61. In the midst of the conclusion

"Let's go Arnos." Ray aims the tip of Initeio at me and kicks the ground. Like an arrow, Ray shoots straight towards me and stabs at my throat. "Slow." I push my sword against the tip of the incoming Initeio. Against a sword that can cut magic Hiding Magic <Najira> and Arms Strengthening <Adeshin> my … Continue reading 61. In the midst of the conclusion

No new Maou Gakuin chapter courtesy of BT

Hi all. This isn't a release as you may have gathered but a heads up for you all. I move house tomorrow but due to BT (British Telecom) being unbelievably crap at anything they do I will not have internet in my new home for the foreseeable future and I lose my current internet at … Continue reading No new Maou Gakuin chapter courtesy of BT

60. Final match between those two

A loud cheer rang out as I walked through the passage from the waiting room to the arena. "Do your best Arnos-chan!" "If you've come this far you've won this Arnos! Get fired up!" My parents voices ring out. "You're looking cool today Arnos-sama!" "Instant death as usual please!" "But if it's instant death we … Continue reading 60. Final match between those two

59. Support

The next morning I returned to the Lognoss Clinic. "Nn..........." Misa, who had fallen asleep wakes up and looks sleepily at me. "........Arnos-sama.......Ray-san is...........?" "Heading to Deruzogedo." "Then..........it's morning already.....?" Misa looks at Sheila. Her condition is a bit more stable but could get worse at any time. I had hoped that by morning <Lilia> … Continue reading 59. Support

58. Mother’s words

Returning to my original location I pick up my sword sheath dropped by Emilia. "Arnos-chan" Spotting me my mother rushes over and hugs me tightly. "Are you okay? Are you injured?" Fumu. That should be my line. "I'm fine. How about you mother?" "Arnos-chan healed me so I'm fine. What about Emilia-sensei?" "I lightly chastised … Continue reading 58. Mother’s words

57. The demon kings curse

Were you frightened by my bloodlust? Emilia trembles while backing away. "What's wrong? Is this low born mixed-blood so scary?" "........Yeah, don't flatter yourself................ I'm not scared!" While speaking Emilia is falling back while looking for an opportunity to escape. "Don't move." When I say that Emilia casts Flight <Fres> and flew into the sky. … Continue reading 57. The demon kings curse