010. The day before the training course

This is the last time I will mention where to find chapters 1-4 because I’m sure pretty much everyone has got it by now but please read the Ultimate Porter projects page for where to find chapters 1-4. Thank you.


With the training course starting tomorrow I’ll spend the day preparing.

I got a book from the guild called the [Exploration Guidebook] so lets lookup the beginners course.

X year X month X day 8:00am

Meeting place is the left-hand side of the main gate of the Nepia labyrinth.

The purpose is to explore the labyrinth over 2 days and one night while learning the basics of adventuring.

Please be cautious in the labyrinth as you enter at your own risk. The guild does not accept any liability in the unlikely event of injury or death. Please follow the instructions of your teacher carefully.

Please bring clothes that are suitable for labyrinth exploration.

The guild will prepare food and water and distribute it on the day.

The charge is included in the fee.

Any potions, clothing and snacks you will have to prepare yourself.

The weight of the goods prepared by the guild is 15 kilos. Please take this into account when deciding what to bring.

A cloak, armour, rain gear, warm clothes and something to use as bedding is required.

We recommend purchasing them on the day.

Please take personal responsibility for your actions and make it a rewarding course.

Nepia adventures guild


As far as the guidebook goes I have nothing to buy as I already have it all including the potions.

Should I get some snacks?

I’ll speak to Melissa-san later about what snacks have a good shelf life and keep well.


It seems the time has finally come to make my main weapon.

I decided to give Gobu 1 the rapid-fire crossbow I made.

It shouldn’t take him long to learn how to use it if I teach him now.

I considered a sword or spear but I don’t know how to use them so I can’t teach him.

I guess I could take him to a dojo but are there any dojo’s that accept golems?

………I could ask Melissa-san and I’m sure she’d look for one but I’ll stick with the crossbow for now.


I decided to make a gun for myself.

I don’t know how to use edged weapons but I can muddle through with a gun.

A rifle or assault rifle would be better but due to the level of the demon stones I can get I can only make a handgun.

The bullets are metal but it uses magic power to fire it instead of gunpowder.

It was a pain to make the cartridges for it one by one though.

I bought some more demon stones yesterday. As usual, I combined 10 demon stones with materiel refining and produced 2 handguns. I also made a leather holster as well.



[Name] Smithson

[Type] Handgun

[Attack] 211

[Attribute] None

[Notes] Effective range is 50 meters. The maximum number of bullets is 16. No recoil. 3 round burst. Can be changed into fully automatic. Consumption is 2MP every shot. Shooting can be acquired.


Un. It’s a good result.

There’s no problem with the attack power. As for armour, I can only wear leather armour as usual. Close combat is impossible.

After that, I made armour for Gobu 1 and decided to go to the forest for some target practice.


I go to Mellisa-san and have her order me a carriage. I also have her tell me the name of a good shop that sells snacks.

While waiting for the carriage we have a chat.

“Miyata-sama, you are checking out tomorrow. If you want a ticket for the magic train I can order them for you here.”

It’s my 3rd and last day at the hotel today.

The linens are always clean and it’s kept clean and tidy too.

If anything needs washing I only have to ask.

I’ve become completely used to the hotel.

It’s so convenient.

Because searching for a house is a pain I decided to stay for a month. I got a discount so it cost me 1 million rims for 30 days.

I still have 2.2 million rims left.

It was a bit of a waste of money.


When the coach arrived it was the same ojisan as last time.

I told him about my circumstances and he took me to a secluded place where people rarely came and was good for target practice.

2MP is necessary for me to fire my handgun. Gobu 1 cannot produce magic power so he cannot fire the handgun so I had him train exclusively with the crossbow.

I make various sized targets as well as pots and bottles out of soil using tool creation.

Because the Ojisan coachman was making an envious face I let him shoot the crossbow which put him in high spirits.

After practising well into the evening I returned to the hotel having gotten my shooting up to level 5. Gobu 1 levelled up to Lv.8. The Ojisan coachman levelled up to Lv.7.

I can’t accept it………………


[Name] Miyata Ippei

[Age] 27

[Occupation] Unemployed

[Lv] 1

[Status] Normal

[HP] 80/80

[MP] 999999/999999

[Attack] 30 (+211, +211) 2 hand guns

[Defence] 50 (+28) Light leather armour, Leather hat, Leather cloak

[Physical strength] 4

[Intellect] 1480

[Agility] 5 (-4)

[Magic] Life Magic Lv.max, Recovery magic Lv.max

[Skills] Cooking Lv.max, Material refining Lv.max, Medicine refining Lv.max, Blacksmithing Lv.max , Appraisal Lv.max, Golem creation Lv.max, Tool creation Lv.max, Shooting lv.5 (Hit correction +5%), Con artist Lv.2

[Experience to next level] 0/100000

(TN: I think the author forgot that attack is 3 and defence is 5 not 30 and 50. 30 and 50 are with the potion but that is what the author put so that is what I put. )


[Name] Gobu 1

[Age] 0

[Lv] 4

[HP] 167/167

[MP] 0/0

[Attack] 49 (+128) Rapid-fire crossbow

[Defence] 145 (+65) Iron mail, Helmet

[Physical strength] 322 (-5)

[Intellect] 15

[Agility] 38 (-10)

[Skills] Torch Lv.1 – Eyes light up and illuminate the surrounding area.

[Notes] semi-autonomous type golem. 3MP a minute is required for action. MP may be charged up to 180. It will lose the ability to function if separated from its master for more than an hour. If within a 3-meter radius of its master it can charge up its MP.

[Experience to next level] 164/600

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