125. Ahartherun expedition exam

The next day in the second training grounds of Deruzogedo................... The bell signalling the start of lessons rings out. "Right, let's begin the class. Though it's short notice I believe that you all had an owl visit you yesterday and inform you of the Ahartherun expedition test today. I'll be supervising the test myself. It's … Continue reading 125. Ahartherun expedition exam

124. Ahartheruns location

"I've only seen it a few times in the past 2,000 years, but this demon sword belongs to Shin Reglia, right?" (Ray) I nodded at Ray's question. "No doubt about it." (Arnos) "So this Shin Reglia founded the unification faction and is also Misa's father?" (Sasha) Sasha's face had a thoughtful look on it. ".....I … Continue reading 124. Ahartheruns location