075. Those who peek into the abyss

After finishing our first day of hunting on the third floor we had obtained 5 F rank demon stones.

It’s now possible to create a transport golem, however, a proposal from Meg that night at the campsite changed the fate of the stones as well as that of [Phoenix Company] greatly.

“I’ve been thinking about today’s battles Ippei-san.”

“What’s wrong Meg? No need to hold back.”

Meg hesitated as little but opened her mouth as if decided.

“Can you equip all of us with the same assault rifle that you use Ippei-san?”

Meg’s question actually mirrored something I’d already thought of, however, it seemed to deny the fighting style that Meg had been polishing until now so I never mentioned it.

Besides, in terms of sheer firepower or destruction, skills and magic are far stronger.

I understand this very well having seen the magic of Cecily-san up close.

Cecily-sans flame lance pierced the bodies of 2 blue mantis’ which is something my assault rifle could never do.

Jeans slashwave cleaved a lizard right in two.

That’s not to say that my assault rifle could not outperform magic and skills in the right situation.

Well…….I don’t think my assault rifle will ever outperform Burning Love Explosion. That thing was like a napalm bomb going off.

If I make them then all 5 of us except Gobu will be equipped with assault rifles and battles should become a lot easier.

Gobu can’t use one due to the fact he doesn’t have any MP.

“An assault rifle huh……? What do you think Bonnie-san?”

“We don’t have a wizard so…….I think it will be effective.”

Bonnie-san has adopted handguns into her battle style so she’s positive about guns.


“I already use a handgun as my main weapon though I’m worried about my lack of MP. I’ll do my best to level!”

Does Kuro have enough MP to empty a full magazine from an assault rifle?

The challenge is to have sufficient battle skills to carry on fighting when your MP is almost out.


“I…….think I can use an assault rifle. When the bullets run out I’ll fight with my sword like usual.”

It’s a legitimate way to fight.

It might be good to attach bayonets to them I thought so I bring it up, however, Bonnie-san got really excited.

“A knife on the end of the rifle………I’m fired up”

I don’t know what tactics soldiers use when concerning the use of firearms but I’ll give it a go.

“Understood. There are 5 demon stones and I brought most of the materials so I’ll make assault rifles for everyone.”

I work through the night using the materials I brought as well as using part of the iron door to the room to make 4 assault rifles with bayonets as well as extra magazines.

I’m not confident with using a bayonet though.

It feels like I’m going to stab my own thigh or something so I installed a grenade launcher under the barrel of mine.

If I shoot a grenade that costs 3000 rims I’ll incur the wrath of Meg, however, as we move down floors and the money becomes much better she might not say anything.

With the last F rank demon stone, I made a new golem.

An intelligence gathering spider type golem [Spy-kun]. It’s small, measuring only 5cm in length.



[Name] Spy-kun

[HP] 41/41

[MP] –

[Attack] 0

[Defence] 12

[Strength] 8

[Intelligence] 35

[Agility] 62

[Skills] Communication

[Notes] Semi-independent type golem. Spider-type golem for information gathering. Max speed 15 km/h. Sends video and audio to its master. Max communication distance is 3 km. 24 hours of independent action is possible.


Our hunting the next day was a very different style to our usual one.

Everyone kept their distance and spread out as they advanced.

I asked Cecily-san to observe only for a while as I wanted to try out our new style.


Bonnie-san stops.

“That hill ahead and to the right……. an enemy could easily hide there.”

Usually, when we spot a suspicious place Bonnie-san goes on ahead to check it out but this time I want to try Spy-kun.

As bonnie-san feared Spy-kun found 6 vicious wolves hiding on the hill and a bit further on was a pack of another 10 lead by a silver muff.

Of course, the road goes over that hill.

The wolves are hiding behind the rocks waiting for us to go past. Another pincer movement from the wolves.

“We’ll attack them from the side. Gobu please watch the rear.”

We attacked the wolves with maximum firepower. Bullets from 5 assault rifles discharge towards the wolves hiding in the rocks.

It was over in less than 4 seconds. All 6 wolves fell.

“Let’s exterminate the others now!”

As we spread out and advanced vicious wolves appeared to block our way.

It seems the wolves are also spreading out and using their difference in numbers to their advantage.

I wanted them to bunch together but I guess they won’t move so conveniently for me.

The distance to the enemy is still too far.

The vicious wolves have slowed down as if they fear us.

I calmly give the order

“Aim at the enemy directly in front of you. Fire.”

The first volley hit.

Too disappointing.

They only lasted a few seconds.

We’re wasting too many bullets using full auto. Let’s go with the 3 round burst next time.

Everyone is silent. Maybe the battle is too one-sided?

“Depending on everyone’s training……. We’re good to go to the 5th floor.”

Everyone’s eye’s opened wide at Bonnie-sans words.

“We should…….think about our battle formation a bit.”

Bonnie-san is more talkative than usual.

Cecily-san who was observing the battle gave some advice.

“I think it’s just as Bonnie-san says. On an individual level, each persons battle ability is better than members of [Angel Wing], however, I’ve never seen or heard of such a way of fighting. Though I cannot really judge how strong you are I can definitely say that you can go to the 5th floor.”

It might be so.

In this world where close combat is the main fighting style, there are no teams that fight spread out over a distance.

We may be becoming irregulars in the labyrinth.


Meg suddenly screamed.

The silver muff that sells for a lot was lying in front of her covered in holes.

Yup. Full auto is bad.

Should I make a sniper rifle for the boss so we can kill it with one shot?

I need an E rank stone for a sniper rifle though.

I need to obtain one as quickly as possible for Meg’s sake.


The war potential difference between us and the demons on the third floor was overwhelming.

We tested various formations, trained, and researched how to fight while we hunted.

We walked the entire 1st and 2nd wards during the night and gathered 9 F rank demon stones.

Tomorrow afternoon we will start our return trip.

We are due to meet up with Lainas at 10 o’clock in 3 days time.

We cannot afford to be late.

A mix of anxiety and mysteriousness filled us up at the thought of stepping further into the abyss.

There are many adventurers in Nepia but less than 6% of them are said to be able to get to the 5th floor.

Can we be in the 6%?

One day will we get a glimpse of the bottom of the abyss?


Gobu answered my question.

I can’t help but smile wryly.

I don’t know what I’m thinking.

[I can do it] or [it’s impossible]. Those are the only answers.

However, that [Uga] just now was very kind. I understood it.

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  1. i still think it’s incredibly weird you’re allowed to bring out weaponry that you used F+ rank demon stones to make while they’re illegal to take out as stones

    thanks for the chapter

    • I assume once combined they cant tell.
      and people with that level of crafting would never set foot in the laberynth
      too busy being pamped by the state and creating airships/trains etc.

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