132. The great tree Eniyunien

“First of all, let me explain about this Spirit school for the new students.” (Eniyunien)

Eniyuniens voice was like that of a hoarse old man but the voice was not heard from the large tree with the face but from the entire classroom.

That’s probably due to the fact that the tree by the podium is not its main body. As its name itself implies the great tree itself is Eniyunien. In other words, we are inside the great spirits body.

“Here, we teach you about the various spirits and their history. Of course, we have all kinds of other classes as well, but the one that is required is the spirit class.” (Eniyunien)

Though horse sounding the voice is very calm and composed.

“All those who enter the Great Tree Eniyunien will be admitted into this spirit school and you won’t be able to leave until you take the spirit class and graduate. That’s because the most important factor to studying is continuance. You will be provided with food, clothing and shelter so you don’t have to worry about that.” (Eniyunien)

That’s some annoying rumours and legends. Someone must have first thought that if you wandered into the school of spirits, you would be stuck there until you graduated, and then the rumour spread.

“It is forbidden to use violence to injure or restrain others. If you do then you’ll be punished, okay. You will be made to walk the entire length of the long serpent Epiteo on its back.” (Eniyunien)

Fumu. So the scarlet monument king wanted me to attack and be punished for it?

Saying that I’ve never heard of this spirit before.

“What is the long serpent Epiteo?” (Arnos)

*Fuoohohoho* Eniyunien laughs when I ask this.

“That’s a good question.” (Eniyunien)

I didn’t ask a profound question or anything but Eniyuniens voice was booming. He seemed very happy to be asked a question.

“Then I’ll let the students answer. Can any of you answer about Epiteo the Long Serpent?” (Eniyunien)

The scarlet monument king, dark king and curse king all raised their hands in competition with each other.

“Scarlet Monument King Gilisris you were first. Answer.” (Eniyunien)

Gilisris quickly stands up.

“Epiteo, the Long Serpent, is a spirit born from the rumour and traditions about a serpent that is longer than anything else in the world. When it was born, it was big enough to wrap around the world once, but rumours now have it big enough to encircle the world 333 times. It is now so long that it can only live in the magic swamp here in this spirit school. That being said, it will from time to time appear in the Seven Seas though only it’s head.” (Gilisris)

“Umu. That is correct.” (Eniyunien)

In other words, if you commit violence in this school, you will have to walk the equivalent of 333 laps around the world on the back of a giant snake.

This might be the current punishment but it may change from time to time. Anyway, that is troublesome enough having to walk that entire distance.

What troublesome circumstances.

“Well, as you can see, I occasionally ask questions related to spirits. If you can answer it successfully, it will be added to your grade. Of course, there are also quizzes and trials of the spirits that are graded and students with excellent grades will graduate with honours. As a memento of your graduation, you will also get a seal of graduation that will allow you to come and go from Ahartherun freely.” (Eniyunien)

I see. That’s useful. So I wouldn’t need to find the new rumour every time I wanted to enter Ahartherun.

“You say excellent grades, but good is that exactly?” (Arnos)

“As the great tree of education, I will make a judgment based on my intuition of teaching over the years. It is more than simply getting good marks on a test, though of course it’s best to get good marks on a test. As it stands the earliest I’ve ever graduated someone was two weeks and the longest was fifty years.” (Eniyunien)

So, there is no clear standard? No, it might be better to say that finding that standard is probably part of the lessons.

“Will I still be able to take classes after I get my seal of graduation?” (Arnos)

“Umu. Of course you can. As I said before, the spirit class is a requirement but besides that, there’s a variety of other classes to take here. I can teach you all sorts of things: swords, magic, cooking, arithmetic, how to train and raise spirits, how to create spirits, you name it. I am Eniyunien the great tree of education.” (Eniyunien)

Fumu. That’s actually pretty useful.

“Then, for example, is it possible to teach a girl who can’t speak to be able to speak?” (Arnos)

“Of course, of course, it’s possible. Spirits have mysterious powers after all though the corresponding amount of effort from the student will also be required.” (Eniyunien)

Eniyunien is huge and the fact there’s a swap that can contain the long serpent Epiteo suggests there’s also magic spaces inside it as well.

“This might be a good place to bring all 10,000 Zeshia’s.” (Arnos)

“Uh-huh, I was thinking the same thing.” Eleonor happily agrees with my musings.

“How can you guys afford to think like that……? Instead of thinking about what happens when you get out, maybe you should think about how you’re going to graduate first?” (Sasha)

Sasha has an astonished look on her face.

“Whats that Sasha? You afraid?” (Arnos)

“It’s not that I’m afraid but your subordinates have been taken away and even the four evil royals are being docile. Eniyunien might be calming with his hoho old man’s voice but I think he’s actually very dangerous.” (Sasha)

Misha was nodding her head in agreement.

“Don’t worry about it. I know I’ll graduate with good grades.” (Arnos)

“Do you know a lot about spirits Arnos?” (Ray)

“Not really. How about you?” (Arnos)

“I know more about them than the mazoku do but spirits are still an existence that I don’t understand very well. Unfortunately there’s more I don’t know than do know.” (Ray)

Oh well. So be it.

“Absolutely amazing. So much confidence despite knowing nothing.” Sasha says giving me a sideways glance.

“What you don’t know can be learnt. Come on, focus on the lesson.” (Arnos)

“I would if you hadn’t gotten sidetracked first…….” Sasha mutters under her breath

“Fuufuufuu. Has your talk finished? Let’s start the lesson then.” (Eniyunien)

It is indeed a spirit created by the rumours and lore of the Great Tree of Education. He doesn’t care about the whispered conversations between students at all.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. First, we’re going to have a week of classroom lectures on spirits followed by a test. You should be careful with the test because if you get a failing grade you’ll be spirited away. After a couple of small tests, those with the best grades will be able to move on to the trial of the spirits. Students who pass the trial of spirits will be granted an audience with the spirit king. If you pass the spirit kings trial you graduate straight away.” (Eniyunien)

As Eniyunien was talking letters appeared on the large tree wall by the side of him.

“Here’s another question for you all. What’s the name of the spirits that look like foxes or small bears that only appear during the daytime?” (Eniyunien)

Fumu. No idea and not only me by the look of it as non of the four evil royals have raised their hands either.

I bet Nousgalia knows but he seems to have fallen asleep. I guess he’s not motivated in the slightest.

“FuuFuuFuu. I guess its too minor a spirit.” (Eniyunien)

“Errm may I answer?” (Rina)

The informant girl Rina raiser her hand timidly.

“Of course. What is the spirits name?” (Eniyunien)

“It’s Fairy Dog Gauire right?” (Rina)

“Uumu….. correct.” (Eniyunien)

The scarlet monument king and dark king both look back at Rina.

They both heard the answer but obviously the name meant nothing to them. They both use their demon eyes on Rina looking her up and down fully.

“I’ll explain about that spirit later in another class. I have a few more questions first.” (Eniyunien)

A new problem appeared on the wall.

“What is the name of the spirit’s strongest swordsman who holds a broken shield in one hand and a broken pike in his other hand?” (Eniyunien)

Again, the only one who raised her hand was Rina.

“Is the contradictory swordsman Baburoana right?” (Rina)

“Correct answer. There are few rumours about Baburoana. It’s a rare fairy that hardly ever encountered. You are well informed.” (Eniyunien)

Rina nods vaguely.

Fumu. Is this information she got as an informant?

“Hmm, if it was a slightly older spirit I could possibly answer but at the moment I have no idea.” (Eleonor)

“Fuufuufuu. Then let’s ask a question about a famous spirit. Call it a service question.” (Eniyunien)

Instead of words, 3 pictures appeared but they are pretty poor.

One is a stick man. One is something that could be a wriggling earthworm and the last one is a black circle with hairs on it.

I’m not even sure I’d call them drawings.

“These drawings depict 3 famous spirits. What are their names?” (Eniyunien)

Not a single person raised their hand.

“Don’t you know either Rina-chan?” Eleonor asked Rina who shook her head.

“…..Well, no matter how famous these spirits are, these….drawings are so bad its impossible to tell.” (Rina)

Rina muttered in a subdued voice.

The whole classroom shook like an earthquake was occurring.

“Whaaaaaaaat!!!!?” (Eniyunien)

The great tree Eniyunien is shaking with anger.

“This ones education. This one is called the great tree of education. Are you trying to criticise my educaaaaation!!!” (Eniyunien)

His angry voice echoed around the classroom.

It’s so loud it would hurt the ears of an ordinary person.

“Well well well. This isn’t good. Eniyunien often throws a tantrum if you criticise his class.” (Gilisris)

The scarlet monument king turned his gelatinous face towards me.

“Fumu. Any way to calm him down?” (Arnos)

“Just answer his questions correctly I guess. If you don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone got a score of 0.” (Gilisris)

“Then why don’t you answer?” (Arnos)

The scarlet monument king shrugs his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.

It’s impossible to guess the spirits from drawings with such bad artistic ability.

“Arrogant demon king. Like I’ve said before, you are too prideful.” The dark king Ejes said turning to me with a glint in his eye.

“And yet you can’t answer either can you?” (Arnos)

“How would I know? Knowing the identity of that stick figure is like a river flowing backwards. There is reason in all things but doesn’t mean you understand it.” (Ejes)

“Fumu. Reason in all things huh? Then watch and understand.” (Arnos)

I raise my hand and stand up before pointing to the stick figure.

“The six wings on that stickman represent the great spirit Reno, the mother of all spirits.” (Arnos)

I then point to the earthworm.

“The countless dots around it are rain representing the great spirit of water Riniyon.” (Arnos)

I then point to the last picture of the furry black circle.

“Without a doubt that represents the round, cute eyes of the Titi’s.” (Arnos)

The classroom stops shaking.

Eniyuniens anger calms down.

“Umu. All correct. Arnos Voldigod I grant you the seal of graduation.” (Eniyunien)

My uniform glows and a medal in the shape of fairy wings appears.

I graduated with only this?

This may be the great tree of learning but it seems it’s also the great tree of self-interest. What a mercenary place.

Whatever. To be fair this could also be part of its character due to its rumours and legends for all I know.

“….How did you get the great spirit Reno…… from that stickman….?” Ejes muttered in a puzzled tone of voice.

“…….That crawling worm thing is Riniyon……..?” Gilisris’ gelatinous face is filled with extreme doubt.

“Just to let you know but it wasn’t a fluke.” (Arnos)

I address the 2 confused people

“It’s because you don’t understand something like this that you’ve never been able to defeat me.” (Arnos)

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