011. Beginners course

The day of the course has finally come.

I leave my key at the hotel and tell them I won’t be returning tonight. Leaving the hotel I wave to the familiar doorman and set off with Gobu 1.

I checked to make sure nothing was left behind. I even had breakfast. Everything is going smoothly so far.

I considered taking a Hansom to the labyrinth but it would be like a new employee turning up to work in a chauffeur-driven car so I dropped the idea. (TN: I would love to do that personally.)

Standing out is prohibited.

If I fall out with someone and they hit me there is a very good chance I could die.

I brought 20 vials of the body strengthening potion (x10) which gave me 60 hours worth of use.

It’s more than required but I wanted to be prepared in case of an unexpected situation.


A lot of adventures can be seen at the main gate to the labyrinth.

Everyone has to show their guild card to the staff to be allowed through.

When you look at it, it seems like the entrance to an amusement park or zoo.

Beyond the main gate is a huge staircase leading underground. It has to be at least 25 meters wide. The adventurers are going down one after the other.

Off to the left of the gate, a group of youths are standing. Probably people participating in the beginner’s course.

As expected a placard was leaning against the wall saying [beginners course.]

I moved over to them casually. Even though I was casual everyone was looking at me.

No, actually it seems to be Gobu who’s drawing their attention.

“Excuse me, are you the instructor?” a boy who seemed very brazen called out.

“No, I’m a beginner as well.”

“Seriously? Because you seem old and have a golem I thought you were the instructor.”

I give him a vague smile.

I’m obviously the oldest here.

I guess there are not many 27-year-old new recruits.

I’ve been exposed to curious eyes for a while now. Tears might leak out if I carry on looking down so I look up at the sky instead.

I was called out to again.

“Is this the meeting place for the beginner’s course?”

A beautiful girl with brown hair was standing there.

She must have run here as she was leaning forward slightly and panting.

This child gives off a dog like feeling.

A golden retriever maybe?

“That’s right. The instructor hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Eh? You aren’t the instructor?”

This child also made that mistake.

I can hear giggling.

Should I spend my time looking at the clouds?

This girl is a little different from the others.

“You’re a friend then! I’m Meg. Please treat me well!”

I was lost by the energetic greeting for a moment.

Un. She’s a good kid. She’s a nice girl.

“I’m Ippei and this is Gobu. Pleased to meet you.”


Oh. Gobu said hello.

Since when can you talk?!

I had no idea.

“Gobu is a golem.”


I say talk but [Uga] seems to be all he can say.

“Because of the equipment, I couldn’t tell at first.”

If Gobu hides his face you probably couldn’t tell he was a golem.

Due to the helmet, he looks like a slender dwarf warrior.

“I developed it for carrying baggage and fighting. Since the level of demon stones available is low his attack power isn’t great.”

“Houu. Amazing!”

“Because it moves with my magical power I’m not able to do anything myself.”

That’s a lie.

Gobu is a semi-autonomous type. If I give him an order he can judge and act on his own. But if I say it this way I have an excuse to hide at the back.

I want to look cool in front of a pretty girl!

“Is you golems weapon just that strange crossbow?”

The brazen boy from a while ago called out.

“The instructors are leading this time. We are just porters. That’s why we only have support type weapons. That crossbow is a rapid-fire type that can load 10 bolts in that clip attached to the top. It can shoot all 10 bolts in 15 seconds. It’s a short range weapon designed to be used at about 10 meters.”

The attitude of the boy who’s been looking down on me for a while now changed.

“I see. I’m called Jean. Best regards Gobu.”


Gobu ignored the impertinent chaps greeting.

“Eh? Is it broken?”

Jean pokes Gobu

Nope. As his maker, I can tell that Gobu is simply a women lover. Is it the influence of the goblin leader stone acting as his core?

The fact that he only reacts to a women’s greeting is good evidence of that.

“This fellow only greets women.”

Jean muttered to himself in amazement.

“Must be high-spec………”

I had no choice but to give a bitter smile.


After waiting like this the instructors came over.

2 men and 1 woman.

Both their appearance and equipment give off the feeling of expert adventurers.

The leader appears to be in his 40’s while the other 2 appear to be about my age.

“The beginners class starts now.”

Everyone stopped talking when he spoke.

It was a quiet voice but it had a force that fit this powerful man.

It carried with it the experience that had passed through death a number of times. Ability and confidence oozed out.

“My name is Lot. These two here and Bonnie and Clyde.” (TN: I love this authors naming sense.)

It’s safe to say that these 2 young people are also powerful.

“First of all, everything I say in the labyrinth is law. Is that understood?”

Everyone answered at once.

“Good. That’s everything from me. Clyde will take over now.”

Now that Lot had said everything he needed to say he kept quiet.

Clyde who took over from Lot explained some important safety points and warnings as well as handing out party equipment such as food and water.

My equipment came to 16 kilos. Of course, I gave it to Gobu.

However, because I hate standing out I put some light items in my backpack.


It’s said that the Nepia labyrinth has 10 levels but that is only a legend as no adventurer has reached the deepest part yet.

The reason people think it has 10 levels is because an ancient map showing 10 levels was found, however, so far the highest level reached is level 8.

Your adventures rank is automatically updated on your guild card according to the floor you reach.

My current rank is 10.

When reaching the 2nd level it becomes 9, 3rd level becomes 8 and so on.

Presumably, it becomes 1st rank if you reach floor 10.

There is no recorded knowledge of any first-rank adventurer in history.

The depths of the labyrinth still remain shrouded in darkness.

It’s my dream to remove that veil and see what lies underneath.

Lot is a rank 4 adventurer. It seems we have a veteran of the 7th floor with us.

Bonnie and Clyde are both 6th rank.

That reminds me, Patty is 7th rank.

“Alright. That’s the explanation over. Let’s depart.”

We started moving at Clyde’s order.

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  1. What a retardedly convoluted ranking system. Since they count floors downward, why not just have rank be the same as the level you’ve gotten to…leaves room for higher ranks in the future too. Oh well.

    Also, you say he “bought 20 vials”…should that be brought instead?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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