115. Mazoku from 2000 years ago

Misha raises her small hand.

“How to find the child of God?” (Misha)

Eleonor let out an *Ah* sound and all eyes focused on her.

“Ah, sorry. It’s something else. I’ve just had a <Liikus> arrive. Can I take it?” (Eleonor)

“No problem.” (Arnos)

“I won’t be long.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor walks a short distance away from our group.

“Sorry for the wait Ledoriano-kun. What’s wrong?” (Eleonor)

A message from the hero academy? Is something wrong?

“Can’t you find the child of God with your demon eyes Arnos?” (Ray)

“Possibly, if I meet them face to face and look into the abyss but that’s impossible since we don’t even know where to start. I can’t see what isn’t there after all.” (Arnos)

“Then should we investigate the backgrounds of the student’s and teachers? If the gods have done something then shouldn’t there be a connection somewhere?” (Ray)

“That will take a lot of time but that’s probably the best action to take.” (Arnos)

I’m not even sure they are in the academy but without any further clues, we’ll have to investigate here.

Hmm, I can feel someone staring at me.

I turn around to see a male student in black clothes standing there. His badge is a six-pointed star and he’s got strong magic power but he’s suppressing it.

No. Isn’t it a bit too strong for a mazoku of this time?

He’s got curly hair and an intelligent looking face.

I don’t know him. He’s certainly not a student of this class.

“Fang of the cursed shield.” Misha mutters.

“What does a member of the chaos generation want with Arnos Gerard?” Sasha says as she moves up and stands by my side.

“I’m sorry if this offends you but I’m not here for him. I’m here for her.” (Gerard)

The boy called Gerad kneels politely in front of Misa.

“Misa Iriologue-sama, I am Gerard Azrema and I serve your father. I am here today on my lord’s orders.” (Gerard)

“Eh……?” (Misa)

Misa’s eyes widened in surprise.

“May I tell you more?” (Gerard)

Misa nods though her face looks puzzled.

“The time has finally come and your father has sent for you. If you have any desire to see your father I hope you will come with me.” (Gerard)

“……..Where to?” (Misa)

“I cannot say it here as my lord, your father has enemies. It cannot be known that you are his daughter.” (Gerard)

Misa turns around and looks at me with eyes that are asking for permission.

“Did you say you were called Gerard? When did you reincarnate?” (Arnos)

The male student looks at me with a guarded gaze.

He seems to be cautious of me.

“No matter how much you are suppressing it, your magic is well beyond the level of the current mazoku. Are you going to carry on hiding it?” (Arnos)

“……As expected of the demon king of tyranny. You saw right through it….” (Gerard)

While still kneeling Gerard bowed his head to me.

“After the war between Deiruheido and Azeshion ended my reincarnation finally completed and my memories and power returned to this body.” (Gerard)

I see.

“I hope you understand that I was not conspiring against the demon king…..” (Gerard)

“Who is your master?” (Arnos)

“I cannot say.” (Gerard)

“Do you think you can stay silent in front of me?” (Arnos)

“……I am prepared to die……” (Gerard)

Fumu. Who’s his lord that he can command so much loyalty?

“Arnos-sama…..” Misa appeals to me.

I don’t need to ask her how she feels about it.

“I’m not that unreasonable as to deny my subordinates heartfelt wishes. Go ahead. I’ll take care of the rest.” (Arnos)

“Thank you very much!” (Misa)

Gerard stands up and addresses Misa.

“Then I shall guide you.” (Gerard)

Gerad heads off to the entrance.

“Aah, wait Gerard. My subordinate will be in your care. You understand right?” (Arnos)

Gerard turned around and bowed.

“Of course.” (Gerard)

“Then you’ll also be taking another one. You won’t even tell me who you really are so I don’t think this demand is too unreasonable. Do you?” (Arnos)

Gerard was silent for a moment before answering.

“I understand.” (Gerard)

I turn around and look at Ray.

“I owe you one.” (Ray)

“Tell me a story when you get back.” (Arnos)

Ray stands up and moves to follow Misa.

“Am I being a hindrance?” (Ray)

*Fufufu* Misa leaks a small laugh.

“It’s reassuring. I’m very nervous after all.” (Misa)

They both smile at each other.

“Let’s go.” (Gerard)

All three of them leave the classroom.

“Eh? Where’s Misa-chan and Kanon gone? A date?” (Eleonor)

Eleonor finished her <Liikus> and came back over.

“They went to speak to Misa’s father.” (Arnos)

Eleonor seemed surprised.

“Wow…… greeting the father….” (Eleonor)

“Hang on Arnos. Your way of speaking just creates misunderstanding.” Sasha butts in.

“Ask Ray when he comes back if you’re interested.” (Arnos)

“Oh I will.” (Eleonor)

Sasha watches us in amazement.

“What did the hero academy want?” (Arnos)

“Oh yeah. Ledoriano-kun contacted me. It seems they found a troublesome magic tool left behind by Jerga. It seems to be a previous version of <Ask>. They tried to dispose of it but they couldn’t.” (Eleonor)

An inheritance from Jerga? Did he prepare it just in case he was destroyed?

“Would it be best to destroy it?” (Arnos)

“I believe so. It seems he’s coming to Midheys so me and Zeshia will go with him first. If we can’t do it can I ask you Arnos-kun?” (Eleonor)

“Fumu. I don’t think there’s many magic tools you can’t destroy but feel free to ask me if you can’t.” (Arnos)

“Thanks. Ah… wouldn’t it be better to look for this child of God though?” (Eleonor)

“What? Why? If the worst happens and the child of god awakens it’s me they will come after anyway. Go and destroy that magic tool first.” (Arnos)

“I see. In that case I’ll go. I’ll be as quick as I can. Let’s go Zeshia.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor calls out to Zeshia who was listening to everything in silence.

“…… Bye-bye……. see you later……” (Misha)

Misha waved at Zeshia who waved back.

Misha looked at me when those two left.

“Are you going to the union tower?” (Misha)

I was going to ask Melheys about the post-war clean-up today and decide my future plans based on that. He’s probably already in the union tower.

While we’re at it I’ll have him gather information on the mazoku in the academy and how Eldomade became a teacher.

“Yeah, let’s go.” (Arnos)

I leave the classroom with Misha and Sasha.

I send a <Liikus> to Menou to inform her about Nousgalia but it doesn’t connect.

“What’s wrong?” (Misha)

“I tried to send Menou a <Liikus> but it won’t connect.” (Arnos)

I quickly scour the academy with my demon eyes but I can’t find Menou’s magic power anywhere.

There was an unnatural place though.

The 3rd year classroom that Menou is in charge of.

Its concealed very well but the flow of magic is a bit off.

“Hold out your hands.” (Arnos)

I hold out my hands and Misha and Sasha hold them.

Using <Gatom> I arrive in front of the 3rd year classroom.

Misha opens the door.

It’s empty inside with no one to be seen.

“……..Dimensional prison <Azeishis>…..” Misha tells me while using her demon eyes.

A room of magic created in another dimension so no one can enter from the outside.

“Shall I break it Arnos?” (Sasha)

“Go ahead.” (Arnos)

Sasha stares at <Azeishis> with her demon eyes of ruin.

A sound similar to glass breaking rings out and pieces of magic power scatters everywhere before <Azeishis> collapses.

The figures of the 3rd year students fell down when the other dimension collapsed.

“….Aah…..Arnos……” Libest lets out a feeble voice.

I approach him and apply recovery magic.

“…..Menou-sensei was kidnapped…….” (Libest)

“By who?” (Arnos)

“A first-year. One of the chaos generation, Hard Sword Linka Seourunes…..” (Libest)

Libest draws a magic formation.

“I cast Tracking <Enoi> on them and I’m sure it hasn’t been noticed yet….” (Libest)

<Enoi>. A magic that tracks the location of whoever you’ve attached it to.

If whoever has abducted Menou uses their demon eyes they’ll see it though.

They’re very fast. Are they flying?

“They will be easy to catch but this is all very strange.” (Arnos)

A messenger from Misa’s father turns up, the hero academy discovers a magic tool left by Jerga and Menou is kidnapped.

What’re the chances of all this happening at the same time?

“….Then Linka is the child of god…….?” (Sasha)

“A diversion…?” (Misha)

“Is Nousgalia intending to do something when Arnos takes his eyes off the demon king academy?” (Sasha)

Are some mazoku cooperating with this guy or did he deceive them with the body of the fire death king Eldomade?

“It’s not impossible.” (Arnos)

“We’ll go.” (Sasha)

Misha nods in agreement.

“Be careful. They are skilful enough to seal the 3rd years including Libest and carry Menou off. If they are not the child of God then they are more than likely a mazoku from 2000 years ago.” (Arnos)

“We’ll be okay.” (Misha)

“Who do you think we were trained by?” Sasha says while smiling.

They hold hands, confirm the position of Menou using <Enoi> and cast <Gatom>.

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  1. Trying to beat Arnoss with a master plan ?
    I bet there is also something going on with the demon elder he was about to meet.

  2. There is one thing i have learned after reading this novel so far, and its always one suprise after another. Like sasha actually loves misha a lot and was just acting on the earlier part oh the story, and ray who is actually kanon but pretending to be misleading by taking the attitude that suggest he was actually shin. To add to that is the fact that at the start of the hero academy arc eleonor have the probability of being the real kanon yet turns out to be part of jerga. And with all that, now that sasha’s and misha’s story had already been told, ray is kanon, and eleonor has no more mystery, all that is left in arnos’s circle of subordinate with untold mystery is misa. So with that said, i think that misa is the child of god. To back that theory, i will remind you guys that at this chapter arnos and his subordinate has been divided. With sasha and misha going to save menou, eleonor going to destroy the magic tool, and ray and misa going to see misa’s dad as well as arnos who is planning to go to meet melheys. So its preety obvious by process of eliminination. And for misa’s dad that she’s meeting with for the first time, its probably the first mask guy who appear at the latter part of the demon sword tournament arc, cause, well, preety much all the thing that was shown in the story connects with one another, where in that arc i first thought that it was perhaps kanon but turns out to be a big no, and there were already clue of misa’s dad at the time which is the sword, and then i came to the conclusion that the mask guy is actually misa’s dad. Just a little reminder to support this theory is that when author is gonna reveal someone or something it will always be mention or appear beforehand. And who knows, it might actually be shin, remembering the thing i just said. Well, cause i already said this much i might as well add that misa’s mother is probobaly reno, cause after all misa is half demon half spirit. As far as the story goes and with what i said before, there has only been two mentioning of spirit, and that is reno and the great spirit of water ( which i forget who her name was), where the idea that it is reno is strenghten by what happen at the prologue of this arc. And lol i actually write this many. Also as always thank you tl-san for translating !!! See you in the next chapter……bye.

  3. Just one question i believe in this novel worlds are written as sekai which can also mean a universe so does that mean that thw world they are living in is the univarse?

      • Well, if you still don’t get it, then take “right” as an example. It can mean something that is correct or just ‘right’ (as in left and right). And like that, the sekai here is world…

        • I think it may be Misha or arnos’s mother, the reason being that the author surprises us every time, heck it may also be arnos himself. The author loves to keep us in our toes.
          Well whoever it may be, I am sure the author will surprise us in a whole different way
          I don’t know, maybe we should also add thriller to this novel’s tag.

            • You must have want to post below my long post right? But, i gotta say, you’re not very sharp are you?! Sure when looking at the realm of possibility you might be right, but i guess you don’t take my thought seriously or even don’t get what i’m saying there entirely. Sure, arnos’s mom and misha has already been mention, but first thing first misha’s story has already been told and even if there’s still more, how can someone who has the potential to surpass arnos in creation magic be the one to bring arnos down. I can still agree if it’s sasha though, seeing that she has a demon eyes of ruin that’s beautiful enough for arnos to say so, the reason being is that i think when arnos said it he means the quality of her demon eyes of ruin is better than his, making her just like misha has the potential to surpass arnos in that regard (even though arnos never said it). And lastly about her mother being it, is just as ridiculous as saying nousgalia is arnos’s real father !!!

              • Yeah that was what I wanted but don’t know how it happened
                No, I get what you mean.
                It’s just that sudden speculations like ray being the right hand man of arnos 2000 years ago and such were just, how should I say it, the author just loves to wrap the readers around his fingers.
                And I meant that anyone could be the son of god.

                • I understand what you want to say, but, what i’ve been saying is that even if theoritically everyone can be the son of god, the author is not low enough to throw something like that into the story. The reason being is that the author actually always gave a hint to the mystery, but that hint can also be misleading if not taken rightly. Example of that is in volume three when kanon and jerga is mention in the prologue, they ended up appearing in volume three. The same thing could be said to volume two prologue where shin and the great spirit of water was mention. Even though shin and the great spirit of water didn’t seem to really appear, but the author was hinting at the use of fuska instead of the one using it( which in volume 2 was use by misa). And shin, well, that’s where my theory that the first mask person was actually shin. And just for reminder, all that i have write even though i myself am not 100 percent sure, but i estimated it to at least have 90 percent chance of being true, considering that everything i write is deduce from the storys logic and everthing that has happen so far and have a strong foundation. With that said, happy reading!!!

                  • Maybe so,
                    All we can do is wait and see….
                    Oh just a moment, now that I think about it wasn’t it a son of god not a daughter of god, well we can only wait it

                    • Ahh, actually, it was said to be the child of god (making it vague like usual). But who knows, maybe it was said to be the son of god and tl-san change it to child of god to confused us (well, this one is just speculation). But i don’t think it’s likely, cause tl-san usually translate earnestly and not really taking part in misleading. So to be sure, it would be great if tl-san can clarify this…..

  4. In a way, yes, but i think you are misinterpreteting something here. The most literal translation of sekai is world, while for universe it’s uchuu. But even with that said those two words can still be use in other way, such as with uchuu can also be space and sekai can be something like your surrounding or how you see whats around you ( like when crazy people is diffrent from normal people in terms of that). Another example is a chuunibyou, where people like that literary have a unique world of their own. And in this story the sekai here means world (while keeping in mind the explanation above)!!!

  5. Tempus, I hope you don’t mind, but I want to ask a question about a different novel to the readers.
    Does anyone know where I can find the raw of the novel RE: Ankoku Kishi Monogatari.

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