052. The guidance of God

A cart advances along a shopping street in Nepia.

Kuro is sitting in the driver’s seat holding the reins while Patty is shopping.

They’ve come to get supplies for their journey in search of Ippei.

“May I ask a question Patty-sama?”

“What is it Kuro?”

“Well, it’s hard to say, but is Ippei-san really alive? That golem Patty-sama showed us was certainly made by Ippei-san but he could have made it a months ago. I want to believe that Ippei-san is alive……….but.”

“You’re a cautious kid Kuro. I’m certain that you will become a fine adventurer but Ippei is alive. Of that I am certain.”

“I’m not strong like Patty-sama. I can’t be convinced by just seeing a golem.”

Patty kindly stroked Kuro’s black hair.

“Actually, I had my appraiser Onkel look at the golem. It’s not working anymore but it needs 5MP to work for 1 hour. This child arrived on the 3rd of this month so after calculating MP use from what was left we know that it left its master on the 27th of last month. The report from the mine, however, stated that Ippei died on the 26th.”

“Then that means…..”

“I don’t know what happened at the mine but it means that the golem left Ippei a whole day after he was supposed to be dead.”

The ill feeling whirling in Kuro’s chest began to clear and he showed a bright smile before it clouded over almost immediately.

“That’s good……I’m really happy. You had your own worries and I added to them. I was scared…….and ashamed. I’m ashamed of myself.”

Tears spill down Kuro’s innocent face.

“You aren’t bad Kuro. Ippei’s the one at fault here. All he had to do was attach a letter to the bird. Why didn’t he do such a simple thing?”

Patty’s question is reasonable but this was due to Ippei’s knowledge from earth.

In nearly all the movies and drama’s he’d watched, the fugitives were often caught trying to contact lovers or family members so the cowardly Ippei had avoided this.

Ippei has been officially recorded as dead so he has no reason to hide but of course, Ippei does not know this.

“Ok, now wipe those tears. I look like a mean noble bullying a good looking guy.”

Kuro smiled at the joking Patty and grasped the reins again.


On February the 4th I arrived at the town of Lipton Grey.

Lipton Grey is a medium-sized town located about 600 kilometres southwest of the capital Elimore.

I’ve still got a long way to go.

It was really hard to get this far. I managed my meals okay due to the vegetables and meat from Hofkins village but safe places to sleep were scarce.

I just about managed to survive by sleeping in shrines along the way.

Any shrine can be accessed as the doors are open 24 hours a day.

Due to them not having any heating they were cold, but it was better than sleeping outside.

I wore fur’s over my priest’s clothes now.

In places where there were no shrines I walked through the night using recovery magic and slept in the day when the sun was out.

I’ve stopped running on my journey now as I looked too suspicious. I looked like someone chasing someone and stood out.


As soon as I entered the town I immediately purchased some demon stones. 3 G-rank stones at a cost of 9000 rims.

Luckily I had 12500 rims from the dead priest.

I revived Bola using the 3 demon stones and the remaining mithril from my chastity belt.

I didn’t feel reassured with only 2 hummingbirds.

Bali, Bola and Banpero, please protect me from now on.


While walking down the street listening to the sound of my remaining coins jingling in my pocket I heard some men’s voices.

Some commotion seems to be happening in front of a bakery.

A giant man wearing an apron was grabbing a gentle looking man in his 30’s by his collar.

“I won’t forgive you today! I’m handing you over to the guards!”

“I already told you I can’t pay the money.”

It seems the mild-mannered man was trying to steal some bread.

He’s good looking but has a sparse beard and doesn’t look very well.

“Why do you sound so proud! Do you understand how much you owe me? It’s over 10,000 rims.”

“I know. Please give me a little longer to pay.”

Oh? he allowed 10,000 rims on credit?”

The oyaji baker might be surprisingly kind despite his appearance, though I’ve never heard of credit in this world before.

“You seduced my wife and put all the bread you bought on a tab! Stop being so proud about it!”

One of those was not like the other.

Is this a so-called ladykiller?

Hit him. Go on, hit him.

“You’ve got access to money. I heard that you slept with the widow who runs the tobacco shop then cast her away. I know she was supporting you. I don’t care that you broke up with her, get me my money!”

Wow. Oyaji’s punching him now. How dirty.

Quite a crowd had grown and was causing an obstruction before the guards arrived.

A guard who looks like a captain looks at the mild-mannered man in disgust.

“You again. I told you the next time you caused trouble you’d be off to the quarry as forced labour.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

The oyaji fly’s into a rage at the man’s words.

“Bullshit! You just tried to run off after stealing some muffins!”

“I told you I’d pay for them.”

The captain has to pull the oyaji off the man before he starts hitting him again.

“Stop being so carefree! Throw this guy in jail!”

This seems to be the natural consequences of his actions but I still feel sorry for the man being sent to hell just for stealing some muffins.

He’s a bit older but still handsome. He’s be targeted right away.

It’s too sad having your buttocks hollowed out over some muffins and a tab.

“Please wait a moment.”

I’m too naive. I know that, but I can’t help it.

I don’t even know if I can help, but I’ll try.

“I’ll pay for the muffins that he stole. Would you forgive him with that?”

I secretly calm the baker down with recovery magic.

No, well, if priest-sama is willing to go that far…..”

Alright. The magic is working.

Hopefully, he got some satisfaction from punching that guy a few times.

“Are you guards okay as well? I’ll talk to this person.”

The captain pretends to think for a moment.

“Hmm. I’ll leave it to priest-sama this time.”

He seems satisfied as well.

At least this guy’s asshole doesn’t have to suffer now.

I paid 300 rims for the muffins and left with the mild-mannered man.


We left the street and entered into a quiet little plaza.

“Thank you priest-sama.”

“Go prostrate yourself in front of the tobacco shop and beg the widow for forgiveness, okay. Goodbye then.”

I walk off leaving the man behind.

“Eh? Is that it?”

The man follows me. What a pain.

“It’s fine. You can leave now.”

“Didn’t you say to the guards [I’ll talk to this person]?”

He imitates me.

He’s quite good but even so, it irritates me.

“I already spoke to you, didn’t I? I told you to prostrate yourself in front of the tobacco shop. I’ve told you what to do.”

The man bursts into laughter.

“I’ve never heard of a priest like you before. Are you from this town?”

“No. I’m just a travelling priest.”

Why are you walking next to me?

“Really. Where are you going?”

“The capital, Elimore.”


What’s this middle-aged pretty boy thinking about?

Though he’s good looking he’s very amiable and not a cool and aloof character.

“Could you bring me along priest-sama?”

What’s this guy on about?

I’m a fugitive. You really don’t want to tag along with me.

“That’s impossible.”

I cut him off but he continues to harass me.

“I’m Chaser Byaris. Though I look like this I used to be a knight. I’ll be useful as a guard on the roads.”

A former knight? Let’s see.



[Name] Chaser Byaris

[Age] 31

[Occupation] Vagrant former knight

[Lv] 21

[HP] 389/423

[MP] 46/46

[Attack] 121

[Defence] 263

[Physical strength] 154

[Intellect] 102

[Agility] 72

[Skills] Body strengthening Lv.5, Shield defence Lv.6, Camping Lv.5, Spearmanship Lv.6, Fencing Lv.4


He’s stronger than I thought.

Did he let the old baker hit him on purpose?

In that case, he would have been perfectly fine protecting his own buttocks in prison.

Did I not need to help him?

Should I have him guard me?

It’s an attractive offer to me who has no defence.

“Please let me come with you. I’ve travelled the route to the capital several times so I know all about the road and it’s surroundings.”

I certainly need directions.

I took the wrong way several times getting here so I know that all too well.

Travelling with another person will confuse whoever’s after me as well.

“I’ll tell you now, I only have 3200 rims on me.”

Chaser’s mouth dropped open.

“3200 rims……how do you intend to get to the capital with that?!”

“I have food. God will lead the way.”

Chaser is lost in thought.

Was he relying on my money?

If he doesn’t come with me that’s fine.

“Haaa….. I can’t stay in this town anymore anyway…. Understood. Let’s travel together. Also, I think I might know how to get us some money.”

I guess me and Chaser are travelling together.

Suddenly the trips become one of an exorcist and his attendant.

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