129. Spirit school



“I know this person.”

“Know them.”

The Titi fly around me while talking.

“It’s the demon king.”

“Demon King of Tyranny.”

“Strong person.”

“Stronger than the gods.”

Fumu. They apparently know me.

“It’s been a long time. I’d like to go to Ahartherun. Can you guide the way?” (Arnos)

The Titi’s gather around and whisper to each other. Eventually, they look my way and speak.

“Are those kids coming as well?”

“Interesting children.”

“Indirect helmet.”

“Eight poles eight poles.”

Apparently, they like the fan union girls?

“Of course. They are my subordinates.” (Arnos)

The Titi’s fly around happily while cheering.


“He said the indirect helmets are coming.”

“The demon kings subordinates are different from 2000 years ago.”

“Completely different.”

I had thought that the fan union might possibly be on the same wavelength as the Titi but this has exceeded my expectations and then some.

“I’ll give you something nice as thanks for showing us around.” (Arnos)

I use <Ibis> to create miniature Arnos poles that fit the Titi and transferred them to their hands.

“Yay! Arnos pole Arnos pole.”

“Eii eii.”

“Pregnant pregnant.”


Fumu. It’s like a small fan union now. It’s a harmonious feeling.

“Guide you.”

“Over here over here.”

“Come come.”

“The great spirit forest awaits.”

The glowing fairies made their way into the fog.

“Let’s go.” (Arnos)

I take a step forward and Ray stops me.

“It is okay leaving Nousgalia here?” (Ray)

“Fumu. He seems to still be in the meadow at the mome-” (Arnos)

I stop talking mid-sentence and turn around as Nousgalia suddenly appears.

“Yo. I see you’ve managed to make the Titi laugh.” (Nousgalia)

“What do you want?” (Arnos)

“I’m your escort. I can’t grade you if you go on ahead. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for you too?” (Nousgalia)

It would certainly be easier to keep an eye on him if he comes.

“Do as you like.” (Arnos)

We head into the fog with Nousgalia trailing behind.

We walk through the fog for a while following the glowing Titi.

As I started to wonder how long we’d been walking the view in the fog began to change.

What was supposed to be a vast meadow suddenly had tree’s in it. Not only tree’s either. There were mushrooms with shapes not found in Deiruheido, flowers that emitted dim light and rocks with features that looked like human faces.

As we continued the fog gradually lifted before disappearing completely.

This was the fantastical deep forest Ahartherun.

“We’ve arrived.”

“Arrived we have.”

“The great spirit forest.”


The Titi are happily flying around waving their Arnos poles about in mock swordfights.

“Titi. There’s supposed to be a mazoku called Shin Reglia here. Do you know him?” (Arnos)

The Titi gather into a group and start talking amongst themselves.

“Shin Reglia?”

“Do you know it?”

“I don’t.”

“No idea.”

If Shin came to Ahartherun it’s strange that the Titi don’t know him. That being said, the Titi are extremely fickle and random. They could just as easily say they remember him later.

“Then one of my subordinates from 2000 years ago should be here. Do you know him?” (Arnos)

When I asked this the Titi shouted out almost universally.

“I know.”

“Mazoku from 2000 years ago.”

“Been here a lot.”

“At the spirit school.”

Spirit school? Fumu. An unfamiliar name appeared.

I say that but there’s a lot I don’t know about the spirits still.

“Can you take me there?” (Arnos)

“No problem. You gave me an Arnos pole.”

“Thank you thank you.

“Thank you for the helmet.”

“Eight poles eight poles!”

The Titi set off showing us the way.

“Hey hey.”

“That person”


“What’s your name?”

The Titi are calling out to Rina.

“It’s Rina.” (Rina)

The Titi land on her shoulders and head to rest their wings.


“What name is that?”

“It feels different.”

“Are you sure it’s Rina?”

Rina pouts for a moment then laughs.

“I have Amnesia. Do you Titi know anything about me?” (Rina)

The fairies put their hands on their chins in thought.

“I feel like I know you.”

“It does.”


“I can’t remember.”

The Titi take off and happily fly around Rina.

Misha stared at them.

“Arnos.” (Misha)

“What’s up?” (Arnos)

Misha looked at Rina.

“She’s not a mazoku.” (Misha)

“So it seems.” (Arnos)

“Spirit?” (Misha)

“Aah.” (Arnos)

It’s hard to tell because her magic power is so small but her origin is definitely that of a spirit. The reason why Rina felt she had to go to Ahartherun is probably due to her being a spirit.

“That explains why I thought it was a little odd. But do spirits get amnesia?” (Sasha)

“Well, she could be a spirit born from the rumours and traditions surrounding a girl with amnesia.” (Arnos)

“Aah, I see……” (Sasha)

Rina gazed around the forest with a nostalgic expression.


“I’ve got it.”

“Rina looks like her.”

“There’s a similar person.”

The Titi’s raise their voices.

“Another person….?” (Rina)

The Titi’s fly back to Rina again.


“You look like Reno.”

“The great spirit.”

“Mother of all spirits.”

Now that you mention it their atmosphere is similar, however, even my demon eyes cannot see the face behind the hood. It might not actually be a normal hood but could be part of her as a spirit.

There’s nothing in Reno’s lore about her wearing a hood to hide her face though.

“But Reno’s gone now.”

“She’s dead.”

“I’m sad.”

“We can never see her again.”

Misa stops in her tracks and Ray gently toucher her back.

She smiles and says “……I’m okay.” before starting walking again.

So the great spirit Reno is dead?

If what Zeke said is true then Misa is the biological child of the great spirit Reno so she was alive at least 15 years ago

How did she die in this peaceful world?

She was called the great spirit because of the rumours and lore that persisted.

Certainly, after 2000 years any rumour or tradition can be destroyed but if she survived up until 15 years ago then her lore and traditions had been passed down until then.

I also don’t think she could have been taken down easily in a fight either.

“When did she die?” (Arnos)

The Titi drop their heads in thought.

“When was it?”

“A few years ago?”

“Maybe more?”

“2000 years ago?”

“I’ve forgotten.”

There’s a big difference between a few years ago and 2000 years ago. Oh well. When it comes to the Titi it’s best to take everything they say with a grain of salt anyway.



“Smells like Reno.”

“The smell of Reno.”

While saying this the Titi fly closer To Misa

“What’s your name?”

“What are you called?”


“Did Reno revive?”

Misa laughs in a troubled tone.

“Let’s see. I’m called Misa. I’m not Reno.” (Misa)

The Titi began flying around Misa happily waving their Arnos poles around.

“Are you Reno’s child?”

“Her true child? Her own child?”

“Reno’s child was called Misa.”

“It was. It was called Misa.”

Misa jumps on their words.

“Are you sure!” (Misa)

The Titi just look off into the distance and feign ignorance.

“It was Misa right?”

“Or was it Sami?”

“Meesa sounds more right.”

“It was something like that.”

Misa looks down in disappointment but quickly shakes her head to regain her composure.

“Erm, do you know who the father of Reno’s child is?” (Misa)

A couple of Titi’s come close to Misa’s face and stare at her.

“Father is a secret.”

“Were not supposed to say.”

“The spirit king said so.”

“A good king who protects everyone.”

“Titi’s like the king.”

“All spirits love the king.”

It doesn’t look like the Titit’s will say who it is.

Misa withdraws as if giving up.

“Who is the spirit king?” (Arnos)


The Titi’s raise their voices and scatter.

“Who is the spirit king?”


“The king is the king.”

“A great man.”

The Titi’s break up and fly off towards an incredibly huge tree.

“Wow. It’s huge and thick.” (Eleonor)

“….Amaz….ing….” (Zeshia)

Eleonor and Zeshia stop and look up. It’s so big there’s no end in sight. It continues up, breaks through the clouds and looks like it will pierce the heavens.

It’s certainly an unusual tree. The trunk thickness is easily the same as Deruzogedo. It’s hard to even contemplate that this is a normal tree.

“We’re here.”


“Spirit school.”

“The great tree Eniyunien.”

Scattering sparkling scales and phosphorescence the fairies fly to the front of the tree.

There was a hole in the front of the tree with vines hanging down forming a sort of curtain.

Following the fairies, we pass through the vines and enter the passageway behind. Inside was basically a wooden cave followed by a bunch of maze-like passageways.

We follow our fairy guides through the maze-like area and eventually a large space opens up in front of us with a spiral staircase so long you can’t see the end. It just seems to go up and up forever.

The Titi flew right to the back of the space where a large door was located.


“Classroom where everyone is.”

“I study here all the time.”

“Demon lords men are here?”


“Mazoku from 2000 years ago.”

I open the door and enter inside.

At first glance, it looks like a courtyard.

Stump-like chairs were arranged on the ground where grass and flowers grew, and a large tree grew where the podium was.




“Where is everyone?”

“Spirited away?”

The mazoku from 2000 years ago was nowhere to be found.

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  1. The titi are insanely funny to read, so fickle and changing, but able to offer some serious inputs at times.

    Also, which demon from 2000 years ago will we come to find out has been here in the spirit school? I hope it is Shin 😀

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