075. Those who peek into the abyss

After finishing our first day of hunting on the third floor we had obtained 5 F rank demon stones. It's now possible to create a transport golem, however, a proposal from Meg that night at the campsite changed the fate of the stones as well as that of [Phoenix Company] greatly. "I've been thinking about … Continue reading 075. Those who peek into the abyss

24. Misha’s secret

"Well then Misha." I turn round by the altar and Misha walks over to me. "Are you going to tell me?" She quietly watches me. ".......About Sasha......?" "About you." Misha falls into her usual deadpan silence when I say that. "........Want to know......?" "Because you're my friend." Misha looks down slightly. "You don't want to … Continue reading 24. Misha’s secret

23. Sasha’s true motive

While leaning against the wall of my treasure room I vacantly stare off into space. .............I'm still waiting. It's been at least 10 minutes. How long does it take to change clothes? I knocked on the door but my only answer was silence. "......Strange." Even if Sasha was still busy Misha should have answered. Have … Continue reading 23. Sasha’s true motive

22. The treasury of the demon kings castle

After a while of breaking through walls, a large space opens up in front of me. This is the hidden room that leads to the dungeons lowest layer. Sasha's face had an expression of surprise on it when she saw it. "After breaking those walls a room appeared........." "It was created using magic and was … Continue reading 22. The treasury of the demon kings castle