Prologue ~Great spirit mother~

2000 years ago in the great spirit forest Ahartherun—–

“Everyone listen.”

When the women speaks the trees tremble and transmit her words throughout the forest.

On her back are six crystal-like wings while hair as clear as a pure lake frames her face and beautiful amber eyes. She’s wearing a jade green dress that never gets dirty and no-one in the forest is unaware of who she is.

She’s Reno, the mother of all spirits.

Spirits are born from rumours and traditions. Unlike humans, they are not born from a womb but nevertheless, every spirit in this world has her as their mother.

The great spirit Reno is the spirit that arose from such rumours.

“I’ve decided to go to Deruzogedo. I still don’t know if the demon king of tyranny is speaking the truth but I think it’s worth believing in. Maybe we really are looking at the end of the fighting.” (Reno)

The tree’s rustle around her and small girls with wings appear.

They are mischievous fairy spirits called Titi.

“Is that safe?”

“Are you going?”

“Is Reno going?”

“Will you come back? Not go?”

All the fairies speak out.

“I’ll be fine and I will come back. The demon king of tyranny has had plenty of opportunities to kill me but he never did. At least, I don’t think that’s his intention.” (Reno)

Reno moves through the forest by floating just above the ground.

“Don’t cause too much mischief to lost travellers while I’m away.” (Reno)

The fairies laugh at her words.

“I wonder?”

“Think about it.”

“Do we play mischief? Not?”

“Do it.”

Reno stares at the innocently smiling fairies.

“I’ll get angry Titi.” (Reno)

The fairies straightened their posture and covered their mouths with their hands.

“It’s a promise.” (Reno)

Though Reno was talking normally the Titi’s had stiffened and some were shaking.

“You can’t fool me. Stop pretending to be scared.” (Reno)

The Titi’s shook their heads at her harsh words.


“Wrong Reno.”

“It’s come.”

“It’s here……”

Reno looked puzzled.

“What’s coming?” (Reno)

While looking like they want to escape the Titi’s answer her.


“Scary one has come…..”


“Scary god……”


“It’s coming!”

The Titi’s scattered at once.

Eventually, a figure emerges from the bushes.

He’s tall and at first glance, he seems kind but the magic power being emitted from him was clearly out of the ordinary.

“I’ve been looking for you great spirit mother Reno.”

Reno turned on the figure with fierce eyes.

“Who are you?” (Reno)

“I am the heavenly father god Nousgalia. I’m the father of the gods and I bring a good story for you today.” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia continues talking but Reno looks wary.

“I intend to make a new child of God and you have been chosen to give birth to that vessel. Congratulations Reno. Your child will surely become an excellent god.” (Nousgalia)

“You just appear suddenly and what are you even saying?” (Reno)

“Nn?” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia tilts his head to one side.

“What’s wrong? You should be pleased. You can make a vessel for a child of God. A being of the highest order.” (Nousgalia)

“Sorry but I refuse. I am the great spirit Reno and this is not the time for children.” (Reno)

“Haha.” Nousgalia lets out a dry laugh. “No such choice exists in this world. This is Gods decision.” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia walks slowly towards Reno who raises a hand.

A magic formation was drawn by the forest itself and aimed at Nousgalia.

“Ahartherun is the home of the spirits. No matter what god you are I won’t let you do what you want here.” (Reno)

“Do not defy me. God’s decision is absolute.” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia carried on walking.

At that moment the trees extended their branches towards him as if they had a will of their own. The tips turned into sharp needles and thrust towards him from all directions piercing him.

“Go home god who doesn’t know courtesy. Otherwise I’ll absorb all your magic power.” (Reno)

“That’s wonderful power to be able to injure a god Reno. You really are a suitable womb to give birth to a vessel.” (Nousgalia)

Nousglaia snaps his fingers.

“Obey your orders. Gods command is absolute.” (Nousgalia)

With his words, the trees pulled their branches out of him and attacked Reno who was the caster.

“….What…?” (Reno)

The trees wrapped their branches around her restraining her.

“All magic is my ally. Now then, be happy Reno.” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia stops and speaks in a solemn voice.

“I grant a child of God to you.” (Nousgalia)

At that moment a jet black sun appeared in the sky and a <Geo Greys> drops on him burning him.

“Be calm ominous flame.” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia commands the magic but it doesn’t disappear.

“What….?” (Nousgalia)

“Fumu. Sorry to disappoint you but my magic hates being ordered around.” (Arnos)

The demon king of tyranny Arnos Voldigod falls from the sky.

“Gods command is absolute. Be calm ominous flame.” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia puts more magic power into his words and the <Geo Greys> goes out.


The demon king Arnos lands in front of him and pierces the god’s chest with fingertips stained jet black.

“Unfortunately, you cannot kill God. This is an order.” (Nousgalia)

“I know gods value order but you do not see reality because of it.” (Arnos)

Arnos draws a magic circle inside Nousgalia.

“Fall by your own power.” (Arnos)

Demon Curse Necrosis Destruction <Deguzzegdo>. A curse that causes the opponent’s power to run amok on the spot causing death.

A black snake bruise appears on Nousgalias body before violently lashing out and trying to eat him.

The enormous magic power of a god is about to destroy him.

Nousgalia’s right arm drops off and the curse starts to eat away at him.

“Hmph.” (Nousgalia)

Nousgalia retreats from in front of Arnos leaving the formation for <Deguzzegdo> behind.

“I see. You are the demon king of tyranny right?” (Nousgalia)

“Oh? Where’s your story going now?” (Arnos)

Nousgalia laughs.

“The gods have decided that the demon king of tyranny must be annihilated. The order that will kill you, the child of God will be born soon. This principle has been established and is now the world’s order. You cannot escape.” (Nousgalia)

“I see. But you will be dead before that Nousgalia.” (Arnos)

Nousgalia laughs at his words.

“Be calm horrific curse. The word of god is ab—.” (Nousgalia)

A flash of light appeared and Nousgalia’s throat was torn open just as he was about to speak.

A sound of a sword being put back in its scabbard could be heard.

It was a white-haired man in armour who had slashed Nousgalia’s throat. The mazoku’s strongest swordsman Shin Reglia.

“The word of god is useless if you can’t speak.” (Arnos)


Nousgalia moves his mouth.

Shin has one of his 1000 swords on him. The plunder sword <Gilionojes>. It’s a cursed demon sword that destroys their voice if their throat is slashed, destroys their eyesight if their eyes are slashed and takes their life if their heart is cut.

Even if Nousgalia heals his throat his voice that was stolen by the plunder sword will never return.

“It’s a bad habit of you gods to be proud of the fact that you are order and reason. You’d better write that order down pretty soon because in front of me gods established order will be destroyed.” (Arnos)

Arnos grabs the floating magic formation and squeezes it.


Nousgalias body quickly rots away and disappears.

Reno was looking at Arnos in utter amazement.

“Now then great spirit mother I’ve come to hear your answer. What has your heart decided?” (Arnos)

Reno delays one beat then responds.

“…….I’ve decided to believe in you….” (Reno)

“Fumu. Splendid.” (Arnos)

“I was preparing to come right away.” (Reno)

“Unfortunately the last one hasn’t come yet so please wait here until then.” (Arnos)

“….Understood.” (Reno)

“I’ll leave you an escort. The road to Deruzogedo is dangerous and there’s anti-magic stopping <Gatom> being used.” (Arnos)

Arnos turned around and addressed Shin who was kneeling down.

“As planned you will be Reno’s bodyguard. Escort her until she returns to Ahartherun. She’s a guest so listen to her as much as possible.” (Arnos)

“Your will.” (Shin)

“Hey, hang on I don’t need that.” (Reno)

Reno waves her hands in a fluster.

“You are being targeted by God. Who knows when the next one will come or that guy might revive.” (Arnos)

“That might be true but this person looks scary right? I hate formal people.” (Reno)

Arnos looks at Shin.

“That’s true. Smile Shin.” (Arnos)

“Your will.” (Shin)

Shin smiles but there was no change in his facial expression.

“How about that?” (Arnos)

“He doesn’t seem to be smiling at all.” (Reno)

“Are you sure you’re the great spirit? Use your magic eyes. The corners of his mouth have raised by 0.05 millimetres. (Arnos)

“………..” (Reno)

Reno’s face clearly showed she couldn’t understand such a subtle difference.

“You seem to have understood. You should get along well.” (Arnos)

“Eh, wait a minu—.” (Reno)

Before she even finished talking Arnos was gone.



An awkward silence drifts around Ahartherun.

The mischievous Titi’s were peeking out through the shaded trees.

“Errm…” (Reno)

“Yes.” (Shin)

“……What are you going to do from now on?” (Reno)

“Whatever you command. I have been ordered to obey you.” (Shin)

Reno has a troubled look on her face.

“……Then I don’t really need an escort…… Can’t you go home and tell the demon king that?” (Reno)

“Certainly.” (Shin)

Shin offered his sheathed sword to Reno.

“Errm……what’s this for?” (Reno)

“If you say you don’t need me then I offer you my neck. I cannot live with the shame of not being able to fulfil the request of my lord.” (Shin)

Reno puts a hand on her forehead like she’s tired.

“…Don’t be silly. I can’t kill you.” (Reno)

“Understood.” (Shin)

Shin pulls the sword out and places the blade against his neck.

“Wha, what are you doing!” (Reno)

“Suicide.” (Shin)

“Eh? What are you saying? It wasn’t a threat……” (Reno)

Reno spoke to Shin but his eyes were clear and resolute. He was ready.

“Mou…. I understand, okay already!” (Reno)

“What do you understand?” (Shin)

“You don’t have to leave so put your sword away!” (Reno)

“I thank you for your thoughtful words.” (Shin)

Reno’s face looks troubled again. It seems she has been given a troublesome escort.

“I know you understand already but just behave yourself. You can use this forest as you like.” (Reno)

“Acknowledged.” (Shin)

“I’ll give you a tour. I’ll only show you once. Follow me.” (Reno)

The Titi’s who had come and to see what was going on flew off.

Shin walked behind Reno with a dangerous look on his face.

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