055. Chaser’s spear (part I)

Me and Chaser are heading to the Capital Elimore but we have taken a little detour on the way.

Apparently, Chaser left his spear with a certain woman.

The other day I suggested making a spear for him but he declined.

I don’t know what type of spear it is but he seems attached to it so I gave up.

The detour we were taking was to a town called Chipham where this woman was living.

“That reminds me. You’re a former knight aren’t you?”


I fumbled to find the right words but the truth is the truth.

I used appraisal a while back so I know its true.

“Why did you resign as a knight?”

“I’d rather not say.”

Well, whatever. It was probably over a woman.

Did he lure the wife of a superior to his bed?

Probably why he was fired.

“Did you leave it with an old lover?”

“Spot on.”

The closer we get to Chipham the more Chaser’s smile disappears. Perhaps he’s nervous?

“You keep mentioning that our funds are low. Are you going to borrow money from that person?”

“……That’s my intention.”

“Aah! That reminds me. You avoided paying the baker. You owed more than 10,000 rims!”

“Will you shut up for a bit!”

He seems very nervous.

Since it seemed like we’d fall out if I spoke again I remained silent.

“I’m sorry priest-san…..”

He apologised. Well, he is an adult after all.

“The woman is my ex-wife.”

“You’re divorced?”


I don’t really get it but his spear is with his ex-wife it seems.

Is it hard to meet her?

My guess is this ero middle-aged guy cheated and was kicked out.


Chipham was a medium-sized town. It’s quite far from the highway but it seems to be prospering.

“How much do you have priest-sama?”

“Why? You want some sake?”

Perhaps he wants a drink to build his courage up.

“I can’t really go empty handed. I want to pick up a gift.”

I understand his feelings so I hand him all my money which was 3600 rims.

“I’m in your debt. Sorry. ……..When I get my spear back…….my spear is…….no, it doesn’t matter. We’ll talk later.”

I’m still in the dark but it’s fine if I hear it later.

I read the scriptures to pass the time while Chaser picks out a gift.

I’ve read them a lot recently when I’ve had nothing to do.

After reading them properly they are actually quite interesting.

There is a story about an ancient god that battles a three-headed dragon before finally defeating it. It’s quite dramatic.

While sitting on some stone steps reading the scriptures a grandma comes up to me and gives me a large copper coin.

Is it because I’m a priest?

I secretly healed her ailments as a thank you.

Stay healthy grandma.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Chaser’s back. Let’s go and see his ex-wife.


Chaser brought us to a fairly good looking 2 story house with a garden.

“This house belongs to her current husband.”

“I see. Your wife remarried then. Wait a minute.”

I stop Chaser from going through the gate and clean his body and clothes with life magic.

Your personal appearance is the basics after all.

I cleaned myself up as well and we passed through the gate.

“Hello. I’m Robert Redbull, a priest. Is the lady of the house available?”

I greet the maid that came out.

I asked Chaser to play along in advance so we were not turned away at the door.

The lady that came out was about the same age as me and gave off a pleasant feeling.

“Hello priest-sama. How can I help you…….Chaser…….”

“Hello Alma. You look well.”

“You too…..Have you lost weight?”

We stand in the entrance hall as the 2 people continue their awkward greeting.

“So? Why have you come?”

“I’ve come to pick up my spear. …….I would also like to lend some money.”

Alma lets out a grand sigh after hearing his words.

“Money again? Have you ever returned any of the money I lent you?”

“I agree it’s wrong and I will return it in the future.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Please believe me. I want to start over this time.”

Listening to Chasers words her emotions finally explode.

“That spear is nothing but trouble! Do you understand how much of a burden that spear was to me?”

“Does Lloyd remember my crimes every time he sees my spear?”

“Do not speak ill of my husband! Yeah yeah, that’s right! You have no idea how many times that spear got between our relationship!”

This is a deep past.

Chaser looks pretty bad right now.

“Chaser, let’s just get the spear and leave. We are troubling the lady.”

“Be quiet priest-san!”

“In the first place why didn’t you take the spear with you? Isn’t it an important spear handed down through your family?”

Did he still have some lingering affection for his ex-wife?

“Because I still have feelings for you!”

“Leave! I’ll bring your spear, then get out!”


The voice of a little girl broke up the two arguing people.


A girl about 12 years old was standing there looking at them.

She’s very pretty but that’s no surprise since both her parents are very attractive.

The girl hugged Chaser and started shaking.

Chaser hugs her gently like he’s handling something made from glass.

What a complete idiot. Exposing such a shameful display to the one person who matters the most.

“So big……What are you, 12 now?”

“Yes. I start school this year.”

“Really? That time already huh?”

Chaser eyes were wondering about over the top of his daughters head.

He’s probably seeing the past. Times he was not there to share with her.

“Sorry Alma. Can you bring my spear?”

“Yes……I’ll go and get it now.”

The spear Alma brought was free from rust. It was obvious it had been maintained properly.

“Thank you. I’ve troubled you for too long.”

Alma shakes her head at Chaser’s words.

The place was warm and had the remaining scent of family. I nod my head and leave first.

That scene will remain forever in Chasers memory and I was the foreign body in it.

Hopefully, this sad but gentle moment will bring him comfort.

I then did something out of character for me. I prayed to God.

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