78. Hero academy class

Heine makes an innocent smile "If you look down on humans too much you'll regret it onii-san." (Heine) With those parting words, they left for the front row of the auditorium. "Arnos-kun." (Eleonor) Eleonor makes as small beckoning gesture and whispers to me "Hey. Did you forget my advice?" (Eleonor) "Humans haven't changed in 2000 … Continue reading 78. Hero academy class

74. Reincarnated person

"Aah.........sorry." Eleonor suddenly bows her head in apology. "What for?" (Arnos) A questioning look appeared on her face. "Eh? Isn't the name of the demon king of tyranny something that shouldn't be said out loud?" "Aah." (Arnos) She's on about that. It seems they do have information about the mazoku even though we haven't had … Continue reading 74. Reincarnated person