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Status update (not a chapter)

Just a quick update for people on Maou Gakuin.

I’m really sorry that I haven’t released a chapter in over a week now but I’m really struggling timewise with my new job and a few other things. If I’m honest I don’t see the situation improving in the short term but you never know.

As such, I am starting to think about the future of Maou Gakuin. This is a great series and it deserves more time than I can give at the moment and its unfair on all the people who are waiting for a chapter to have so few releases compared to what I was able to manage before.

I will point out that I’m not dropping it yet I just want people to know its a realistic possibility. If I did drop it I would ask someone who could do this series proud like Reigokai to take it up (if you don’t know who that is look them up. They are an awesome translator.) I haven’t spoken about this to any groups at all yet I’m just speaking of possibilities.

I hope to have a chapter out in the next few days and again I apologise to all my readers for the delay.

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