Epilogue ~Peaceful battle~

As a result of reversing <Ask> the soldiers that had been rescued by the Deiruheido forces were able to recover their exhausted spirits and get up.

It looks like they’ve regained their hope so I probably don’t have to worry anymore.

Me and Ray slowly land on the ground.

“Arnos!” (Sasha)

“……Arnos……” (Misha)

As the silver-haired girl runs over to me her body shines and blurs before dividing into two.

The effect of <Dino Jikusess> was finished.

Misha and Sasha jump on me at the same time.

“….Don’t scare me like that….. I thought you’d really died….” Sasha says while clinging tightly to me.

“Worried.” Misha murmurs while pressing her small body against mine.

Both are crying. Has their tension finally broke?

“Don’t cry. Did you think I’d died?” (Arnos)

“….I just said that’s what I thought……” (Sasha)

“…I said I was worried.” (Misha)

I stroke both their heads to put them at ease.

“I won’t sacrifice myself. Living is more peaceful.” (Arnos)

Ray smiled while watching me.

Even for me, letting Evans Mana destroy my origin was way too reckless. Of course, it was still the correct decision.

<Agronemut> needs extreme caution when being used and even more so when Evans Mana is involved.

Even though the chances of success were in my favour it was still a risky life-threatening decision.

I won this time.

In front of us, the mazoku and humans are lending their shoulders to each other and carrying out the wounded.

This is the scene I’ve wanted to see for so long.

As I walked through the forest a man appeared in front of me. Its the commander of the Midehys advance forces Elio Roodwell with some of his men trailing behind.

“Demon king-sama.” (Elio)

Elio kneels in front of me and his men all bow their heads.

“I’m the demon emperor who governs Midheys, Elio Roodwell. I’m also Emilia’s father……” (Elio)

He speaks to me humbly and respectfully.

“Everything that happened was due to my ignorance. I await your punishment.” (Elio)

He’s a pretty shrewd person to recognise me. Well, in this instance its natural for him to see that I am the demon king of tyranny.

I summoned and used Deruzogedo which is the demon kings castle. There was also Jerga’s hostility towards me.

Now its calmed down it would be natural to come to this conclusion but he recognised me as the demon king while on the battlefield. It’s also possible he had a vague suspicion before even coming here.

“Elio.” (Arnos)

“Yes!” (Elio)

He lowered his head further and answered with resolve.

“Raise your head.” (Arnos)

Elio looked up at me. There was no fear in his eyes only a strong faith dwelled within.

“It was good to offer me your head without making excuses, but I have no punishment for those that admit their mistakes. If you made a mistake then correct it going forward.” (Arnos)

“…..With all due respect my lord…..I am from the royal family and I have done the unthinkable. I have drawn my bow against the demon king of tyranny himself. I humbly ask that you punish me…… Or at the very least let me make amends to you as your subordinate until I die…….” (Elio)

“Very well. Then I shall take that life and have you serve me with it until it ends. That is my punishment to you.” (Arnos)

“……Arnos-sama……” (Elio)

“In the middle of that chaotic fight you honoured my will and reached out to hold hands with the humans. As expected of my descendant. I am proud of that loyalty and desire for peace.” (Arnos)

“……Such words are wasted on me my lord……” (Elio)

Elio bows his head with tears in his eyes.

“Midheys is a good town with little trouble. Keep up the good work and continue to do your best.” (Arnos)

“Yes!” (Elio)

Leaving them behind I soon come across some girls who are sitting on the ground.

“Are you tired Elen?” (Arnos)

I reach a hand out to her and she looks at me with a face full of surprise.

 “Aah, no……… I’m absolutely fine!” (Elen)

Elen continues looking at my hand without moving.

“What’s wrong?” (Arnos)

“But it’s Arnos-sama’s hand and it’s being offered to me!” (Elen)

“You can take this hand without reservation.” (Arnos)

As soon as I said that Elen fell flat on her back and started rolling away from me on the ground.

“….What should I do? What should I do!? It’s Arnos-sama’s hand…. Should I take it with my right hand? What about my left hand!? Aaah perhaps both hands would be best!! But then I wouldn’t be able to wash my hands for the rest of my life!!” (Elen)

After raising her voice in a scream Elen rolled back across the ground towards me.

“Erm, wha, wha, wha, wha, wha what should I do!? I’ve experienced this fantasy many times but that was a fantasy…..an impossible one……ha! Maybe I’m dreaming!?” (Elen)

Fumu. It seems she can’t suppress her excitement from the war. 

“What happened in your fantasy?” (Arnos)

“…..Errrrrrm….. I think you held me in your arms and cast recovery magic?” (Elen)

“I see.” (Arnos)

I make Elen float with <Fres> and hold her in my arms.

“Eh, eeeeh…..a dream. It’s a dream after all……… I don’t want to get up…… I want to sleep forever…..!” (Elen)

“If a dream doesn’t come true then its a lie.” (Arnos)

I cast recovery magic and heal her fatigue.

“Elen. When I was last alive there weren’t many songs around and I’ve never heard the type of songs you guys sing at all. They’re jokey, ridiculous and somehow disdainful of others. Such songs can only exist if it’s peaceful.” (Arnos)

Elen is stunned listening to my words.

“That song you just sang was also good. I’m looking forward to new songs from you.” (Arnos)

“…….Ah…………” (Elen)

She starts crying.

“………..Yes……………” (Elen)

I gently lower her down and she stands there.

Seems her tiredness has gone.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” (fan union)

The remaining seven members of the fan union gather around Elen.

“Hey Elen that’s sly!!”

“Even if you say that it still feels like a dream.” (Elen)

“Prepare yourself!!”

“Indeed. You know what’s going to happen right?”

“Eh, ah, wai….wait a minute. Everyone’s eyes are scary!!” (Elen)

“You won’t be forgiven for stealing a march on us. Do it!”


The girls in the fan union took turns princess carrying Elen while making a fuss. “It’s my turn.” and “Indirect princess carry!!”

Before long it turned into “I’ll play the part of Arnos-sama.” and “I’ll play the part of Elen.”

It was a very mysterious scene with people carrying and hugging each other.

Moving forward again I saw Eleonor still trapped in the holy water ball so I go over.

“…..Arnos-kun……!!” (Eleonor)

“I’ve come to fulfil my promise Eleonor.” (Arnos)

“Eh….?” (Eleonor)

I pull out Venuzdonoa and stab the holy water ball.

Unlike <Jerga>, <Eleonor> is a human type magic so I only need to affect her origin which is here.

The holy water ball disappears and the magic characters around her body also disappear.

Eleonor puts her feet on the ground.

“….Wow….. The magic’s been cancelled…..?” (Eleonor)

“You’re my magic now.” (Arnos)

Eleonor looks at me with curiosity.

“I thought to destroy the magic <Eleonor> but then you’d lose your magic power. But if I make you my magic you won’t be abused. You’re free now.” (Arnos)

“…..I see…..” (Eleonor)

She looks down with tears collecting in her eyes.

“It’s not over yet. Taking care of the 10,000 Zeshia’s is going to be a lot of work. We’ll deal with it though.” (Arnos)

“…..This…..is unbelievable…..” (Eleonor)

Eleonor starts to walk towards me but the influence from the magic still remained in her legs and she tumbled forward.

“Fumu. Same as last time.” (Arnos)

I caught her and supported her body with my arms before Eleonor hugged me tightly.

“…….Thank you…….Arnos-kun. I love you…..” (1) (Eleonor)

Sasha was staring at us.

“Do you have anything to say Misha?” (Sasha)

“I’m glad.” (Misha)

“Anything else?” (Sasha)

Misha tilts her head to one side.

“……….Naked?” (Misha)

“Wow! That’s right. I forgot….. Please Arnos-kun.” (Eleonor)

“Ah.” (Arnos)

I use <Ibis> and dress Eleonor in the academy uniform.

“Thank you. That saved me.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor looks around.

“This is terrible though.” (Eleonor)

The ground is full of holes, the trees have fallen down and the rivers are dry.

The Tora forest looked like a natural disaster zone.

“It’s not a problem. The main thing is, no ones dead.” (Arnos)

“How do you know?” (Eleonor)

“To make sure no one died I was watching very carefully with these demon eyes.” (Arnos)

Eleonor opened her eyes in surprise and then laughed.

“You’re amazing Arnos-kun.” (Eleonor)

“What? This amount of people is fine. There’s a lot of injured people though.” (Arnos)

“No problem. Please leave the rest to us old seven demon emperors.” (Melheys)

Melheys comes over.

“We’ll take care of the wounded and clear up the battlefield. Please take it easy and rest.” (Melheys)

“Fumu. I’ll leave it to you then. If you need anything let me know.” (Arnos)

“Your will.” (Melheys)

Melheys leaves using <Fres>

“Ray.” (Arnos)

I show him the shellfish necklace I took from him earlier.

“Misa seems to be helping the wounded soldiers down in the demon king castle.” (Arnos)

“…….I steeled myself and handed it over but looking at it now it doesn’t shut very good…..” (Ray)

“Oh? Do you wish you’d proposed normally now?” (Sasha)

Sasha lightly makes fun of him.

“Congratulations.” (Misha)

Misha gives a simple blessing.

“….I give up.” (Ray)

He smiles wryly and then trips on the rough ground and falls over.

“What’s the legendary hero doing falling over?” (Sasha)

“I used Evans Mana too much. As expected it’s tired me out.” (Ray)

I speak to Ray who’s now sitting on the floor.

“That reminds me. Do you need this anymore?” (Arnos)

I throw the mask of Avos Dillheavia on the ground near his hand.

“Oh yeah.” (Ray)

Ray destroys the mask with Sigshesta.

Avos Dillheavia will no longer appear.

Now that <Jerga> and <Ask> has disappeared there’s no reason for the humans to fight the mazoku.

The world is now at peace.

“Oh yeah. What was that other mask of yours with the different shape?” (Arnos)

I reach out my hand to Ray.

“Different shape?” (Ray)

Ray cocks his head in confusion.

“I only had one mask.” (Ray)

“……….” (Arnos)

The masked man from the demon sword tournament wore a different mask to the one Ray wore today.

There’s a number of possibilities but none of them are good.

“Arnos?” (Ray)

“Fumu. let’s leave it alone today but at least one powerful enemy remains.” (Arnos)

“Powerful enemy?” (Ray)

Ray takes my hand.

“Speaking of which I went to war without telling my mom.” (Ray)

Ray smiles wryly.

“You could lie.” (Arnos)

“I won’t run away. I’ll explain about the demon king to my mom today.” (Ray)

Grasping his hand I pull him up.

“Let’s fight together. Let’s show our mothers the power of the hero and the demon king.” (Arnos)

“But your mom will just use her principle destroying sword.”

Sasha teases me.

“There’s probably 7 origins in there somewhere as well.”

Ray continues it.

“Will she cut the demon kings fate?”

Misha says while tilting her head.

We all laugh and leave this place.

There’s one more powerful enemy waiting for me but I have nothing to fear.

I have friends who I can join hands with.

Friends who I can laugh with.

And nobody got hurt in this fight.

2000 years ago we wanted it, we made it and we protected it.

Nobody died.

A peaceful battle that symbolises this era.

(1) She used daisuki here which means love/like very much but it can mean love/like very much in a non-romantic way as well (though I’m sure most people know this already). You could use daisuki when talking about your favourite food, hobby or even about your best friend for example. I went with the more romantic choice but I’m wondering if “I like you” fits the scene better than “I love you”?

TN: That’s the end of Vol 3. Vol 4 is the great spirit arc but I’m having a few days off now from Maou Gakuin. I’m pretty worn out.

Also going forward I’ll be doing the odd ultimate porter chapter as well just to give me something different to translate (I know nobody apart from about 4 people like it but I’d like to finish it anyway). It’s like anything, no matter how much you love something you need to do something different at times or you’ll get sick of it.

Thanks to everyone for reading and see you all soon with a new chapter.

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  1. Wonder if the other masked guy could be Misa’s father? Not sure how or why but I see the next chapter is the start of a spirit arc.

  2. The epilogue was very fun, as always the fan union girls are the best along with arnos parents, im.just glad this war stuff and human hatted has ended it was fucking retarded and i never really cared much about ray so its been made even worse now that he pulled off such a stupid plan.

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