Prologue ~Great spirit mother~

2000 years ago in the great spirit forest Ahartherun----- "Everyone listen." When the women speaks the trees tremble and transmit her words throughout the forest. On her back are six crystal-like wings while hair as clear as a pure lake frames her face and beautiful amber eyes. She's wearing a jade green dress that never … Continue reading Prologue ~Great spirit mother~

Epilogue ~Peaceful battle~

As a result of reversing <Ask> the soldiers that had been rescued by the Deiruheido forces were able to recover their exhausted spirits and get up. It looks like they've regained their hope so I probably don't have to worry anymore. Me and Ray slowly land on the ground. "Arnos!" (Sasha) "......Arnos......" (Misha) As the … Continue reading Epilogue ~Peaceful battle~

107. May the world be filled with love

"You said fate." (Arnos) Black lighting from origin magic <Jirasudo> erodes Jergas huge body. "As long as the magic <Jerga> exists it will bring about the end of the mazoku." (Arnos) "It's a fact. No matter what you do the end is already determined. If you want to gradually draw out your torment like being … Continue reading 107. May the world be filled with love

106. The fate of hatred

I slowly walk towards Jerga. "....Ku...." (Jerga) A sound leaks out from him. A dark, stagnant sound that eventually turns into laughter. ".....Kukuku...... Kukukukukuku...." (Jerga) Jerga looks at me with a warped expression on his face. ".....This is good, I can destroy you with my own hands....... Actually, I would like to thank you for … Continue reading 106. The fate of hatred

105. Ghost from 2000 years ago

All the Enhalle's fall from the Zeshias hands and pierce the ground giving off a sad glow.  "What are you doing you idiots!? Go! Go and annihilate those mazoku!" (Diego) Diego gives the order but the Zeshia's don't move. The usually compliant girls were crying, tears running down their faces. "What are you doing!? Go! … Continue reading 105. Ghost from 2000 years ago

104. The voice of a child echoes across the battlefield

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" (Ray) With an uncountable number of sword flashes Ray rips apart the <Jirasudo> coated rocks overhead with Evans Mana banishing the darkness and denying the despair of those below. Dazzling light illuminates my body. "......Splendid....." (Arnos) A body wrapped in light and the scar from Evans Mana continues to destroy my origin. "Demon king-sama!!" … Continue reading 104. The voice of a child echoes across the battlefield

103. Hero vs Demon King

Without wasting a second Ray stepped forward and instantly appeared in front of me. ".....Haaa....!!" (Ray) The spirit god sword shined so brightly it even dazzled my demon eyes. Rays figure disappeared as if melting into the light but I felt bloodlust coming from my blindspot. In a flash of light, the blade of the … Continue reading 103. Hero vs Demon King

101. An oath made 2000 years ago

TN: Here we go folks. A big reveal chapter for those who haven't read ahead. Enjoy. Tora forest. A huge forest that spans across Deiruheido and Azeshion. The Gairadeite demon king subjugation force is camped next to it on the Azeshion side of the border and amongst them are the 10,000 Zeshia origin clones. All … Continue reading 101. An oath made 2000 years ago