103. Hero vs Demon King

Without wasting a second Ray stepped forward and instantly appeared in front of me. ".....Haaa....!!" (Ray) The spirit god sword shined so brightly it even dazzled my demon eyes. Rays figure disappeared as if melting into the light but I felt bloodlust coming from my blindspot. In a flash of light, the blade of the … Continue reading 103. Hero vs Demon King

101. An oath made 2000 years ago

TN: Here we go folks. A big reveal chapter for those who haven't read ahead. Enjoy. Tora forest. A huge forest that spans across Deiruheido and Azeshion. The Gairadeite demon king subjugation force is camped next to it on the Azeshion side of the border and amongst them are the 10,000 Zeshia origin clones. All … Continue reading 101. An oath made 2000 years ago

99. Eve of the decisive battle

I transferred to the hidden room in the underwater cave. In the centre of the room, Eleonor is still floating in the holy water ball. "Wow. Welcome Arnos-kun." (Eleonor) Eleonor welcomed me with a laugh and a smile. "Things have become a bit troublesome." (Arnos) "I know. Has Azeshion declared war on Deiruheido?" (Eleonor) I … Continue reading 99. Eve of the decisive battle

98. Declaration of war

After Avos and the demon emperors left the Gairadeite soldiers were busy reporting the situation and taking care of the wounded soldiers. In addition to Deigo's plan they now have the demon king of tyranny stealing the spirit god sword. Matters are far from simple for them. I decide to go and see what state … Continue reading 98. Declaration of war

97. Spirit god sword

Eleonor laughed while shedding tears. "Thank you but its fine. I'm magic created to fight the mazoku and I cannot resist if used. I'll just continue producing origin clones of Zeshia which will be used to invade Deiruheido." (Eleonor) 10,000 Zeshias using <Asura> will be an unbelievable amount of war potential. On top of that, … Continue reading 97. Spirit god sword

96. Origin womb (Eleonor)

Taboo magic. I'm able to grasp the general circumstances from that. "In other words, you're a human type magic?" (Arnos) Eleonor's eyes go round in surprise. ".....That's amazing Arnos-kun. You really did understand." (Eleonor) "I had also theorised about creating humanoid type magic. I even created the formula to experiment with." (Arnos) "....Did it work?" … Continue reading 96. Origin womb (Eleonor)