Isekai no Senshi – Episode 1

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The sunshine is glorious and the weather is fine…….no it’s actually too hot and fine.

Can’t it hurry up and become cloudy a little?

The weather was so good that I couldn’t help thinking that when I looked out of the classroom window towards the schoolyard during class.

Its the middle of June but even though its the rainy season the sky is clear.

My name is Tosuka Yukikazu and I’m currently a student at Konpekioku high school.

I wonder if I got it from my parents but I don’t mind cold weather but dislike the hot weather. When I think about the seasons and the weather they bring I tend to think about the cooler weather.

“So, with the application of this formula……”

Oops. I’d better listen to the class more or I’ll fall behind. If I get a failing grade my parents will get angry and probably cut my allowance.

I don’t have any ideas about my future yet but I do have this vague understanding that I should probably go to university.

All I want to do is enjoy myself but should I accept this pain now so I can have future comfort?

Well, as long as I study hard I should get a passing mark.

My recent obsession has been FPS games as well as armed forces and firearms. I’m reading manga with armed forces as their setting and its a bit like being a company employee when it comes to ranks and promotions…. is what I thought.

Well, my friends also talk about their own interests like manga, anime and games.

Though rom coms were popular in primary school, fantasy is a lot more popular now…. though soldiers in different world settings tend to be mob characters.

It’s now break time and while I was having such thoughts it happened.

I had a strange feeling like my body was floating and instantly my vision darkened.

At that moment the 17 students who were in that classroom suddenly disappeared from the world.


My body won’t move! I can’t even move my head to look around.

[Oh…..We seem to have a lot this time.]

[Who’s in charge of who?]

Who’s that!?

It felt like I was directly receiving these strange and indescribable sensations.

It’s not the same but the closest thing I can compare it to is the heat you get when you get too close to an open fire.

[Anyone is fine but if possible I pray they survive for a long time. This is our pleasure after all.]

[That is down to fate…….. That’s just how it is.]

[I guess……. As long as its fun. That’s all that matters.]

[Umu…… Hopefully, our good entertainment will continue.]

[Poor things. I hope that with our divine protection their lives will be even a little bit happier.]

A glimmer of light begins to appear.

[I’ll have this one.]

[I’ll have whoever’s left after all of you have chosen.]

[That’s just like you.]

[Then I’ll have this one.]

The voices carry on…….then it becomes my turn.

[It’s your turn now. Shame we are at the end….]

[I know that. It’s me now.]

Who are they!?

[Oh? You’ve kept your consciousness in this space?]

[What fate to find out at the end.]

The owners of the voices sounded surprised when they saw I was still conscious even though I couldn’t speak.

[This is interesting. Is it aptitude, constitution or both? If you are conscious then grant us our wishes and we hope you live as long as possible.]

[Sometimes people are more ruthless than anything else and sometimes they are more merciful than anything else. Even more than us.]

[Don’t waste your life wielding your power in vain.]

I thought I heard voices talking?

“It opened!”

Suddenly our chairs disappeared and a few people including myself fell flat on our asses.

“Ouch……..” (Yukikazu)

As I blinked through the pain, I realised that the area was dimly lit whilst the floor was glowing.

At the same time, there was a plosive sound.

“Oh! Ooh! Looks like you did it.”


I look towards the sound of the voices and see a bunch of old men past middle age some wearing robes as well as a man wearing a crown.

“But the equipment seems to be damaged. The chance of us restoring it is…..”

“It’s fine. With this many people summoned we won’t have any problems.”

The old guys are talking to those wearing the robes while looking at something that appears broken.

“What the hell!?”

“What’s happening!?”

Everyone in the class is letting out surprised voices. Even me. I’m struggling to understand what’s happened.

“Weren’t we in the classroom? Why are we here?”


Everyone including me looks at the student who just fell over letting out a voice of pain.

“Well, well, I’m a bit late in explaining warriors from another world.”

The old guy in the middle strikes an exaggerated pose and calls out to us.

The gloomy room becomes brighter and I can see tapestries hanging on the walls.

What a strange place and what were those voices earlier? They were different from the important looking old man.

Those voices had a strange, echoey sound that sounded like they were coming straight from the depths of hell.

“Warriors from another world?” (Classmate A)

One of my classmates answers the old man.

“That’s right warriors from another world.”

Everyone in my class tilts their head in puzzlement.

“Where the hell are we!? What did you do!? How did you bring us here!?” (Classmate B)

“Just calm down. Half of us were sitting down but now we’re on our asses. How did you bring us here?” (Classmate C)


That’s right. It’s strange though. They somehow knocked us out, transported us somewhere and then threw us in this room.

Our chairs disappeared suddenly so those of us sitting down fell on our asses…….at the same time…….. it’s like we were instantly moved somehow.

There’s also those strange voices as well.

“Fumu…. It seems the otherworldly warriors can’t grasp what’s going on.”

One of the old guys wearing a robe who was flicking through a book answered us.

“Hmm…. To borrow a phrase that some of your countrymen left in the past I believe you would call this being summoned to another world.”

“Another world summons?”


“Stop screwing around! This isn’t funny even as a practical joke!”

“This is a joke right?”

Everyone in the class expresses their dissatisfaction. If you just go by the circumstantial evidence then it sounds like the truth. It’s too large a scale just to be a prank.

“If you think this is a joke or we are lying then please follow me warrior’s from another world and I’ll show you our world.”

There was a door behind the important looking old guy with the crown and he guided us through it.

“Where are we going?”

My classmates started chatting to each other while we were being guided.

Stone walls and red carpets that seemed to stretch on forever. It gave off the impression that it was a castle from some famous game.

The old guy guided us to a terrace or maybe it was part of the castle wall that commanded a good view of the area and what we saw took away our ability to speak.

Firstly we could see a castle town. I’d say the architecture looked medieval European and the town stretched on for miles in every direction with buildings everywhere. Looking up the sky seemed so high.

Looking closely I can see birds I’ve never seen before and the air seems different somehow.

There’s even rocks floating in the sky. In some ways, this does seem like a joke situation.

Looking down in the castle grounds there’s 3 dragon-like creatures sitting down and acting well behaved.

It looks strangely realistic for a toy or a statue.

“Can you believe me with this?”

Everyone looks at the old guy in surprise.

“This country is known as Leraria and I am its king Stroa Kron Leraria. Warriors from another world please hear our story even if you are still confused.”

In the face of all this undeniable evidence, it seems we must listen to the king.

TN: Hi all. First off, this is obviously not Maou Gakuin but if I’m being honest I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to translate it lately. I think part of the reason is I’ve been doing Maou Gakin since 2018 and that’s all I’ve translated. I need something else as well as. I know I’ve got Ultimate Porter and that isn’t being ignored. I’m hoping doing a couple of chapters of something else like this and Ultimate Porter will fire up the old motivation since I’ve invested a lot into Maou Gakuin and I’d hate to give it up.

As for this WN, I read the manga and thought it was okay and since nobody else seems to be doing it I thought I’d have a go. It’s from the author of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari / Rise of the Shield Hero which will horrify some people and please others no doubt.

Thanks for sticking with me everyone and hopefully I’ll get a chapter of Maou Gakuin out soon.

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  1. Thank you very much for the hard work you have been putting out to translate maou gakuin, on of my all time favorites.
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