23. Sasha’s true motive

While leaning against the wall of my treasure room I vacantly stare off into space.

………….I’m still waiting.

It’s been at least 10 minutes. How long does it take to change clothes?

I knocked on the door but my only answer was silence.


Even if Sasha was still busy Misha should have answered.

Have they left without me?


“Misha? Are you there? I’m opening the door.”

I opened the door having received no reply.

The altar enters my view first. It’s clearly different from before.

It’s red.

In front of the altar is Misha, head slumped forward and kneeling in a pool of blood with a knife thrust into the right side of her chest.

She’s still alive but needs treating right away, except I can’t. A magic barrier has been carefully set up around Misha.

“Oh? You finally appeared. You were very obedient there.”

On the other side of the room by the entrance is Sasha. She’s wearing the <Phoenix’s Vestment> and is holding the king’s sceptre.

“Fumu. What’s with your behaviour Sasha?”

Sahsa replied with a sneer.

“Hmph. You’re an idiot. Just because we got along a little you were so easily deceived. Did you really want this me to get along with that trash doll in this little play of ours while aiming for first position in the dungeon test?”

A play huh? Reconciling with Misha, being happy, even crying over her birthday present. Was all of that a lie?

“Men are simple. A little kiss for only a moment and you fall for it. Did you honestly think I liked a mongrel like you?”

“You’re very good at acting Sasha.”

Sasha flinched a little at my words before glaring at me.

“……….What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? You were so skilful I didn’t see it was an act.”

“I see.  It was a fine performance on my part.”

“However, as betrayals go yours seems a bit tepid for some reason. You could have killed Misha, chopped up her body to make revival difficult, sealed those pieces in rocks and spread them around the world where I’d never find them. Why didn’t you do that?”

Sasha frowns and draws back from the atmosphere I’ve just created. I can’t say any more. I can’t show a complete lack of empathy.

“So far what you’ve done is nothing but pure mischief. You might as well just patted Misha’s breasts with that knife.”

“……..Shut up. My purpose is to come first in the dungeon exam.”

This stories getting stranger.

“Even if you have the king’ sceptre, it’s meaningless as long as you are a member of my group.”

Anything the group obtains is the property of the leader.

“Contract <Zekt> was cancelled.”

The contract was made between Misha and Sasha and now it’s disappeared. With this, she can leave anytime as it was only the contract that made her a member.

However I look at it I can’t see Misha agreeing to the cancellation. Unless both parts agree it cannot be cancelled. Even if one of them dies the effect will continue.

I don’t think Sasha has enough magic to forcibly break it either.

There are a few other ways to break it but those are the most obvious.

“I see. Interesting.”

Sasha probably thought she had the upper hand but instead she now had a cornered look on her face.

“You…..are you crazy? That girl will die if you don’t help her. This isn’t a situation where you can be composed! Don’t you understand that!”

“Fumu. What’s wrong with this situation? By all appearances, nothings changed. We have a tedious sleepy class this afternoon.”

As I speak Sasha’s face becomes more and more stern.

“It just seems like a small quarrel between sisters to me.”

“I told you I don’t think of that trash doll as my sister!”

Sasha puts all her anger into that shout.

“She was born to be used by me. Nothing more than a tool and when it became useless it was to be thrown away like a ragged dustcloth. A pitiful, miserable, magic doll.”

Sasha is spitting out words loaded with hatred.

“Fufuu hahahaa hahahahahaha!! Please forgive me, but those words are the truth. How many times do you need to be deceived before you are happy? A really stupid doll. Did you really think we could get along all happy and nice? Aah, but it turned out alright. I thought I had no more use for you but you helped me deceive this mongrel.”

She’s not even looking at me. Her eyes are locked onto Misha.

“Nee, Misha. Are you still alive? Let me tell you this in your final moments. No matter how many times I deceived you, you still believed me. You always played the good little girl all helpless and cute. You disgust me! I hate you!”

Sasha excitedly spits out words designed to hurt but the thing is, her <demon eyes of ruin> have not formed.

Not just now either. Not once have they formed since this began.

“And?” I take a step forward and Sasha takes a step back. “Your true reason is?”

Sasha glared at me.

This time her <demon eyes of ruin> formed.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry I saw through you?”

Sasha carries on glaring at me but I smile back.

“Oh? Did you possibly think that I couldn’t control my <demon eyes of ruin>?”

Sasha closes her eyes and when she opens them again her <demon eyes of ruin> are gone.

“As you can see, I can control them.”

Sasha seems slightly relieved that she did it.

“Did you want me to say it was my misunderstanding? I see. Anyway…..”

I take another step forward.

“Your true reason is?”

Sasha presses her lips together.

Is she cautious of my approach or is it something else?

I heard the story about Zepes and Liorg. You put a lot of pressure on the brothers to get along. You’re the same as that doll. A peaceful, easygoing, naive fool.”

I’m naive? Well, in this age I guess I am. However, she says I’m peaceful?

“Even though you’ve got a little bit of power you know nothing. Don’t force your ideas on others!”

“I refuse.”

Sasha was at a loss for words at my reply.

“When I want to say something I’ll say it. When I want to ask something I’ll ask. Who can give me orders?”

Of course I still need to know some courtesy, however, I don’t need to hold my words back here.

“Sasha. While you were my subordinate I gave you the hand of friendship. Surely you didn’t think it will end with this?”

I walk right up to Sasha who’s gripping the king sceptre firmly while being on her guard.

“If you hurt me even a little that girl dies.”

Synchronisation magic Conditions <Lent>.

If I harm Sasha the barrier around Misha will shrink and crush her but before that happens it will push the knife in deeper and kill her.

“The knife will be pushed in and kill her. Even you will need at least 10 seconds to break the barrier and heal her. That’s all the time I need.”

Sasha’s body starts to float. She rises up and starts to fly out of the exit.

I was quicker though. I kicked the ground and rapidly approached Sasha grabbing her hand. Sasha’s face was completely surprised.

Because the conditions had been met <Lent> activated, however, Misha was safe. There was no change to the barrier.

“……Why……..? <Lent> definitely activated…….”

Sasha turned her demon eyes on Misha.

If you looked into the abyss you would see that the knife, the barrier and the blood were all illusions made by my illusion magic.

Misha was healed with recovery magic Healing <Ento> a long time ago and the barrier was broken. Activating it does nothing.

“Illusion Mimicry <Rainel>……It’s a lie right?…….When……?”

“The moment I saw it. My friend was dying. Of course I would act.”

After that, I knew Sasha was planning something so I activated <Rainel>.

“By the way. I did that in 0.1 seconds. You had another 9.9 seconds to run away. What should I do with the remaining time?”

I lay a little bit of emphasis on the hand I’m grasping.

Sasha frowns in pain.


A voice was heard from the altar.

I look back while grasping Sasha’s hand.

I released <Rainel> and Misha was standing there.

“…..Forgive her…….”

Fumu. Saying something like that.

“I don’t mind forgiving her but it would be better if she tells me what she’s really thinking instead of this lax betrayal and bad acting.”

Misha shakes her head.

“Force is not good.”

Yare yare. She doesn’t normally look at me with such serious eyes.

“…..No good……?”

Whatever. It’s fine I guess.

I won’t take orders but it’s different if its a request. I’ll willingly accept the requests of this particular friend.

“You should thank Misha for this.”

I release Sasha’s hand and she flies away immediately.

“You are truly foolish Misha. Did you honestly think I’d say thank you? Too bad. Your life exists to be used by me. In your last moments, you’ll regret this!”

Spitting out those words Sasha suddenly loses control of Flight <Fres> causing her to fall to the floor doing a flashy roll along the ground as she hits it.


“Aah, my bad. You were in such high spirits with your little speech I forgot to tell you but I disturbed the magic flow around here so you can’t fly.”

I laughed at the girl who’s face showed humiliation.

“A loser is a loser. Give it your all and crawl on the ground all the way back, otherwise, I might change my mind.”

“….Insolent fellow…..I’ll remember this……”

*Hahaha* I instinctively release fresh laughter.

“I wanted to hear such lines. Do it, if you can.”

Even though I was undoubtedly being glared at I turned my back to Sasha and walked off.

Calling out over my shoulder I speak to Sasha.

“Sasha. I’m tolerant of betrayal by my subordinates not to mention yours barely ranks as mischief. I’ll forgive you if you show suitable manners and thanks.”

Sasha didn’t say anything and left without looking back.

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  1. Making this comment is already risking it, but I can see people calling bullshit when it does happen so I just want to say that all the hints for the “real” twist are already there.

    Also this author’s kind of bad with turning people into antagonists out of nowhere. This won’t be the last time something like this happens, though probably not on this same level of an ally turning traitor.

  2. My guess is Misha will be sacrificed to help Sasha become the vessel of the demon king who will get reincarnated. Sasha want Misha to hate her so it will be less painful for both of them later on.

    I think it’s the same plot like Yue from Arifureta.

    • Become the vesel of demon-king…………………………………….. -____________________-
      This is the most dumbest and retarted think i´ve heard…….
      Well ….. you know…….. This will not happen , because that Demon King…. is Agnus-kun that is already reincanated :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
      …………………………………….. Then if the demon king reincarnates again… It will obviosly be FFFFFAKKKKKEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!! Dayuuuuuuuuuuumm !!!!!

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