86. Two holy swords

Laos received a direct hit from the black lightning blowing him clean across the plaza and slamming him into a building before finally stopping. Laos was now burnt black and slumped on the floor. Objectively, it seemed difficult for him to continue the fight but the next moment he was enveloped in the dazzling light … Continue reading 86. Two holy swords

85. 1088 barriers

Ledoriano and the others head down into the dried-up lake. "Oi.......you guys......." Diego speaks up, his voice barely hiding his surprise. "It's fine Diego-sensei. We'll use that." (Ledoriano) "Wait. I won't permit unauthorised use of that." (Diego) "You're starting to look silly up there. Please be quiet." Laos says while cracking his knuckles "Just watch. … Continue reading 85. 1088 barriers

84. Arnos squad heads to the front

I calmly step forward and head towards the heroes. Forming a line next to me is Ray with his sword Sigshesta and Sasha wearing her <Phoenix Vestment> is on the other side. Misha also silently joins the line while Misa and eight members of the fan union follow behind. Misa casts a questioning look at … Continue reading 84. Arnos squad heads to the front

83. Students wish

"There's no reply from any of the units Libest-sama." In the demon kings castle, Libests subordinates are starting to panic over the loss of communications through <Liikus> "If we can't communicate with <Liikus> what are we supposed to do? Have they already been beaten in battle? Should we attack with the main unit instead of … Continue reading 83. Students wish