Site update

Just a quick update for people and an apology for the lack of updates (even more so than normal).

Recently a very close relative had to be rushed into hospital and though they are okay now I just haven’t had time to push an update out.

I just want to let people know I haven’t abandoned my series and even though updates are almost non existent at the moment I do plan on making a comeback so watch this space.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me during my ups and downs and I hope to have some releases for you all soon.

12 thoughts on “Site update

  1. Still, thank you for your hard work! We’ll be waiting no matter how long it takes so please take your time!

  2. Thank goodness your relative is okay now. IDC if the updates are almost non existent, as long as you an your close ones are safe.

    Btw for those of you who didn’t know. Misfit of the Demon King Academy S2 is on the works.

  3. No need to worry about us, we don’t matter (relatively speaking). However these short updates let us know that you’re doing well, so seeing them is reassuring.

  4. Honestly if you feel like it’s too much, you could just let someone else translate, since you’re clearly busy. If not then I wish you luck

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