17. Necron sisters

Today's lesson came to an end. Explanations of different magic concepts and techniques that did nothing but make me sleepy. The test against Sasha barely qualified as light exercise. For the last week, I've been going to Deruzogedo but nothing happened. No surprise raids by the humans, no petty tricks by the spirits, not even … Continue reading 17. Necron sisters

16. Extreme difference in magic power

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" Sasha's scream rang out through the Though Transmission <Liikus>. Fumu. Have I gone too easy on them? There's less impact than I thought and the castle has stuck in the ground in only a semi-ruined state. They can still fight it appears but how will they get out? As I slowly walk towards the … Continue reading 16. Extreme difference in magic power

070. Let’s make it! New golem preparation

Shell Riaka company was a large shop on the main street. It's completely like a car dealership back on earth. Riaka's of various types are lined up in the large site. Apparently, there's high demand for Riaka's. Multiple sectors use them from agriculture, industry and commerce as well as having a high demand with adventurers … Continue reading 070. Let’s make it! New golem preparation

15. Group opposition test

-One week later-   For the group opposition test, I headed to the Demon Wood Forest behind Deruzogedo Demon King Academy. It's a deep forest covering valleys and mountains with an eerie feeling flowing out of it. It's a perfect spot to train magic. "Now then. Divide into 2 teams and we will begin the … Continue reading 15. Group opposition test

14. Magic spell, Demon King Army (Guys)

"Wh......What are you saying? You.....I don't understand what you are saying." After finally opening her mouth a boring answer comes out. "I'm inviting you to join my group. What's hard to understand about that?" "I'm not on about that. I'm a group leader." "Quit then." "Haaaaa!?" Sasha's mouth falls open again and she looks at … Continue reading 14. Magic spell, Demon King Army (Guys)

068. The labyrinth of love

Cecily-san absentmindedly cut her finger on her kitchen knife causing the turnips she was cutting to quickly turn red. Jenny-san sighed when she saw the situation. "Aaah, it's no good. Once Cecily's like this she becomes useless. No matter how many lives you have it won't be enough. We need to get her back above … Continue reading 068. The labyrinth of love