72. Promise

The five of us got first place in the Gairadeite expedition test.

Though clearly troubled Menou announced it to the other students who had not even left Deiruheido yet.

The test determines your grade by relative evaluation so we scored 100 points, however, there is such a big difference between our points and the all the others that the other student’s grades have dropped. It was unavoidable though considering our speed.

I didn’t care about the points at all but the teacher was bothered by it.

I was guided to my dorm room and offloaded my luggage.

The rooms are divided into male and female with me and Ray sharing a twin room. Misha, Sasha and Misa are sharing a triple room.

“Haven’t we got 10 days free time now?” (Ray)

“So they said.” (Arnos)

Only after the 10 days are up can the students who made it to Gairadeite start taking lessons. Until then we are free.

“I’m going to go around the city for a while. What will you do?” (Arnos)

“That’s a good idea but I think I’m off to the dining room.” (Ray)

The dorm dining room is open from morning to evening and apparently, you can go and eat at any time.

It’s breakfast time at the moment.

“I see your appetite is as huge as ever.” (Arnos)

He ate breakfast before we left Deruzogedo.

“I’m interested in Azeshion cooking.” (Ray)

“Later then.” (Arnos)

Ray raises his hand from the bed as I leave the room.


I’ve just met Sasha.

“You going somewhere?” (Sasha)

“I’m going for a walk around the city. Do you want to come with me?” (Arnos)

“Eh……? Yes…….that’s fine…” (Sasha)

I left the dorm with Sasha.

“What are Misha and Misa doing?” (Arnos)

“They are contacting the members of the fan union using Thought Transmission <Liikus>. It seems they are giving advice on the best route to get to Gairadeite.” (Sasha)

I see. They are taking good care of them.

“We should have brought them with us as well.” (Sasha)

“They’re weak. It will do them good to earnestly do the exam. There’s no point raising your grades without the ability to back them up.” (Arnos)


Sasha looks at me meaningfully.

“What?” (Arnos)

“I thought you just went around doing crazy things but you actually consider things as well.” (Sasha)

“What are you saying? I always think about the right thing to do.” (Arnos)

Sasha’s face becomes as expressionless.

“Even though you tried to kill me yesterday during self-study?” (Sasha)

“You never actually died though. That’s something to be proud of.” (Arnos)

Sasha didn’t appear to be expecting that counterattack and seems lost at what to say back to me.

“…….Did you think you can fool me by praising me? Unfortunately for you, I’m not that simple.” (Sasha)

Sasha turns to the side in a huff.

“I’m not deceiving you though. Three times you surpassed the magic I was sure would kill you. You carry the same demon eyes as me.” (Arnos)

Sasha’s ears turned red and she looked down.

“I said I won’t be fooled even if you praise me. You were honestly trying to kill me.” (Sasha)

Yare yare. Why aren’t you pleased? I rarely praise you.

“Sasha. I told you before that your demon eyes are beautiful. I wasn’t lying about that either.” (Arnos)

“Wha…….” (Sasha)

Sasha slowly turns around.

“What are you saying so suddenly?” (Sasha)

“It’s not sudden. I’ve thought it since we first met. Your demon eyes are tranquil and uncorrupted. Yesterday’s self-study only reinforced that belief.” (Arnos)

Demon eyes are used to look at other demons. By continuing to do that you can improve your skill level and look even deeper into the abyss, however, by doing so your eyes eventually become tainted.

Peaceful and clear demon eyes mean you are strongly resistant to magic. Even if you are exposed to ominous magic power your eyes remain untainted.

“What were you thinking about during our self-study…….concentrate properly……” (Sasha)

“What else did I need to think about? I was concentrating on staring into your abyss.” (Arnos)

By trying to prevent my magic Sasha polished her <demon eyes of ruin> even further. Even after all that I still can’t see the bottom of her power.

Speaking of pure talent Sasha easily surpasses even the mazoku from the age of myths.


Sasha looks down in embarrassment.

“……Show me your demon eyes…….” (Sasha)

Fumu. You want to use my eyes as a reference?

“This okay?” (Arnos)

I activated my <demon eyes of ruin> and stared at Sasha.

“……I think your demon eyes are more beautiful than mine…..” (Sasha)

“No, they aren’t.” (Arnos)

Sasha became speechless at my firm declaration.

“Your eyes are more beautiful. Listen carefully Sasha as I’ll only say this once.” (Arnos)


Sasha’s eyes seemed to be sucked into mine.

“I want your demon eyes.” (Arnos)

“……Eh…………….?” (Sasha)

“I rarely say such things.” (Arnos)

Sasha is talented. Her <demon eyes of ruin> have the potential to one day surpass mine. If she doesn’t neglect her training that is.

“Don’t you understand my meaning?” (Arnos)

“……Errm…..wait a moment……I need to think……” (Sasha)

Sasha is confused though its no wonder. I’ve just told her that she might surpass the demon king of tyranny.

“Is that right?” (Sasha)

She must be hesitating being told she could surpass me.

“That’s right.” I asserted clearly.

“….You…….. to think Arnos would say that…….” (Sasha)

“Can’t you believe it?” (Arnos)

Sasha nods. She’s pretty cute with her defiant attitude.

“Having you talk like that when I haven’t done anything is a bit……..” (Sasha)

“I’m not on about the top layer. I looked deep into your abyss. Deep, deep within you is a sleeping but majestic shining light.” (Arnos)

Sasha is at a loss for words.

Her <Demon eyes of ruin> that should be controllable now start rampaging and the surroundings start to shake.

“Look into my eyes.” (Arnos)


“Don’t look away.”



“Even if you say more……”

“Come closer.”

Sasha approaches me like she’s told and as she comes right up to me I suppress her eyes with mine.

Fumu. Even this close I can’t completely suppress her eyes.

As I thought. Her eyes are hiding a tremendous power.

“Do you understand?” (Arnos)

Sasha nods in embarrassment.

“……..Haven’t you gone on a date with Misha already though?” (Sasha)

A date? That time we went out together?

“What about it?” (Arnos)

“………Well, Arnos with Misha……” Sasha seems to be struggling to get her words out. “…..and…..well……didn’t you want Misha’s demon eyes……..?”

I see. Sasha must have seen Misha’s talent as well.

“It’s true that Misha has good demon eyes and they are in no way inferior to yours.”

Sasha looks up at me with upturned eyes.

“…..Arnos……..who’s are better……?”

“Impossible to choose.”

Who’s better? A question people will always be interested in especially if they are close to that person, however, their demon eyes have very different qualities. They can’t be compared.

“……Don’t you know?” (Sasha)

Fumu. Was my choice of words confusing?

“I want both of you.”

“Eeeeeeeeh……..!? Both of us?”

Sasha raises her voice in surprise.

“Are you unhappy with both of you?

“…….Isn’t it a bit strange……..?”

I laughed unintentionally.

“Why are you laughing? What’s wrong with wanting to be number one. Is that strange……..?”

“Not at all. It’s good Sasha. You should aim for the top. When you compete with others you shine even more.”

“…..I see…….”

I’m not sure if her murmur was relief or disappointment.

“You know what?” (Sasha)

Sasha speaks like she’s given up.

“……..I’m only going to say this once as well…….”

Hearing her words I look at Sasha with a serious expression.

“If you want, I’ll give you these demon eyes.”

Fumu. Certainly, demon eyes can be taken by force but the light will never return to the person who’s had them taken. I won’t take them though it’s admirable to show such loyalty.

“I won’t take them but I want you to make a promise with me.” (Arnos)

Sasha has a questioning look in her eyes.

“Someday, I might find myself in a situation that is out of my control. At that time I might not be able to protect those I want to protect.” (Arnos)

“I don’t think that will ever happen……” (Sasha)

“Probably not but there’s no absolutes. Anyway, in that instance, I’ll depend on you to protect me Sasha. Your eyes have that power.”

“If that happens and I keep my promise will you listen to what I have to say?”

“You can say anything to me.”

Sasha looks happy and nods bashfully.

“You promise?” (Sasha)

“Do you want to use <Zekt>?” (Arnos)

Sasha shakes her head.

“I don’t need it. A promise is better than a contract.” (Sasha)

“I see.”

Her <demon eys of ruin> have settled and when we start walking she seems in a good mood.

“By the way, where were you going?” (Sasha)

“To find out what type of traditions have been handed down about the heroes.” (Arnos)

“Well then. Don’t you think you’ll get that information from the hero academy?” (Sasha)

Sasha points down one of the paths up ahead.

“Let’s go.”

Aiming for the hero academy Arclaniska that can be seen in the distance we start walking.

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  4. [β€œDon’t you understand my meaning?” (Arnos)]
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    [β€œDo you understand?” (Arnos)]
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