051. Miyata-san live at the scene

I woke up due to being cold.

When my consciousness returned there were too many things going on that I didn’t understand.

When did I fall asleep?

I remember lying face down. When did I roll onto my back?

Why am I tied up?

Why am I naked?

“Have you woken up priest-sama?”

Sister Maria is looking down at me.

This is strange. Her eyes have a funny look in them. There’s a wickedness in them that wasn’t there before.

“Ufufufu. Heal lots for me priest-sama.”

Licking her lips sister Maria removed her clothes.

Her bulky clothes fell away to reveal her huge breasts.

G rank?

No. That’s a low-rank demon stone.

G cup it is.

They are very firm and full but they are the type that spread apart as they go down.

They are not perfect but non-perfect things have a captivating beauty.

They are very nice indeed.

No. Hang on. Somethings wrong.

“Why are you removing your clothes?”

“They will be covered in blood if I don’t…”

Her first time?

Nope. It doesn’t look like it.

While paying me no attention Sister Maria removes her last piece of clothing.

*Tsu!!!* (1)


—–Miyata-san! We have Miyata-san live on the scene! Can you hear me Miyata-san?

Yes. This is Miyata live on the scene!

—–Can you tell us what’s happening now?

Yes. Sister has just removed her last piece.

—–Am I right in saying that you can see everything?


——Miyata-san? Are you okay? Miyata-san? Yes, he seems okay.

—-What are you seeing on site, right now?

A mouth. It’s a huge mouth full of shark-like teeth.

——?! A mouth? You are talking about the mouth on her face right?

That would be wrong. It’s a bit lower. Carry on past her belly button.

——I’m sorry, I don’t understand. It’s in her abdomen?

……Lower. Sister just took off her underwear and…..it opened by itself. (2)

——What’s wrong Miyata-san? Miyata-san?…………. It’s no use. The broadcast has been cut off. We will return to the story momentarily.


I quickly used appraisal on sister.

[Name] Sister Maria Mysteia (alias) Gaasu (real name)

[Age] 89

[Race] Corpse-eating demon (Guura)

[Lv] 47

[Status] Mimicry.

[HP] 272/272

[MP] 39/48

[Attack] 196

[Defence] 78

[Physical strength] 240

[Intellect] 112

[Agility] 72

[Skills] Mimicry: Can take the form of a human female.

[Notes] Guura is a female ghoul. They take on the form of a beautiful woman and eat men who have fallen for their sex appeal.


“A Guura huh?……”

“Oh? Only exorcists can see my true nature. Are you really a law user? Well, it doesn’t really matter when you are bound like this.”

“Can I at least ask you some questions?”

“That’s fine. We’ve got a long night ahead of us. I’ll grant you this final wish. I can make it feel good if you want?” the guura said with vulgar laughter.

I ignored her words and asked my questions.

“Did you eat all those missing people?”

“That’s right. All of them. The priest too.”

“You framed the former priest.”

“Aah. It was hilarious. I covered his clothes with blood while he slept and rubbed blood around his mouth. Watching a priest wash his bloody clothes whilst crying was such a sight. He honestly thought he was possessed and killed everyone.”

“That explains the possession.”

“The people of this village are so easy to catch. All it takes is a little glance and they soon follow. Just like you.”

She has no honour.

“What about the widow?”

“That woman liked other women. People confess all their secrets in church. I know them all. All it took was a little whisper in her ear to make her fat body writhe. She confessed to me while blushing. It was so hard not to laugh.”

She’s really petty minded.

“My last question. Why didn’t you kill me while I was asleep?”

“Fufufu. I wanted to see your face distort in fear. I wanted to hear your voice scream out as I take a bite out of your liver. That’s how I ate everyone.” (3)

“You mixed a sleeping drug in with the soup presumably.”

“Aah. Fufufu. I’m disappointed that you didn’t want my body.” the guura said while lifting up one of her breasts.

I might have been excited a little while ago but that place doesn’t stir in the slightest now.

I meant my heart!

“Not at all. In fact, I’m actually relieved.”

The guura raises her eyebrows at my words.

“What do you mean?”

“Because it means I didn’t cheat in the end. Do you have any last words? A will to leave behind?”

“You’re an idiot! What are you going to do with your hands and feet tied up?”

“I won’t be doing anything. Do it.”

Bali and Banpero who had been stationary on my desk shot up at great speed and shot the guura through the head with their lasers.

6 holes were drilled through the guura’s head and it collapsed to the floor dead.

I checked with appraisal just to be sure, but it was dead.

The series of incidents thus ended.

I smell that sewage smell again that I had been getting whiffs of on and off. I guess it was this guy.

I slept in a separate room that night and left Hofkins village before dawn as planned.

When the night is over the villagers will discover the corpse of a guura and the entire village will turn into a poked beehive but that’s none of my concern.

I’m not a detective who has the responsibility of explaining the crime.

I’m an adventurer who’s responsibility is to uncover the truth of the labyrinth.

Authors note: To any fans of Sister Maria, I’m sorry.


(1) A sharp intake of breath.

(2) I’m sure I saw a hentai like this once.

(3) Presumably with some fava beans and a nice Chianti

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