043. The great painter of the toilet

In the Bottles kingdom, Marquis Coke and the king's chamberlain are talking. Marquis Coke is a tall but thin man over 60 years of age with a head of completely white hair and splendidly dressed to match his position of marquis. The Chamberlain is speaking to the marquis with an embarrassed look on his face. … Continue reading 043. The great painter of the toilet

037. Sudden change

The eve of the [Winter Festival]. A large dance party was held at the castle of marquis Coke. A showy social scene unfolded with western nobles, celebrities and wealthy merchants all gathering in its halls. The eldest daughter of Earl Ambassador, Eugenie Ambassador sighed a big sigh when she spotted her best friend Patricia Cherrycoke. … Continue reading 037. Sudden change

036. After the festival

Authors note: Sorry it's short this time. I could not finish in time last night.     Our tough week is finally over. We kept hunting bloody turkeys and hauling them to Nepia. We ended up hunting 12 turkeys. After being drained, gutted and plucked they weigh around 600 kg on average. That's 7.2 tons … Continue reading 036. After the festival

034. Bloody Turkey Race

"Ossaaaaaaaaan!" A loud voice reverberates through Haydn park as our monkey comes rushing in. "Great! You're still here. Nn? Who's this guy?" Jean stops and looks at Kuro. "This kid is Kuro. He'll be our porter in our next exploration." "Hmm, you hired a beastman? Whatever. I'm fine with anyone. I'm raid leader Jean of … Continue reading 034. Bloody Turkey Race