44. The unificationist old seven demon emperor

A while later in Deruzogedo demon king academy. "On that note, I've got something to tell you all. The Deiruheido demon sword tournament will be held soon and excellent students from this school can also enter. First-year students are rarely recommended but there are students in this class who have been recommended." The classroom gets … Continue reading 44. The unificationist old seven demon emperor

42. Mother and fathers feelings

We all gather in the kitchen while dinners being made. "I'm sorry for asking you to help me. You must be tired from the exam but the store was very busy today so I didn't have time to prepare dinner." My mothers preparing mushroom gratin while speaking. "Don't worry about it. Your food is always … Continue reading 42. Mother and fathers feelings

41. Absurd

My view was dyed white momentarily then the familiar view of our my parent's blacksmith and appraiser shop appeared. Opening the door I stepped inside. The familiar doorbell rang out and my mother who was standing inside turned around. "Welcome home Arnos-chan!" my mother says happily jumping on me. "How was today's test?" "I won." … Continue reading 41. Absurd