066. Nighttime production

After hunting a further 23 Nepia Sidewinders I was able to obtain another 2 demon stones. Thanks to Mamoru-kun my defence has risen so I was able to fight closer to the front for a change. The other member's levels have been steadily rising. Gobu reached level 15 today and his [Intelligence] became 51. "Uuuuuugaugagaa♪ … Continue reading 066. Nighttime production

060. At the end of the journey

With this, chapter 1 is now complete. Episode 61 will be the start of chapter 2.   There's a seasonal word [Yukibare] (1) Today is such a day. The earth sparkles with white while the sky is a never-ending blue. It's so dazzling it's hard to keep my eyes open. I was digging Chasers grave … Continue reading 060. At the end of the journey