73. Hero academy tradition

In front of me is the hero academy. It’s a beautiful and majestic castle emitting a strong magic power. There must be old magic tools and formations inside.

The power I’m feeling from it now is no different from 2000 years ago.

“I know you just decided to come here on a whim but is it okay to enter without permission?” (Sasha)

“I don’t know if it’s good or bad but there are no places I can’t enter.” (Arnos)

Sasha looks at me in amazement.

“….You know…… Can you stop trying to cause problems before the exchange even starts?” (Sasha)

“Don’t worry.” (Arnos)

I walk straight forward and stand in front of the gates. I give them a light push but they remain closed.

“Lock Barrier <Digit>. Only authorised people are allowed to enter.” (Arnos)

It seems that only teachers and students affiliated with the academy can enter, however, as magic goes it’s neither strong nor special.

“If you try to force it we’ll probably get reported. It’s impossible to enter at the moment so let’s——” (Sasha)

“Open.” (Arnos)

At my command, a key can be heard turning and a lock clunking open. My words had residual magic left on them and so <Digit> was forced open and allowed us entry.

“Fumu. It seems we are allowed to pass after all.” (Arnos)

“……….Opening <Digit> without casting magic……… As out of the norm as always.” (Sasha)

Sasha used her demon eyes on the gate trying to see what I did. Leaving her to it I pushed them open.

“Hang on. Are you serious? What are you going to do if we get found?” (Sasha)

“Shall I tell you one of the things I’m particularly good at?” (Arnos)

“………Go on.” (Sasha)

“Silencing people.” (Arnos)

Sasha looks at me in extreme disgust.

“Don’t make such a face. I’m half-joking.” (Arnos)

“So half was serious? Can you please stop. If you do that then this exchange will never happen again. You didn’t even need to come here to see what lore and traditions had been passed down about the heroes. You’d find out anyway in another 10 days.” (Sasha)

“So noisy. If you act like you belong here everything will work out.” (Arnos)

As I touch the gate again I hear a voice from behind.

“Okay. Please be quiet you two.”

Sasha twitched and glared at me. Her eyes are saying you turn around.

Without caring I turn and look back to see a woman in a scarlet uniform.

Her hair goes past her waist and her face has a gentle expression.

What caught my attention the most though were the 2 bulges in her uniform.

Fumu. They’re huge. There were no owners of such huge breasts 2000 years ago.

Has this been brought about by human dietary changes or changes to their sleeping habits?

Humans lived harsh lives 2000 years ago. With the exception of a few of them, most humans could only eat at irregular times and most were afraid to sleep at night.

Humans today though have a nutritious diet and live in an environment where they can sleep in peace. There’s no longer any obstacles to their growth.

In other words, this is the true ecology of humans.

Are those bulges the proof of the peace that I sought? (1)

“It’s no good. The academy is closed to outsiders.”

The women addressed us in a laid back tone of voice.

“Fumu. I didn’t know that. We’ve only just arrived from Deiruheido you see.” (Arnos)


The women must have noticed something and looked at our uniforms.

“Aah. Are you the people from the demon king academy by any chance?”

“Yeah.” (Arnos)

“I see I see. Nice to meet you. I’m Eleonor Bianca a third-year student here at the hero academy. I believe we’ll be doing the academy exchange together.”

Eleonor holds out her hand in welcome.

“Arnos Voldigod.”

“Sasha Necron. First-year student at the demon king academy. Arnos is the same.”

We all give our names and shake hands.

“What did Arnos-kun and Sasha-chan come to do? Isn’t the exchange due to happen next week?” (Eleonor)

“I’m interested in the traditions of the heroes.” (Arnos)

“Wow. You’re keen on studying Arnos-kun. Are you going inside?” (Eleonor)

“Didn’t you say its off-limits to outsiders?” (Arnos)

“Yup. Outsiders only though. It’s fine if I’m with you.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor walked over and touched the gate.

“Eh?” (Eleonor)

She looked at the gate in concentration. Has she realised I had broken through and unlocked it?

Eleonor turns around while Sasha has an awkward look on her face.

“Heeey. I won’t say anything today but don’t do it again. Okay?” (Eleonor)

She speaks like she’s telling off a child.

“Fumu. Are you listening Sasha?” (Arnos)

“Haaaaaa! How many people are you trying to blame!? I tried to stop you!” (Sasha)

I laughed.

“I’m only playing. I think it good to do it occasionally.” (Arnos)

“Why are you dragging me into your occasional play?” (Sasha)

“Because it’s my first meeting with Eleonor I thought I’d show off my playful side.” (Arnos)

“What! Such natural responsibility shifting only shows off your darkness.” (Sasha)

Eleonor seems taken aback watching our interaction but it soon changes to a smile and she laughs.

“That’s no good Arnos-kun. You need to be kind to girls.” (Eleonor)

“Unfortunately the mazoku don’t have such values.” (Arnos)

“We do.” Sasha says in a flash.

“What?” (Arnos)

“Don’t what me. I said we do.” (Sasha)

“Fumu. However, unlike humans, the mazoku have no difference in ability due to genders. Why does such a thing exist now?” (Arnos)

“I don’t know much about humans so I can’t comment on them but such manners amongst the mazoku are commonplace now.” (Sasha)

Fumu. I guess a lot changes in 2000 years.

“Perhaps….” Eleonor starts speaking as she pushes open the gates and enters the academy. ” You’re a reincarnated person Arnos-kun?”


Following along behind her I answer.

“Wow. So there  are reincarnated people amongst the mazoku as well?” (Eleonor)

Her tone of voice is almost trivial. It seems reincarnated people are not rare.

Human’s didn’t know the magic of Reincarnation <Silica> but perhaps it’s different in Gairadeite? It’s also possible it’s limited to the academy only.

“Arent reincarnated people rare here?” (Arnos)

“All the people in [Jergakanon] are reincarnated. Aah……!” (Eleonor)

“What’s wrong?” (Arnos)

“Aah…errrm….we weren’t supposed to mention reincarnation to outsiders. A lot of normal humans find it creepy.” (Eleonor)

I see. I don’t believe that’s the only reason though.

“Bu…but its fine. We’re doing an exchange with the demon king academy and they have reincarnated people as well. I’m okay. It’s alright.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor makes a fist. She seems to be trying hard to convince herself.

“It’s fine. I won’t say anything to anyone.” (Arnos)

“Really? I’m grateful. Thank you.” (Eleonor)

Her face bursts into smile like a flower.

“Are you like that in the demon king academy as well? Are you all excited about people reincarnating? Here at home, stories about the hero Kanon reincarnating are the most popular.” (Eleonor)

Popularity is a very human concept.

“Has the hero Kanon reincarnated?” (Arnos)

“Yup. Four of them. Oh, that’s a secret as well.” (Eleonor)

Sasha looks puzzled.

“Four of them….?” (Sasha)

“Kanon had seven origins. If each of them reincarnated into different bodies it wouldn’t be strange to have four of them.” (Arnos)

Eleonor nods at my words.

“That’s it. Are the heroes well known in the demon king academy or is it because Arnos-kun is a reincarnated person?” (Eleonor)

“Well, they are known in the demon king academy.” (Arnos)

“Really? I’ve wanted to ask a mazoku for a while now if it’s true but isn’t the most popular reincarnated person in the demon king academy the demon king?” (Eleonor)

Eleonor stops and raises her finger.

“The demon king of tyranny Avos Dillheavia.” (Eleonor)

Sasha silently looks at me.

Fumu. The name has even changed in the hero academy.

I can’t say much yet but I’m certain that it’s not only the humans who are plotting something.

(1) I believe this is the first time Arnos has commented on women beyond their faces or hair so there we go peeps. Our boy Arnos does have a sex drive after all. Turns out he likes huge breasts, he just never saw them 🤣

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  1. Popularity is a very human concept, says the mazoku who has a whole fan union back home.

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