46. Legendary appraiser

My father didn't come home yesterday after all. Since he's a blacksmith he knows about swords but I'm still vaguely anxious. ".......It's a strange feeling." If anything happens I'm sure I can do something about it so there's no reason to worry about it. "Misha-chan's come you pick you up Arnos-chan." My mother's voice comes … Continue reading 46. Legendary appraiser

45. Misha’s questions

After speaking to Melheys I returned home. Usually, my mother is tending the front but since the shop is closed there's no one there. "Welcome back." A quiet, indifferent sounding voice calls out to me. Misha unexpectedly appeared from the kitchen. Honestly, I was a little surprised. "What's wrong?" "Cooking practise." My mother also appears … Continue reading 45. Misha’s questions