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128. How to make a fairy laugh

When we appeared in the Risharis grasslands they were already covered in fog.

Visibility was poor due to the eclipse and the fog covering the whole of the grasslands.

The face of the information girl had a nostalgic look to it.

“I sure Ahartherun is on the other side of this fog.” The girl said with a strange air of certainty to her words.

“….You don’t seem surprised.” (Sasha)

The girl tilted her head at Sasha’s words

“Surprised? About what?” (girl)

“<Gatom> is a lost magic. I thought you’d be surprised transferring from the city to here in an instant?” (Sasha)

“Oh, I see. That magic was certainly amazing.” Her face took on a thoughtful look like she was remembering something. “However, it felt known to me. It didn’t seem strange at all.” (girl)

“…..Hmm. That reminds me, we never asked your name.” (Sasha)

“It’s Rina….probably.” (Rina)

“You don’t remember that either?” (Sasha)

“Yeah, not clearly but not having a name was inconvenient so I decided to call myself Rina. It felt right I think…….?” (Rina)

“….I see. Sorry. It was a bad question.” (Sasha)

“It’s fine, it can’t be helped. I’ll probably remember in time.” (Rina)

Sasha’s face had a mix of astonishment and admiration.

“You’re so vibrant for someone with amnesia.” (Sasha)

“Being depressed won’t change anything. It’s more important to do what you can do.” (Rina)

While Sasha and Rina were talking Misha was looking into the depths of the fog.

“Do you understand?” (Arnos)

“There’s a lot.” (Misha)

Fumu. As expected of Misha.

This fog is certainly the entrance to Ahartherun. If you use your demon eyes you can see many spirits lurking in the fog.

“I’ve contacted everyone.” (Misha)

It won’t take them long to arrive.

“Are you going to give it a go Sasha?” (Arnos)

“What?” (Sasha)

“You should try it.” (Arnos)

Sasha looked at me blankly.

“Try what?” (Sasha)

“If we don’t make the fairy Titi laugh we can’t get into Ahartherun.” (Arnos)

“Aah that’s true……. Why me though?” (Sasha)

“I’ve been thinking this for some time now but you’ve got quite the talent for tsukkomi’s.” (Arnos) (1)

“What goes through your brain!” (Sasha)

Sasha starts to get sharp with me but I point to her face.

“That.” (Arnos)

“That what?” (Sasha)

“It’s hard for anyone else to imitate that firework-like personality that ignites all at once.” (Arnos)

“Who’s a firework!?” (Sasha)

“That’s good Sasha, keep it up. Now go. Make a big flower bloom in the sky.” (Arnos)

“…..You know……. I can’t just do it on demand……” (Sasha)

Sasha seems to be shying away.

“I can’t. Misha help.” (Sasha)

Misha nods.

“I’ll try.” (Misha)

“What are you going to do?” (Sasha)

Misha and Sasha face each other.

“I have a plan.” (Misha)

Though her voice was its usual monotone Misha’s face was serious.

She seems pretty confident.

“What’s the plan?” (Sasha)

“I’ll say something strange.” (Misha)

“Okay.” (Sasha)

Sasha listens intently.

“Get ready to retort Sasha.” (Misha)

Sasha nods

“And?” (Sasha)

“Laugh loudly.” (Misha)

“How am I supposed to retort to that!!” (Sasha)

Sasha responded with as much force as she could.

“Did it work?” (Misha)

Misha looks around but there’s no change in the fog.

The Titi’s must be looking at us but I can’t feel any reaction.

“Fumu. The Titi’s seem to have missed our point. I’m surprised they can hold in the laughter.” (Arnos)

“…….Really…..?” (Sasha)

“Everyone!” (Ray)

Waving his hand Ray and Misa come over.

“It got foggy quick. I was really surprised when the eclipse suddenly happened” (Misa)

“Can we get into Ahartherun yet?” (Ray)

“We’re having a hard time making the fairies laugh so good thing you showed up. Ray, Misa, its time for you to show off your best performance. Destroy the abs of those fairies.” (Arnos)

Ray and Misa look at each other.

“Ah…ahaha…… Even if you say that, what are we supposed to do?” (Misa)

“Hmm, Just make something up.” (Arnos)

“……I guess. Misha told me earlier they like and laugh at novel or unique things?” (Misa)

I nod.

“Apparently so.” (Arnos)

“Okay, Ray-san I’ll give it a try.”

“Have you thought of something?” (Ray)

“Yes. But…errm… I have a favour to ask.” (Misa)

“What?” (Ray)

Misa looks down embarrassed.

“I’m going to do something weird so can you not look at me? I might show you something embarrassing and you might not like it………. Ahaha…….” (Misa)

“It’s fine.” (Ray)

Ray looks at her with a kind face.

“No matter what strange or funny things you do I’m sure I’ll always find them cute.” (Ray)

“Ray-san…..” (Misa)

The two of them quickly get lost staring at each other in their newly constructed world.

“I’m off then. Please pick up my remains….!” (Misa)

Ray smiles wryly and nods

Misa walks off a short way into the fog.

Misa stops, steels herself and breathes in.

“Mou, I have a question! I’m always, always thinking only about Ray-san. Remember that and tell me what my favourite numbers are!?” (Misa)

“…..Why a quiz…….?” (Sasha)

“Fumu. I wonder what the answer is?” (Arnos)

Misha tilts her head to one side then speaks

“0 and 3?” (Misha)

“I see. 03 Ray-san.” (Arnos) (2)

“…..I really don’t care…….” (Sasha)

There was no change in the fog and I couldn’t hear the fairies laughing.

“……Ah….ahaha…. I guess it didn’t work…….” (Misa)

“Doesn’t appear so. However…..” (Ray)

“Errm…..however?” (Misa)

Ray smiles sweetly at her.

“As for me I love 3 & 3 very much.” (Ray) (3)

“Ah…ahaha….” (Misa)

The two of them stare at each other again and create another new world just for them.

“Fumu. Is 33 Misa?” (Arnos)

“I’ve been thinking. Haven’t they just been flirting the whole time?……..” (Sasha)

So not even Ray and Misa could crack it?

What do we do now?

Just then I saw Eleonor and Zeshia running towards us.

“Sorry for the wait. That took longer than expected.” (Eleonor)

“……Sorry……” (Zeshia)

Zeshia bows her head.

“It’s fine. We’ve been having trouble here anyway. The fog appeared but were having trouble making the fairies laugh. Any ideas?” (Arnos)

“Do something interesting was it?” (Eleonor)

“Something novel is apparently good.” (Arnos)

Eleonor falls off into deep thought before giving up.

“Guess I’ll just have a go.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor and Zeshia turn to face the thickest part of the fog.

“Okay Zeshia. Shall we try that thing we always play?” (Eleonor)

“….Under…..stood……” (Zeshia)

Eleonor holds up a finger and says

“Arnos-kun copy time.” (Eleonor)

“…..Fu…mu….. Just because I’m the demon king……..did you think I was not nice…….” (Zeshia)

Zeshia speaks in a poor and slightly unclear tone.

“Now Ray-kun.” (Eleonor)

“…..Fu…… Me and Misa…… I like Misa and…….Misa likes me……” (Zeshia)

Looking over I could see Ray and Misa taking a lot of damage.

“Now Sasha-chan.” (Eleonor)

“…..My Demon King……. I love you…..” (Zeshia)

“Are you an idiot!?” (Sasha)

The Sasha firework exploded in full force.

“Misha-chan time.” (Eleonor)

“…..Misha do her best……” (Zeshia)

“Who!?” (Sasha)

While Sasha is retorting Misha points to herself and tilts her head.

“Me?” (Misha)

“Hmmmm. I’m out of material.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor looked troubled.

There was still no change in the fog and no fairies could be seen.

“….My lack……of ability…….” (Zeshia)

“Eleonor, Zeshia. Is that what you do for fun?” (Sasha)

Eleonor smiles at Sasha

“Our copying? We practise that so Zeshia can talk more.” (Eleonor)

“Nothing wrong with training but don’t teach her weird things.” (Sasha)

“I didn’t teach her that. That must be how Zeshia sees you Sasha-chan.” (Eleonor)

Sasha opened her mouth but obviously couldn’t think of anything to say so she walked away with a dejected look.

“This is troubling though. When you are told to make people laugh its really hard to think of anything.” (Misa)

“Fumu. Anyone else up for the challenge?” (Arnos)

I asked around but no one seemed to have a good idea.

If we can’t make the Titi’s laugh we can’t get in but we can’t think of how to do that.

Could I make a new magic formula to make them laugh? Would forcing them to laugh work though?

“Sorry we’re late Arnos-sama!” (Elen)

I turned around at the sound of Elen’s voice and saw the fan union girls approaching.

For some reason, all eight of them are holding a club in their hands.

“….What’s that thing?” (Arnos)

“Ah, this? We found it in Zehenburg. See?”

“Yes. You see, we were looking for rumours and found this. It’s got such a good lucky name that we gave in to temptation and bought it.”

A lucky name?

“Hou? What’s it called?” (Arnos)

After a slightly awkward look, Elen spoke up.

“Errrm…… Arnos pole……..” (Elen)

“Kyaa, kyaa! Elen you perv! What are you saying about an Arnos pole in front of Arnos-sama! Eiii!” (Jessica)

Jessica hits Elen with the Arnos pole.

“Ah. You mustn’t use the Arnos pole for anything obscene.” (Elen)

“Why do you look so happy when you say that? C’mon, c’mon get pregnant pregnant!” (Jessica)

Jessica kept tapping Elen with the Arnos pole.

“Hey, stop. Arnos-sama is watching.” (Elen)

Elen blocks Jessica’s attack with her own pole.

The Arnos poles keep smacking each other and suddenly all the fan union members stopped and gasped.

As if a revelation had come to them, the girls let out a shrill scream and began to attack each other with their own Arnos poles.

No matter how you look at it they are just hitting each other with sticks while shouting “helmet helmet”.

“Do those sticks look like helmets to you Sasha?” (Arnos)

“I don’t know idiot!!” (Sasha)

“What are you all excited about?” (Arnos)

“I…..I’m not excited…….!” (Sasha)

At that moment Elen stumbled back after losing her battle and bumped into Sasha.

“Sorry Sasha-sama. Are you okay?” (Elen)

“I’m fine. Are you oka-” (Sasha)

As she righted herself Elen’s Arnos pole tapped Sasha on the forehead.

“Kya, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” (Sasha)

Sasha ran away from me at great speed startling Elen in the process and causing her to drop her Arnos pole.

“Ah….” (Elen)

I pick it up and hand it back to Elen.

“If it’s supposed to be lucky don’t drop it.” (Arnos)

“Ye…yes……” (Elen)

For some reason, Elen clutched her Arnos pole tightly and ran towards the fan union.

“It’s reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!” she yelled.

The fan union girls all screamed “Eight indirect helmets!” and started hitting each other again.

At that moment


I heard laughter come from the fog. Laughter that sounded like it came from a young girl

*Giggle* *Giggle*

*Indirect helmet indirect helmet*

*Arnos pole Arnos pole, eight poles eight poles.*

*Giggle* *Giggle*

In a blur, a group of small young looking girls with wings appeared.

The fairies Titi.

(1) I’m sure everyone’s aware of what a tsukkomi is but if not, it’s the straight man in a comedy sketch that points out how stupid the other person is being. Look up Manzai for a much better explanation.

(2) In Japanese numbers 0 = Rei and 3 = San

(3) 3 can also be read as Mi so 3 & 3 = Mi & San so Misa

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