112. Demon king proof

At Eldomade’s words, the classroom erupted into noise.

“Are you stupid?”


“It’s not good to criticise the royals.”

This was mixed in with other voices saying.

“It’s come.”

“Arnos-sama’s era has come.”

“Arnos-sama’s legend is rising.”

The classroom descended into chaos.

A male student stood up and banged his desk. It’s probably one of the royals.

“Wait a minute. Even if you are a teacher I can’t let that go. Are you saying the demon king of tyranny is Arnos? He is the only person branded as inept in the whole academy. You must know the aptitude tests are there to determine the identity of the demon king of tyranny right?”

The student from the royal faction made a logical statement.

“Good grief sensei. You might belong to the unification faction but don’t teach your students false information!”

“That’s right. Isn’t this an abuse of power?”

“I’ve never even heard of a sensei that wears the white clothes. I don’t know if you are a 2000-year-old mazoku or not but the issues caused by you elder mazoku have been left behind.”

The criticism from the royal faction comes thick and fast but when Menou starts to say something Eldomade stops her.

“Such ignorance.” Eldomade spits his words out. “What is wrong is the history of the mazoku and the teachings of the demon king academy. The mazoku from 2000 years ago deliberately lied to protect the demon king of tyranny.” (Eldomade)

The royals are of course sceptical.

“Even in your ignorance, the war we just had between Deiruheido and Azeshion must still be fresh in your memories. Azeshion was planning to destroy the reborn demon king of tyranny even after 2000 years. The mazoku created a fake demon king of tyranny to protect him. It’s more complicated than that though so I’ll finish there.” (Eldomade)

Eldomade strongly speaks his factual words.

“That fake demon kings name was Avos Dillheavia which you all believed until today.” (Eldomade)

Various emotions float around the room. Some brushed it off, some got angry and some laughed and snorted. The reactions were varied but the common theme was the royal students didn’t believe it.

“The real demon king Arnos Voldigod was branded inept so even if he was discovered no one would believe it. It worked out very well and thanks to you royals, in particular, the humans never found out. Since the mastermind over on the Azeshion side was destroyed there’s no need to hide the demon king anymore.” (Eldomade)

Eldomade deploys a magic formation.

“Open your eyes and see reality. The one you have branded as inept is the demon king of tyranny.” (Eldomade)

It was a <Zekt> Eldomade deployed.

It stated that every word Eldomade had just spoken was the truth and the price of breaking this contract was the user’s life.

It had been signed by many famous mazoku as well. Particularly notable names on the list were all of the old seven demon emperors.

“Oi….wait. That <Zekt> has been signed. Look. Melheys-sama, Aivis-sama…..Idol-sama……”

“All the old seven demon emperors have signed!”

“It’s got to be a lie….. but the old seven demon emperors have signed it?”

“Impossible! This is impossible. That fellow is an inept white clothes……!”

“He’s not noble like us……”

Eldomade turned to me again.

“Arnos Voldigod.” (Eldomade)

He pointed to the podium at the front.

“Here.” (Eldomade)

Fumu. What’s he planning?

I stood up and walked over to the platform.

“Disappear.” (Eldomade)

When Eldomade spoke all the chairs and desks in the classroom disappeared.

The students who were sitting down managed to remain upright just about and regained their posture.

“I’m not a subordinate of the demon king but I must say your behaviour is intolerable. It shows just how peaceful these times are.” (Eldomade)

The girls in the fan union react immediately and kneel on the spot.

Then Sasha, Misha, Ray and Misa also kneel.

“What are you doing?” Eldomade says to the students who are standing there dumbfounded and unable to comprehend the current situation.

“You’re in the presence of the demon king yet your heads are still high.” (Eldomade)

Menou reacts to his words and kneels in front of me.

She meets my eyes and whispers

“I heard everything from Melheys-sama.” (Menou)

Because Menou knelt other students also followed suit.

The only people left standing are the royals.

The very reality they believed in right up to today has been upset. Of course they won’t be able to easily accept it.

“Why aren’t you kneeling? Are you willing to commit treason against the demon king of tyranny?” Eldomade addresses the standing students.

“…N…no…..but……everything that has been taught to us up to now….”

“Ignorant man. I’ve already told you it was a lie.” (Eldomade)

“But having to suddenly believe it just because someone tells us its a lie……”

“Your feelings on the matter are irrelevant.” Eldomade flatly rejects the student’s words.

“Everything is an illusion. You royals are not noble and irreplaceable. You have no privilege. The demon king believes those under his command are all equal.” (Eldomade)

The student strongly grits his teeth.

“The curtain already came down long ago. As for the position known as royalty, that fictitious organisation will not be necessary for Deiruheido in the future either. There’s nothing more ridiculous than still playing your role when the play is over is there? Hmm?” (Eldomade)

The students look down in frustration but they couldn’t escape the signed <Zekt>.

They can’t argue against the old seven demon emperors since the activities of the royals have always been supported by them.

They slowly knelt in place their faces stained with humiliation and their hands and feet shaking.

“Your words.” (Eldomade)

“I guess.” (Arnos)

I pointed with my finger and drew as many magic circles as there were students in the room. The chairs and desks that had disappeared earlier reappeared.

“Anyway, sit down.” (Arnos)

The students were puzzled by my words.

“Deiruheido is peaceful now. There’s no longer any need for the demon king of tyranny. If you want to recognise me then do so. If you don’t then don’t. Everyone should live as they like and this age is perfect for that. Let your beliefs alone be your master.” (Arnos)

“Yes Arnos-sama!!”

The students raise their voices. My fan club played a key role but other students also raised their voices.

The white-clothed students had faces that were free of any anxiety but in comparison, the royals had bitter expressions on their faces.

Well, whatever. It can’t be helped. The only thing Kanon told the mazoku in Deiruheido was the demon king would be reborn into a noble family.

Unfortunately, they took that story and turned their society into one that valued blood and lineage giving special privileges to those that had it.

The only reason the old seven demon emperors called themselves royals was so they could stand at the top of it and put at least some minimal restraints on the royals to stop them going too far overboard.

The humiliation and anguish they are feeling is nothing but the result of their own ugly emotions.

From now on whenever the history of the mazoku is corrected they will suffer but that is a natural consequence of their own self-made actions.

The only choice they have is to overcome it themselves.

“You will all notice from now on that history will be corrected. I don’t dare say this how I normally would but even so I need to make one correction.” (Arnos)

I don’t know if my words will reach them but I have to say it.

“My blood was never precious. It’s the same as any other mazoku. There’s no precious power in it. If its said there is then it dwells in my heart. Your thoughts and beliefs determine how noble your power is. Polish your heart and mind. Become troubled, lost and confused. What you call precious and honourable will never be obtained while sitting still.” (Arnos)

“Yes Arnos-sama!!”

The royals look humiliated and can only stare at the floor.

“It’s not unusual to believe something false. Though the scale is huge this situation is the same. Don’t entrust your beliefs and values to others otherwise, you can easily find yourself undermined. Live as a mazoku and not as a royal or a mixed race.” (Arnos)

“Yes Arnos-sama!!”

“So as I said earlier sit down. I’m just a student now.” (Arnos)

The students finally rise to their feet as do Ray, Misha, Sasha and Misa.

“Right. Everyone pull yourselves together. Eldomade sensei will be teaching this class from now on. If any of you have any questions from our previous lessons please come to the 3rd year classroom. Also….” (Menou)

Menou’s eyes meet mine.

“Errm….Arnos-sama…..?” (Menou)

“Act like you always did. Even back then I never forced my subordinates to use honorifics.” (Arnos)

“……Then will Arnos-kun still be attending classes?” (Menou)

I turn my eyes to Eldomade but he’s expressionless and I can’t understand what he’s thinking.

“I’ve nothing better to do so I’ll enjoy the peace for a while longer.” (Arnos)

“Understood.” (Menou)

Menou turned back to the students.

“I think it’s going to be difficult for everyone but please do your best. If I’m good enough for you then you can consult with me anytime. Oh and one final thing. The announcement about the demon king of tyranny is going out to all of Deiruheido soon but its a secret until then. Bye.” (Menou)

Menou leaves the classroom.

“Then as she said the class is now started. If you would like to return to your seat demon king of tyranny.” (Eldomade)

I turn to him.

“Fire death king <Beast King> Eldomade. Why did you come to the demon king academy?” (Arnos) (1)

“It was purely a whim.” (Eldomade)

“I see.” (Arnos)

I’ve understood all too well.

I move towards my seat and slowly pass Eldomade.

“That’s a very poor disguise Nousgalia.” (Arnos)

He doesn’t break his expression at all.

“What’s a god doing here hijacking a mazoku body?” (Arnos)

“Take your seat demon king of tyranny and I’ll teach you directly.” (Eldomade)

(1) His title directly means kindling fire death king but the author used all the onyomi readings for it which gives us Shishiou which means lion so hence the beast king/king of the beasts.

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    • Tell me about it, though the fact that Nousgalia has possessed eldomade’s body tells us that the current peace will be short. No telling what he has planned since he did tell arnos 2000 years ago that the gods will was for him to be destroyed

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