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Status update

TL;DR. A chapter of Maou Gakuin will be coming out Sunday.

Longer version. I know updates have been almost non-existent lately but if I’m being honest I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to translate Maou Gakuin (plus I’ve got some personal issues going on as well). I think part of the reason is I’ve been doing Maou Gakin since 2018 and that’s all I’ve translated. I need something else as well as so I started a new project.

I know I’ve already got Ultimate Porter and that isn’t being ignored but I’m hoping that by doing a couple of chapters of my new project and Ultimate Porter it will fire up the old motivation since I’ve invested a lot into Maou Gakuin and I’d hate to give it up.

As for my new project Isekai Senshi (WN), I read the manga and thought it was okay and since nobody else seems to be doing it I thought I’d have a go. It’s from the author of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari / Rise of the Shield Hero which will horrify some people and please others no doubt.

Thanks for sticking with me everyone and sorry to everyone waiting patiently for a Maou Gakuin update.

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