125. Ahartherun expedition exam

The next day in the second training grounds of Deruzogedo................... The bell signalling the start of lessons rings out. "Right, let's begin the class. Though it's short notice I believe that you all had an owl visit you yesterday and inform you of the Ahartherun expedition test today. I'll be supervising the test myself. It's … Continue reading 125. Ahartherun expedition exam

124. Ahartheruns location

"I've only seen it a few times in the past 2,000 years, but this demon sword belongs to Shin Reglia, right?" (Ray) I nodded at Ray's question. "No doubt about it." (Arnos) "So this Shin Reglia founded the unification faction and is also Misa's father?" (Sasha) Sasha's face had a thoughtful look on it. ".....I … Continue reading 124. Ahartheruns location

123. Retainers message

The top floor of the union tower. After rescuing Menou and bringing her back Sasha was currently talking. "Ok. So does this Zeke you've made into your familiar know anything?" (Sasha) I nodded and addressed Zeke. "Tell them your purpose for coming here Zeke." (Arnos) "Even if only a tiny bit my purpose was to … Continue reading 123. Retainers message

120. Hard sword and soft sword

In the forest, Sasha and Misa are confronting the 2000 yeard old Mazoku under the commanded of the dark king Ejes Code.  "Okay, now then—" (Linka) Linka pulls a large transparent sword out of the ground and carries it on her shoulder before pushing away from the ground so strongly she leaves a footprint in … Continue reading 120. Hard sword and soft sword

119. Scarlet monument king’s monument

The magic formation drawn by Eleonor containing earth, wind, fire and water covers every wall and turns into a barrier surrounding the room. <De Igeria> seals the power of mazoku and weakens them while they are inside,  however, Zabro didn't move at all. "Useless, useless. Look" (Zabro) A magic formation forms at Zabro's feet and … Continue reading 119. Scarlet monument king’s monument

118. Cursed shield

The two men face each other in the abandoned mansion. Without any hesitation, Ray heads straight towards Gerard who momentarily loses sight of him. "Your back." (Ray) "I'm sorry to say but I see you." (Gerard) Gerard spins around and readies his shield to intercept the unique sword but at that moment he's slashed across … Continue reading 118. Cursed shield