119. Scarlet monument king’s monument

The magic formation drawn by Eleonor containing earth, wind, fire and water covers every wall and turns into a barrier surrounding the room. <De Igeria> seals the power of mazoku and weakens them while they are inside,  however, Zabro didn't move at all. "Useless, useless. Look" (Zabro) A magic formation forms at Zabro's feet and … Continue reading 119. Scarlet monument king’s monument

118. Cursed shield

The two men face each other in the abandoned mansion. Without any hesitation, Ray heads straight towards Gerard who momentarily loses sight of him. "Your back." (Ray) "I'm sorry to say but I see you." (Gerard) Gerard spins around and readies his shield to intercept the unique sword but at that moment he's slashed across … Continue reading 118. Cursed shield