Status update (not a chapter)

Just a quick update for people on Maou Gakuin.

I’m really sorry that I haven’t released a chapter in over a week now but I’m really struggling timewise with my new job and a few other things. If I’m honest I don’t see the situation improving in the short term but you never know.

As such, I am starting to think about the future of Maou Gakuin. This is a great series and it deserves more time than I can give at the moment and its unfair on all the people who are waiting for a chapter to have so few releases compared to what I was able to manage before.

I will point out that I’m not dropping it yet I just want people to know its a realistic possibility. If I did drop it I would ask someone who could do this series proud like Reigokai to take it up (if you don’t know who that is look them up. They are an awesome translator.) I haven’t spoken about this to any groups at all yet I’m just speaking of possibilities.

I hope to have a chapter out in the next few days and again I apologise to all my readers for the delay.

16 thoughts on “Status update (not a chapter)

  1. You should prioritise on doing what’s important first. Don’t push yourself too much in translating the novel. Just keep it up on your own pace and good luck!

  2. If YOU want to keep translating it, personally, I wouldn’t mind waiting until you get used to your new job, and lifestyle. I know you’ll be able to manage, and I’m happy you got a new job.
    Also, I rather have a chapter per month, but knowing the series are still being translated, than not having a new chapter ever again.

    And if you are planning to drop the series to make time for you, I won’t really mind either, after all, it’s not like the translation will get dropped permanently, I just hope the new group/translator you mentioned doesn’t drop it.

    Finally, I’ll thank you for all you did up to know, and because you kept tranlsating even when everyone was spoiling you, and also filtering the spoilers. We all got to enjoy Maou Gakuin thanks to you. I would like for you to keep translating, I at least know you really want to do it.

    • Thank you and yeah I haven’t dropped it yet and I’m just exploring options. I just mentioned Reigokai because they are someone I admire as a translator but I haven’t spoken to them about this. I doubt they’d pick it up as they’ve got a couple of series on the go but you never know.

      • Well, I hope you can sort things out, I’ll be waiting for another update, and I’ll check some of Reigokai translations while I’m at that

  3. Personally I don’t mind waiting at all. Each new chapter is a nice surprise and your translation is great ~
    Most important of all. Do what you like though. Don’t feel pressured by time.

  4. Personally, I’m just grateful it is getting translated, so honestly I don’t see anything wrong with you taking some time to deal with real life stuff.

  5. First of all get your time to do what is important in this case your Life and job… i’m Grateful for the Translation but your Personal and Professional Life comes first… i don’t mind to wait for new character but i wish you luck in your job

  6. You do this as a hobby so there’s no point in us complaining over you not delivering something we get for free at the exact time we expected it.

    On the other hand, having something put out, even if it’s just a status update, is soothing as it lets us know that you’re ok.

  7. Reigo-san huh, a good choice. His translation is good and he posts almost daily (crazy speed indeed)… But pls no, I don’t want Weakest mage and Tsuki’s upload frequencies to falter because of the third series xD. Meh, kidding, Reigo’s probably going to be okay even if he do 5 series translation at the same time :/

  8. It’s okay. Thanks for your hard work up until now and in upcoming future. Hope your situation with the new job will improve and you can have more time doing what you love.

  9. It’s alright don’t rush it. We really appreciate what your doing for us already, if you’re struggling we have no right to complain if it affects your daily life man.

  10. Please take your time and focus on your Life and job as needed! I appreciate your hard work and certainly not going to complain if you need to take more time between chapters! Love this story and am grateful for how much care you put into translating it!

  11. Hey first thanks for all the high quality translations till now and as everyone said we don’t mind waiting a bit for translations. If you feel you cannot keep up , I don’t mind if you pass it on to another group as long as it does not get dropped

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