71. Gairadeite expedition test

Next week in the second training room all the students had gathered. A lot of luggage had been brought and was placed around the room. It had the feel of preparing for a long journey. As the bell rings signalling the start of lessons an owl flies through the window. "Good morning everyone." Menou's voice … Continue reading 71. Gairadeite expedition test

70. Mystery of the hero academy

Melheys was waiting for me when I arrived at the top floor. "I've been waiting for you Arnos-sama." Melhys kneels before me and bows his head. "What about Gaius and Idol?" "They were successfully revived and like the others, someone attacked them 2000 years ago and took over their origins and bodies." The same as … Continue reading 70. Mystery of the hero academy

69. Unique sword Sigshesta

After performing meaningful self-study all day I took Ray to my treasure vault hidden in the underground dungeon of Deruzogedo after school ended. Ray was looking around in astonishment after seeing the sheer amount of magic tools and weapons. "All "these yours Arnos?" "I collected them all 2000 years ago." "Hou. The story of you … Continue reading 69. Unique sword Sigshesta