012. The first labyrinth

Nepia is a big place.

It’s the largest city in the western part of the kingdom.

It has a population of 165,000 people and takes up an area of 65km².

The labyrinth is directly underneath Nepia and boasts a size of 102km².


At last, I’ve entered the labyrinth.

Our large party of 3 veterans and 7 novices feels like its going to be crushed by the tension.

To some extent though, I feel relieved by our numbers.

It was a good idea to sign up for the beginner’s course.

It’s impossible to enter this dark place by yourself.

Yeah, it’s very dark in the labyrinth.

Everyone creates their own light with lanterns or magic before advancing.

Gobu’s skill [Torch] is very effective with his eyes lighting up the passage thought its still not enough. I wish it had a high beam version like a car.

If the skill level rises will it become brighter?


Clyde’s voice echoes off the walls of the labyrinth.

“Always check your location on the map we gave out earlier but don’t neglect your surroundings either when checking it. In the future make sure you have a map of the floor you are going to search. That’s the trick to surviving in this labyrinth”

Bonnie who had gone on ahead returned. She seems to be the scout.

“It seems a bunch of slimes are getting excited in the room ahead. It will be good practise for you beginners.”

We moved in a group following Clyde and the others.

Clyde starts speaking again when we get to the room.

“This is the small room where the slimes are getting rowdy. There’s at least 10 slimes inside. Slimes can be found on any level of the labyrinth. It’s also known as the labyrinth cleaner. The demon known as the slime eats anything. Bodies, excrement, garbage. It eats it all.”

It sounds like a beneficial insect.

“Be careful when you open doors in the labyrinth. Sometimes the demons inside will start fighting immediately and sometimes there’s traps. Bonnie is our scout specialist. Scouts handle reconnaissance, disarm traps, open doors and so on. You need multiple talents in the labyrinth, not just fighters.”

Ah, Bonnie-san has become shy.

“When young, many party members will be chosen with an emphasis on fighting power but the flexibility to handle any situation is important too. Well then I’m going to open the door. Is that okay Lot-san?”

Lot who had remained silent the entire time spoke when promoted by Clyde.

“You guys, don’t die.”

Lot-san’s orders are absolute in the labyrinth.


Bonnie opened the door.


A lot of slimes were in a room roughly 30 tatami’s in size. (TN: Roughly 49.6m²)

Slimes have little manoeuvrability so there’s no danger of a surprise attack unless you get close to them.

It has the look of a jellyfish that’s moved to land.

“First off we’ll thin them out a bit. You guys just observe. We’ll have you fight later.”

All 3 instructors had drawn their weapons.

Bonnie and Clyde are both strong and used to this but Lot is in a different category altogether.

With just a single slice from his sword, 1 slime becomes 2. It happened in an instant.

None of us could make a sound. All we could do was watch.

Meg speaks up having gotten excited.

“Did you see Lot-san fight! It was amazing!!”

“Aah. I was watching but I couldn’t follow it.”

“That’s right. I was following the strike but if you fought him you wouldn’t know you’d been cut.”

No. I was watching but I didn’t even see the strike.

I wanted to use appraisal on Lot-san but I endured it.

I only found out recently but it’s illegal to use appraisal on a person.

If you appraise someone and they kill you for it nothing would be done to them, though usually you are handed over to the guards and you receive 3 years forced labour.


After they reduced the slimes down to 7 Clyde raised his voice

“Alright. Now it’s your turn. We’ll send you in one by one.”

One person has to go out and fight. Everyone seems tense though there’s no chance of a serious injury when fighting slimes.

“Next. Jean step forward.”

“Ok. Is it finally my turn?”

Jean happily steps forward.

Judging by his appearance you’d say that he was a hot-blooded idiot who would just charge in, however, his sword stance said otherwise.

It was similar to a kenjutsu stance. His arms were raised above his head like he was making the number 8 (hachi 八)

Jean stepped forward and quickly sliced diagonally down from the upper right. Compared to the others his back didn’t shake at all. The evidence was the slime was killed in a single blow.

“Hehe, how about that!” Jean called out in high spirits.

Next is Meg’s turn.

Meg’s weapon is a huge mace.

Where does she get the power from in such a delicate body?

Raising her mace she hammered it down with all her might.

A sound is heard and the slime is completely squished.

The slime that had been turned onto minced meat was scattered around the area.

“Last is Ippei.”

I had inadvertently stepped forward before I was called.

I should have got Gobu to do it, however, it would be shameful to turn back now.

I looked back and caught Meg’s excited eyes watching me so I foolishly just waved at her.

There’s no turning back.

I pulled my gun out and held it with both hands. It’s got no recoil but the grip is still important.

I was just copying what I’d seen a special forces member do in a movie.

I drop my waist and approach to a distance of 3 meters.

This is my absolute distance.

I change it to a 3 round burst meaning 3 rounds are fired for 1 pull of the trigger.

I gently pulled the trigger.


Un. It’s dead. I check with appraisal and turn back.

“Ossan, what was that?” (TN: For those that don’t know, ossan = middle-aged man)

Jean is calling me an ossan.

From the looks on people faces, they don’t know what happened.

Since it doesn’t use gunpowder it’s quiet and there’s no muzzle flash either. The bullets pierced the slime so it didn’t explode either.

I guess it can’t be helped that they don’t understand what happened.

“What do you mean? It’s just a quiet magic.” Clyde says and with that everyone seems convinced.

Though it does use magic, technically it’s not correct to say it is magic, however, it would be a pain to explain so I’ll just go with it and give an ambiguous smile.

“It’s a practical weapon.” Lot muttered in a quiet voice.

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