116. Advisor to the fire death king

After following Nousgalia's magic power I see that he's still in Deruzogedo in the teacher's offices and doesn't appear to be doing anything suspicious either. While monitoring the flow of magic in Deruzogedo I headed to the union tower. On my way I see the girls from the fan union practising their singing outside. They … Continue reading 116. Advisor to the fire death king

115. Mazoku from 2000 years ago

Misha raises her small hand. "How to find the child of God?" (Misha) Eleonor let out an *Ah* sound and all eyes focused on her. "Ah, sorry. It's something else. I've just had a <Liikus> arrive. Can I take it?" (Eleonor) "No problem." (Arnos) "I won't be long." (Eleonor) Eleonor walks a short distance away … Continue reading 115. Mazoku from 2000 years ago

114. Gods expectations

I swing Venuzdonoa downwards cleaning the blood off it. "....Haa......haa.....my breathing...." "Are we saved......?" ".....Looks like it....." "Did that guy save us.....?" The students who could all breathe again looked at me. There's some complicated looks coming my way. Whatever. I don't need to concern myself with them right now. If the heavenly father is … Continue reading 114. Gods expectations

112. Demon king proof

At Eldomade's words, the classroom erupted into noise. "Are you stupid?" "Bullshit." "It's not good to criticise the royals." This was mixed in with other voices saying. "It's come." "Arnos-sama's era has come." "Arnos-sama's legend is rising." The classroom descended into chaos. A male student stood up and banged his desk. It's probably one of … Continue reading 112. Demon king proof

111. Exchange students and a new teacher

A while later-------- The postwar clean-up between Azeshion and Deiruheido was completed so the demon king academy that had been closed was now reopened. Upon entering the second classroom I was wrapped up in a strangely nostalgic atmosphere. As I take my seat Sasha who's next to me speaks up. "Morning." (Sasha) I look at … Continue reading 111. Exchange students and a new teacher