107. May the world be filled with love

“You said fate.” (Arnos)

Black lighting from origin magic <Jirasudo> erodes Jergas huge body.

“As long as the magic <Jerga> exists it will bring about the end of the mazoku.” (Arnos)

“It’s a fact. No matter what you do the end is already determined. If you want to gradually draw out your torment like being slowly strangled with a silk cord then carry on.” (Jerga)

Jerga’s magical body shines brightly and shrugs <Jirasudo> off.

“My hatred has become part of the world’s order!! The humans and heroes resent the mazoku and will destroy them. That is the correct order of this world! No matter what you do you have no choice but to atone for your sins!!” (Jerga)

Jerga’s whole body glows even brighter and a shell of light is fired from his whole body.

There’s no space to dodge the huge <Teo Trias> so I use my <Demon Eyes of Ruin> and broke through it destroying it in the process.

“Then let’s sever that fate Jerga. Did you forget that the legendary hero and the spirit god sword Evans Mana is here?” (Arnos)

Ray hold out his right hand and divine light pours out shaping itself into a sword.

“……Fufufu, hahahahahaha. Just think about what you just said. How many times are you going to make me repeat myself? Evans Mana is a holy sword created to destroy the demon king of tyranny! Its power is extremely effective against the mazoku but <Jerga> is the same kind of magic as the sword. Evans Mana cannot cut the fate of anything that is truly holy.” (Jerga)

Grasping Evans Mana Ray heads straight for Jerga

“Struggle as much as you can! And when you realise you can’t do anything true despair will come to yo— eh…..?” (Jerga)

Evans mana flashed brightly and cut Jergas arm off.

His magical body that shouldn’t be harmed by the spirit god sword was not regenerating.

“…..What……the……hell…….?” (Jerga)

“Fumu. How long are you going to keep thinking you’re a holy person Jerga?” (Arnos)

“….What did you do….?” (Jerga)

With a voice shaking with hatred Jerga turns on Ray with a glare.

“What did you do Kanon!!!” (Jerga)

The arm that fell on the ground moves by itself and shoots towards Kanon like a cannonball but he easily chopped it up causing it to scatter and disappear into the sky.

“…..I’m holy. I’m the magic of order that will destroy the mazoku….. Evans Mana shouldn’t work!!” (Jerga)

Slipping past the huge fist being swung down towards him Ray approaches Jerga’s legs and cuts them down.

Jerga’s huge body tilts and he crashes down to his knees.

Something has just entered his field of vision and caught his attention.

“…..That’s….?” (Jerga)

“You were so intent on looking down on the mazoku and what was beneath you that you didn’t notice.” (Arnos)

The demon king castle Deruzogedo was floating in the sky and this place is now located in the underground dungeon part of the castle.

In other words my heart.

“Its true Venuzdonoa can only be used at the demon kings castle but I never said the castle cant move.” (Arnos)

Origin magic Demon King Castle Summon <Deruzogedo>.

This grand magic to move Deruzogedo which was originally a fixed magic tool capable of emitting powerful magic power was impossible 2000 years ago, however, origin magic can produce extraordinary results if you borrow the power of an older and more powerful being.

It was possible to summon the Deruzogedo of this era by borrowing the power of the closely related Derugozedo of 2000 years ago.

The downside is this summon has consumed most of my power and its not a quick process either.

I had to distract and tie up Jerga with <Zora E Dipto> to buy myself time to construct the formula.

“You are definitely not holy. You are a devil driven by your delusions who sucks the hope of people and kills mazoku. I won’t even give you a heroes death. You shall be judged by the holy sword.” (Arnos)

In front of Derugozedo, a floating dark coloured longsword shines darkly in the sky.

Venuzdonoa is eroding the order of this place.

“….I won’t forgive you…..Arnos Voldigod…… You take our pride, our loved ones and even justice from us humans! I won’t forgive you. Only you will I not forgive!!” (Jerga)

Such is his hatred the amputated Jerga stands up on his stumps his magical body glowing brighter than ever.

Swords of light emerge from all over his body. Every one of them is a holy sword and he fires them all at once.

The swords of light that shot towards me suddenly flipped around and shot towards Jerga piercing his body instead.

“…..Guaaa……” (Jerga)

“Did you think your swords would do what you wanted?” (Arnos)

“…Won’t forgive….. I’ll destroy…. destroy…..” (Jerga)

The outline of the armoured giant blurs as it scatters more swords over a wide area before revealing an even brighter glow.

A large magic circle appears over his left breasts.

<Gavel> huh.

“Fumu. Think I’ll let you?” (Arnos)

“…I know it. Your principle destroying sword can’t show its true value if you don’t hold it in your hand…… I also know you used up most of your magic power summoning Deruzogedo.” (Jerga)

Jerga’s armoured eyes showed a dark, stagnant gleam.

“Even if I can’t kill you, I’ll destroy the very thing you wanted to protect! As many sacrifices as possible! As much despair as possible! Realise the grudge of us humans!!” (Jerga)

It’s true the power of Venuzdonoa is weak if I don’t hold it and, though it’s hard to admit, my magic power and control over Venuzdonoa are not perfect either.

It’s easy if I just want to destroy it but if I don’t cut off all this hatred then the war will never end.

“If I lack magic power then I’ll just import it from somewhere else.” (Arnos)

Using <Ask> I connect my heart together with the eight fan union girls.

“Can you hear me?” (Arnos)

“Yes!” (fan union)

“Song number 4. Send this pathetic ghost off with a requiem at least.” (Arnos)

“Yes Arnos-sama!” (fan union)

Their feelings gather in my body and quickly turn into a pillar of light that connects heaven and earth. The power I lost from summoning Derugozedo is completely refilled.

“….You…… Using <Ask> while <Jerga> is activated…….. How far are you and your demon sword planning to taunt us humans……..!?” (Jerga)

If you use <Ask> your heart will be dyed with hatred for the mazoku. That’s even more true now <Jerga> is activated. Looks like he thinks my sword is preventing this.


“Demon sword? What about it? Try using your magic eyes. The effect of <Ask> hasn’t been reduced.” (Arnos)

“The effects of the sword aren’t touching <Ask>! <Ask> is human grudge magic. It’s a hatred that will never fade whether its 1000 or 2000 years. We humans vowed to overthrow the mazoku and relieve our resentment. Our thoughts have been connected for a long time. There can be no peace in a world with mazoku in it! It’s the longing of all humanity to destroy you!! The minds of some incomplete mazoku can’t withstand <Ask>!!” (Jerga)

<Ask> gathered magic over the Tora forest from all over Azeshion and formed it into holy swords before they poured down like heavy rain.

At a quick count, I’d say it was about a million swords.

Those holy swords disappeared as soon as they entered the realm of the demon kings castle but as expected it wasn’t very good without holding Venudonoa.

Thousands slipped through the demon king territory and rained down on me, Ray, the mazoku and the humans still on the ground so I had to use my <Ask> to block them.

A voice rises up from the ground and wraps the forest up in a gentle song.

–“When will the dawn come?”–

–“This demon king known as tyranny goes to sleep alone.”–

–“I took up the sword to protect. These blood-stained hands held their lives.”–

–“We didn’t want to fight.”–

–“Killing and killing the night goes ever on.”–

–“But I will await the dawn as I go to sleep.”–

–“2000 years of sleep will surely change the world.”–

–“Yes, so I believed.”–

I shoot a huge amount of light from <Ask> and crush any holy sword I hit but a huge amount of debris still falls towards the ground aiming at the still collapsed subjugation forces that are having their hope absorbed.

“Everyone….!?” (Eleonor)

In the distance, Eleonor’s voice calls out.

As expected in her current state of being unable to move she can’t protect everyone.

“All units deploy anti-magic! Isolate any magic that’s coming from the sky!”

Elio the commander of the Midheys unit appears issuing orders.

At his command, his troops made anti-magic umbrellas to deflect the falling holy sword debris.

“Rescue the injured soldiers and evacuate to the underground demon king castle!” (Elio)

The Midheys unit create boxes using <Ibis> and start carrying the fallen humans away using <Fres> or other types of magic while some just lend their shoulders or lift and carry the humans away.

“…..Brave human warrior.” (Elio)

Elio talks to Eleonor using <Liikus>

“We are evacuating the subjugation forces to our underground demon king castle. I promise to return them unharmed. Is that okay?” (Elio)

“….But if you don’t hurry up and get inside you guys will die too right?” (Eleonor)

Elio looks up at the sky and over at the huge shadow along with the 2 small shadows.

“The founder fought for us mazoku. I’m not so stupid as to not realise who he is. A destroyed origin who rose again and is now fighting. My name is Elio Roodwell the demon emperor of Midheys. A decedent of the demon king of tyranny Arnos Voldigod! With this blood and this pride, I will return the compassion I received from you!” (Elio)

The holy sword debris continues to rain down on the ground but Elio desperately protects the humans while evacuating them to the demon king castle.

“Our founder said not to kill anyone. Rescue the humans and nobody dies. Now is the time to show our loyalty!” (Elio)


To protect the Deiruheido forces who are still performing rescue operations the gentle singing continues to rise up from underground.

–“Love is stronger than hatred.”–

–“I put my hope in the future that we would understand each other.”–

–“I took up the sword to protect. These blood-stained hands held their lives.”–

–“Beaten down by a world without beauty.”–

–“Sorrow only increases no matter my wish.”–

–“2000 years of feelings will surely change the world.”–

–“Yes, so I believed.”–

“Fumu. How long do you intend to look away Jerga? Look at reality. The times have already changed. The world became peaceful long ago. Are your eyes so clouded with hatred that you can’t see the humans and mazoku taking each others hands desperately trying to live?” (Arnos)

I flew into the sky and headed towards my castle.

“You’re now peaceful!? Don’t make me laugh!! Peace hasn’t come!! You crushed such a thing 2000 years ago!! I only have hatred!!! Leave out the lip service at this late hour!!!” (Jerga)

The number of swords raining down from the sky increase tenfold while aiming for me but I continue to approach Deruzogedo while dodging them.

“Will you, who was deprived of peace, deprive your descendants of peace this time? If so, then you are no different to me.” (Arnos)

“Shut uuuuuuuuup!! I am different to you!! This is revenge!! This is humanity’s grudge against the mazoku!!” (Jerga)

“If its revenge then do it alone. Humans don’t resent the mazoku. It’s you who hates me.” (Arnos)

I destroy more of the swords and fly higher.

“Then hate, resent and be angry by yourself here at the end. You can even curse me for all eternity.” (Arnos)

Just as my hand was about to grab Venuzdonoa the sky flashed and a huge holy sword appeared and attacked me.

“As if I’ll let yoooooooou!!” (Jerga)

Jerga’s sword is a sword of hatred <Jerga>. The concept itself was formed and attacked me.


Ray cleaved it with Evans Mana as I grabbed my sword.

“Let’s end this.” (Arnos)

“Yeah.” (Ray)

The two of us dive towards the huge armoured figure with our swords that were once pointed at each other now pointing in the same direction.

–“I waited 2000 years to laugh with you.”–

–“I waited 2000 years to take your hand.”–

–“It’s almost dawn.”–

–“From his lonely sleep the demon king awakes.”–

–“Please, please, I only wished for one thing.”–

–“Show me the glorious morning sun.”–

–“Please, please, I only wished for one thing.”–

–“May the world be filled with love.”–

Jerga fired a <Teo Trias> but it’s erased without any meaning by my sword.

Venuzdonoa was swung down on Jerga’s head at the same time as Evans Mana was swung down so they’d overlap.

“….Gua…….ah……” (Jerga)

Jerga’s huge armoured body disappears but the feelings of Azeshion are still being supplied.

The magic power remains but the light fades away as it could not maintain its existence.

<Jerga’s> fate has been cut and the magic is about to disappear.

“I have nothing to offer you. You’ve lost your pride as a hero, your justice and even your hatred is empty. Just die in vain.” (Arnos)

“….Disappear……my hatred…….is disappearing……” (Jerga)

Jerga’s voice seems slightly sad. It seems as the magic faded away he regained something else.

“…….Pride……I don’t desire it……. Justice………. I don’t need it……” (Jerga)

He gave off the feeling that if he had a body he would be vomiting blood.

“…….I……lost everything…… Only hatred remained……. It was the only thing I could do for my wife and child…… I must never forget…. this resentment……” (Jerga)

“Foolish man. You had more than hatred left.” (Arnos)

The huge armoured figure disappears and Jerga’s figure from 2000 years ago appears slightly.

“Eleonor is made from your origin. She continued to desire peace no matter how many times she was erased and remade.” (Arnos)

His heart was divided in two.

<Jerga> to kill the mazoku and <Eleonor> to wish for the peace of his descendants. These two opposing things are nothing but the emotional conflict in Jerga’s mind.

He wanted to destroy the mazoku but at the same time, he had the desire to not let his descendants experience the same feelings and hatred as himself.

“I killed your wife and child with these hands. They were tough opponents so I remember them well.” (Arnos)

I create a Mishens necklace using <Ibis> and place it on the disappearing Jerga’s body.

“They were both wearing these.” (Arnos)

I point Venuzdonoa at Jerga.

“Reincarnate as many times as you like and come to kill me. I’ll keep you and your revenge company for all eternity.” (Arnos)

I stick Venuzdonoa in Jerga’s chest.

“For as long as even a fragment of the hatred you carried right to your death remains.”

Just like I did with his wife and child I cast <Silica> on his origin just as it was about to disappear.

If you still feel hatred even after the magic has disappeared then come for revenge as many times as you like.

And until you meet your wife and child again I’ll cast <Silica> as many times as required.

Eventually, the light above Tora forest disappears.

<Jerga> stopped absorbing hope and <Ask> may have lost its effect too.

“Ray.” (Arnos)

“Aah.” (Ray)

We raise Venuzdonoa and Evans Mana to the sky.

I reverse the effect of <Ask> for the whole of Azeshion and turn the magic power into hope returning it to the hearts of the desperate people.

I can hear the song.

A song sending hope to the world.

–“Love is stronger than hatred.”–

–“I put my hope in the future that we would understand each other.”–

–“I took up the sword to protect. These blood-stained hands held their lives.”–

–“Beaten down by a world without beauty.–”

–“Sorrow only increases no matter my wish.”–

–“2000 years of feelings will surely change the world.”–

–“Yes, so I believed.”–

–“I waited 2000 years to laugh with you.”–

–“I waited 2000 years to take your hand.”–

–“It’s almost dawn.”–

–“From his lonely sleep the demon king awakes.”–

–“Please, please, I only wished for one thing.”–

–“Show me the glorious morning sun.”–

–“Please, please, I only wished for one thing.”–

–“May the world be filled with love.”–

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