring at her for a while now.

Even as he approaches Cordelia his nostril are flaring.


A frightful sound rang out as Cordelia swings her ship down on his eyes.

The prisoner crouches down in too much pain to let out a single sound.

The whip comes down multiple times on the back of his head and back.

The old butler doesn’t move an inch and just waits patiently at her side like its perfectly natural.

“Contact the mayor. Tell him I’m sick in bed from such a long journey,” she says as she continues swinging her whip down.


“Looking at me with lustful eyes. …….A good beginning is essential. Gather all the prisoners here.”

My uneasy feeling became a bad feeling.

I can’t see any other development after this apart from being whipped.

I scan the whipped prisoner with my medical skill but his eyes are fine. Apart from some abrasions, there’s nothing serious so I leave him.

I feel bad about that but now is the time to worry about myself.


All 10 prisoners are gathered in the room.

The governor glares at each prisoner.

“I am the new governor. I’m sure you already know but my word is law. Never defy me.”

Silence dominates the room.

“Your answers?”

The prisoners answered in a subdued voice.

“Your voices are too quiet. Well, I don’t mind. Take off your dirty clothes immediately.”

Whats this aunty thinking about?

Are we supposed to strip so you can enjoy whipping us?

Please forgive me but I don’t have a hobby where I enjoy being whipped.

The other prisoners have started removing their clothes.

Should I undress as well?

Aah! I might be in trouble.

I’m still wearing my mithril chastity belt!

It’s more embarrassing than being seen naked.

I hesitated quite a while.

“Hou…. It seems there’s one who doesn’t want to strip.”

Danger! I’ve been caught by the enemy!

“It seems your pride is very high. More than anything else I enjoy breaking men like you and watching them cry.”

“Excuse me, but you are misunderstanding something.”

“A misunderstanding? Okay, I’ll listen.”

Cordelia watches me with eyes like a cat playing with a mouse.



(1) Time to work on that mithril bikini armour for Patty. You know the rules Ippei. The less it covers the stronger it is.

(2) For those that don’t know an ikemen is a very good looking man (and usually cool, smart etc).

(3) Not a typo. The author uses pi ピ and not bi ビ so Rootpia and not Rootbia

TN: Thank you to all the people who comment. It might not seem a lot but comments (both good and bad) are a good motivator for translators so again, thank you.

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