106. The fate of hatred

I slowly walk towards Jerga.

“….Ku….” (Jerga)

A sound leaks out from him. A dark, stagnant sound that eventually turns into laughter.

“…..Kukuku…… Kukukukukuku….” (Jerga)

Jerga looks at me with a warped expression on his face.

“…..This is good, I can destroy you with my own hands……. Actually, I would like to thank you for reviving…….. Arnos Voldigod.” (Jerga)

Even though he’s become a being of magic even after 2000 years his hatred hasn’t changed.

“Regret your revival and die!!” (Jerga)

Jerga scatters particles of light from his body and attacks.

“Realise humanity’s anger demon king of tyranny!!” (Jerga)

Light gathers in the sky before pouring down on his hands and turns <Ask> into a sword.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!” (Jerga)

“For such exaggerated words you’re still weak.” (Arnos)

Jerga thrusts the <Ask> sword straight at me but I parry it with <Beno Ieven> and pierce his chest with my right hand.

“<Bebuzud>.” (Arnos)

I squeeze his magical body with my Origin Killer coated hand. The light around my hand explodes and scatters causing Jerga to disappear without a trace.

Almost instantly the light overhead gathers and pours down creating another Jerga magic body.

“Fumu. It seems I can’t grasp his origin this way after all.” (Arnos)

“Seems like you understand. This body <Jerga> is magic. It’s the very order of the world itself. It cannot perish.” (Jerga)

That matches up with my hypothesis.

“This game is over. Listen to me people of Azeshion.” (Jerga)

Jerga speaks through the magic of <Ask> and anyone affected by it will hear him directly in their hearts.

“The deep darkness is swallowing Azeshion. The demon king of tyranny has revived again after 2000 years but don’t be afraid. Offer your hope-filled prayers to our legendary hero. He will return and the light of hope will clear away the darkness.” (Jerga)

Diego said the seeds had been scattered for 2000 years. Was he referring to the ever-growing population and the oral tradition being passed down?

More brilliant than the sun itself light gathers in the sky as the light of hope gathers from all over Azeshion.


“…..The darkness……Aaaaaaaaaah! It’s coming…….”


The fallen soldiers of the subjugation force were writhing around on the floor in fear. The light of <Ask> was rising from their bodies even more.

I see.

“The magic <Jerga> was hiding in <Ask> and when <Ask> gathered so much magic for the first time it allowed the will of <Jerga> to materialise and form that body.” (Arnos)

Even as I was speaking Jerga’s body was absorbing the light from <Ask>and growing bigger.

“But to maximise the magic of <Ask> you need to combine everyone’s thoughts into one so the hero academy spread the rumour about the deep darkness. When the deep darkness brings despair the people of Azeshion will give their hope-filled prayers.” (Arnos)

More light fell on Jerga blurring the outline of his body.

“You bastard Jerga. You’re forcibly sucking the hope out of people.” (Arnos)

If all hope is absorbed then their hearts will turn to despair. This is the meaning behind the deep darkness. The people of Azeshion will give hope-filled prayers to the legendary hero. That prayer will be absorbed in an instant and they will drop into despair again.

They’ll continue to wander in darkness never finding the exit and by doing so all their thought will be forcibly united as well.

This is how <Jerga> is invoked.

“If they stay in that hopeless hell their minds will collapse. Do you want to destroy me that badly you’ll kill your own people king of the humans?” (Arnos)

“What are you complaining about? Have you finally realised it demon king of tyranny? The grudge of us humans. They are willing to sacrifice their own lives in order to destroy you. Their precious sacrifice won’t be in vain.” (Jerga)

I can only stare coldly at this guy preaching as if its the most noblest of things.

“Stupid.” (Arnos)

“You speak as if its someone else’s problem king of the mazoku. This is your sin you piece of shit. You are the one who made us humans hold such a grudge Arnos Voldigod!! This would never have happened if you’d never killed humans!! That sin, that stupidity, confess and regret it then rot away in misery!!” (Jerga)

Is he absorbing more hope? The agonised cries of falling humans sounded across the battlefield.

The light in the sky became even more brilliant lighting up the whole forest.

Jerga’s body began to collapse. It had already lost its original form while the divine light quickly spread across the forest.

A huge person wearing armour started to appear from the light. It appeared to be imitating the hero and in its hand was a long, thick and brightly shining holy sword.

“Escape with the injured my subordinates. This whole area is going to be blown away.” (Arnos)

The large holy sword is swung down so I stack <Beno Ieven> along with my <Demon Eyes of Ruin> and accept it.

The surrounding trees are blown away and the ground cracks from the aftermath of our power colliding.

“Know the power of justice.” (Jerga)

Jerga takes a step forward and swings his sword down again. He’s that big his step caused an earthquake binding the legs of the soldiers trying to flee.

“I’ll create a demon king castle underground.” (Sasha)

“Ice Castle.” (Misha)

The silver-haired girl casts <Ibis> and a robust ice castle is built deep underground a short distance away.

“I’ll help you. Even a demon king castle won’t last long against an opponent with that much magical power.” (Melheys)

Melheys comes over and draws a magic formation on the castle.

“Dimensional Prison <Azeishis>.” (Melheys)

The underground demon king castle is isolated with <Azeishis>.

What happens outside cannot make it inside but it does have a weakness in that the entrance needs to be open so the soldiers can evacuate inside.

With Jerga’s current strength he might be able to break through but with the demon king castle as well this two-tiered defence should be able to withstand him to some extent.

“I can’t let any of them escape.” (Jerga)

Jerga tried to see the location of the demon king castle with his demon eyes but at that moment it started to drizzle.

It spreads out blocking his view and obscuring the magical power of the mazoku as well as the demon king castle.

It’s Misa’s <Fuska>.

Jerga starts muttering.

“…….Is this …….the ability of the great spirit forests guardian……? Are the spirits siding with the mazoku…….?” (Jerga)

“Times have changed Jerga. They changed long ago. There are no enemies anymore.” (Arnos)

I concentrate my magic power and flick away the huge holy sword before firing a <Geo Greys> at that huge helmet.

It was briefly wrapped in black flames before quickly being extinguished by anti-magic.

Jerga turned his eyes to me as if nothing had happened.

“…..I won’t be deceived demon king of tyranny. You! Using your strength to manipulate the spirits. How unjust!!” (Jerga)

Jerga raises his sword in the sky and a magic formation appears.

“Know this mazoku. Your bodies shall pay for the sins your ancestors committed!”

Countless <Teo Trias> pour down from the formation overhead.

<Fuska> can’t be aimed at by magic but this is just an indiscriminate bombardment. By sheer numbers, some of them will hit.

From the ground, four magic formations appear comprising of earth, wind, fire and water and block the <Teo Trias’> bombardment.

“….Runaway quickly! Because they are holy magic I can block them to some extent but they won’t last long against that huge person…..” (Eleonor)

Eleonor sets up <De Igeria> and protects the Midheys troops as they withdraw.

The commander demon emperor Elio stops and looks at her.

“….Brave human soldier…..” (Elio)

He cuts straight to the point.

“…….Earlier as well. Why have you helped us mazoku?” (Elio)

She responds clearly.

“Our country declared war. I know that but this is different. We didn’t want to fight. I want to protect. Also, that huge man is trying to kill both mazoku and humans.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor glares at the huge shadow that can vaguely be seen in the mist.

On the other side of the Midheys unit, the subjugation forces were having their hope absorbed while lying on the ground.

“The Deiruheido forces started to withdraw and the demon king subjugation force also tried to withdraw. This war is over. I have no grudge against any of you.” (Eleonor)

The silver-haired fused Misha/Sasha girl was using <Gatom> to transfer the fallen Zeshia’s to the demon king castle but how long would that take with 10,000 people?

“Let’s gather them in one place using <Azeishis> and then you can transfer them in one go.” (Melheys)

Melheys casts <Azeishis> drawing all the Zeshia’s into one place and the silver-haired girl transfers them using <Gatom>.

“A demon king castle has been built underground over there so please evacuate to it.” (fan union)

The fan union girls are guiding the Deiruheido forces to the entrance of the castle.

“What’s wrong Jerga? Can you afford to look away?” (Arnos)

I cast <Fres> and flew into the sky before drawing a magic formation aimed at Jerga.

“How long do you intend to think you have the upper hand!?” (Jerga)

Jerga swings the great holy sword trying to destroy the formation I’d made.

I evade the sword but my magic formation was cut up.

“<Jerga> can’t be destroyed. The only way to stop me is to kill all the humans in Azeshion and even if you did that, <Jerga> would just stop working and wouldn’t disappear from the world! Despair Arnos Voldigod! As long as there’s magic in this world the mazoku are doomed to perish!” (Jerga)

“Fumu. Let me tell you Jerga. If you want me to despair then show me with power and not words.” (Arnos)

“Shut up you filthy arrogant mazoku!!” (Jerga)

Hundreds of chains of light shot out from Jerga’s body and the moment I avoided them a magical barrier activated.

I guess the technique is activated by moving through the chains.

As soon as I broke the chains the large holy sword was swung down.

“Periiiish!!” (Jerga)

The holy sword slices through <Beno Ieven> and smashes me into the ground bleeding and with my origin damaged.

The large holy sword is stabbed into the ground chasing after the injured me.

A loud roar sounds out and the ground is split in half as well as causing a storm from the aftermath of the magic power.

The large holy sword created by <Jerga> can certainly destroy my origin.

“I see.” (Arnos)

In the blink of an eye, my origin was restored.

“Is that holy sword an origin killer?” (Arnos)

“….Wh…..at….the…..!?” (Jerga)

Jerga is astonished by the fact that I, who should have been destroyed, was very much standing there.

“You should have killed me with that. The same attack won’t work on me twice.” (Arnos)

Origin magic Origin Regeneration <Agronemut>.

After receiving an attack on my origin it returns it to its state before it was injured.

Normally, if your origin disappears so does your magic so just before an opponents attack you send <Agronemut> to the future using <Lebaido> where it regenerates your origin.

Because you have to know your opponent’s attack and you need to know they are targeting your origin it’s only usable from the second attack onwards.

Even if Evans Mana destroys my origin I could revive now because Evans Mana pierced my origin 2000 years ago to transfer magic to me.

“Prison Flame Chain Restraint Magic Square <Zora E Dipto>.” (Arnos)

In the moment Jerga thought he’d destroyed my origin I set up the magic formation.

Jet black flames turn into chains and bind Jergas huge body and at the same time Prison Flame Chain also forms a magic circle.

An origin magic put together to block the enemies movement and magic power as well as delivering the final blow. That is <Zora E Dipto>

“Be swallowed up in the flames of darkness.” (Arnos)

The prison flame chains burn black and swallow up Jergas magic body in one go and in his place was a pillar of fire reaching to the heavens.

“Fumu. Oh well, I guess this is to be expected.” (Arnos)

A divine light is leaking out of the black flame pillar.

The flame pillar swells from the inside and an intact huge armoured figure walks out.

“I’ve already said <Jerga> is immortal. Even if you had your sword you can’t keep erasing its concept forever. The destruction of the mazoku is fated!!” (Jerga)

“What? Now that would just spoil the fun.” (Arnos)

“Shut your mouth!!”

While still being connected to <Zora E Dipto> Jerga moved his body and swings his large holy sword.

“Your castle isn’t here! You don’t have Deruzogedo! Without it you can’t pull out that demon sword trump card of yours!!” (Jerga)


“I’ve never shown you my principle destroying sword. Who told you about it?” (Arnos)

Those from the age of myths know that my demon king castle is a three-dimensional magic formation but everyone who knows of my swords existence should have died.

“You don’t have the room to worry about that!” (Jerga)

He swings the hold sword sideways dragging the chains with it.

“You can revive as many times as you want. I’ll judge you until you run out of magic power and fall into the abyss ofย  despair!!” (Jerga)

The moment the large holy sword tried to crush me a gust of wind blew from the ground and the huge sword was cut in half and fell down.

“That was unexpected. It seems if I want to cut it I can cut it irrelevant of size.” (Ray)

Ray appeared in front of Jerga wielding Sigshesta.

“Fumu. Have you recovered enough?” (Arnos)

“Thanks to you buying time all seven of my origins are back.” (Ray)

Without all seven of his origins even Ray will struggle against this guy so I had to buy some time.

“……Stupid……stupid foolish man…….” (Jerga)

Hatred overflows.

Huge armoured eyes glowed darkly while a voice filled with hatred spilled out.

“….Hero…. You who was once called a hero. How far…. how far do you intend to fall until you’re satisfied Kanon!!!” (Jerga)

Jerga regenerates his holy sword while raising his voice in anger.

On his left hand, he draws a magic formation and 108 gun ports appear there gathering light in the barrels.

“To think that such a day would come.” (Arnos)

I fly in the sky and move over to Ray.

“I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t here.” (Ray)

I gently clench my fist and hold it out to Ray. This dirty hand has the blood of many thousands of humans on it. No, it’s even more than that.

Ray also makes a fist and sticks it out.

He has killed countless mazoku with those hands.

Both of us had the same thing we wanted to do we just had different positions.

Both of us only wanted to protect.

There’s no grudge to be had in that.

“Let’s go friend. Let’s break these 2000-year-old chains of hatred.” (Arnos)

Ray nods.

“Peace for Azeshion and Deiruheido.” (Ray)

We both lightly bump fists.

The next moment using <Gatom> Ray appeared behind Jerga.

“Clever move!!” (Jerga)

Jerga tries to look back but I pour power into <Zora E Dipto> and hold him down.

“Did you think I’d let you do that?” (Arnos)

“Yoooooooou!!” (Jerga)

Jerga fires off numerous <Teo Trias> but I approach him while dodging them.

“Yooooooooou!!!” (Jerga)

The huge holy sword is swung with enough force to make the atmosphere howl but Ray cuts it off with Sigshesta.

“I won’t let you.” (Ray)

A ghost from 2000 years ago and hatred from 2000 years ago.

Two heroes from the great war take to the skies to put an end to a battle that should have been over long ago.

TN: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cliffhanger lol. Also, I’d love to know how the authors picking their spell names unless they are just headbutting their keyboard.

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  1. You don’t have deruzedzo? Mmmmm is that a challenge it probably just gonna be like.

    Anos: What Did you think my castle can’t fly all the way cross continent? What kinda Maou if that wasn’t included in it along with Ultimate Defense, Light Speed Travel, Space Flight Capabilites and buffing his mp to world creating territories

    • Were we not reading the same thing? It was stated, literally, that his castle is a three dimensional magic formation which means it can be summoned anywhere… Let me quote that:
      โ€œ Those from the age of myths know that my demon king castle is a three-dimensional magic formation but everyone who knows of my swords existence should have died.โ€

  2. “Iโ€™d love to know how the authors picking their spell names unless they are just headbutting their keyboard.” LMAO honestly I think that’s it.

    They punch their computers and whatever comes out is the spell name

    • Tempus covered this back in chapter 93 but here’s their TN

      (1) The author used demon eyes for Eleonor here and he used it with Diego last chapter as well so Iโ€™m assuming that what Arnos is calling demon eyes is actually just magic vision that anyone with sufficient power/talent can use irrelevant of race and not just the mazoku.

      • I’ll add to that, that demon and magic use the same ‘Ma’ in Japanese, making magic and demon related it seems
        (You have tatsuya touching the subject in the irregular at magic high school)
        Few examples Maou -> demon king/ Magic king
        Mamono -> Monster / demonic beast / magic beast

    • I guess rather than calling it demon eyes, it’d be more accurate to say “magic formation detector” eyes, since in the previous chapters we have mentions of Eleanor and other heroes also using the eyes to see origins and magic

    • So, as I understand it, a spell exists to revive an origin, but I’m guessing there’s a catch: the person being revived has to be the one to cast it. This, obviously, means the spell is effectively useless because you can’t cast a spell if your origin’s destroyed (because, youre suuuuuper dead). But, Anos can use it by casting it in the future, right before he knows his origin will be destroyed. That is, cast the spell, send it into the future (where his origin no longer exists) and it will revive him. Though in this they also implied the window to cast this is veeery small so you have to know how an oncoming attack will damage your origin for it to be effective. Cast it too early – spell fails, cast it too late, and you’re too dead to cast it.

  3. For the spells it looks like some of them have SOME :TM: kind of sense?
    Ask: The caster “asks” for the power of the people to help him win.
    Guys: The caster gives their power to their “guys” (companions) to win a battle.
    Ibis: “Ibis” is a long legged bird, birds make nests, so the caster “builds” a castle or a thing?
    The rest i’m just completely stumped xD they don’t look/sound like they have a latin/greek root, nor a romatization of any other word that i’d know as a descendant of a romantic language (spanish, french, portuguese, italian, etc…)

    • you more or less already got the concept down, but for you to be able to unravel it all, you need to think outside of the box more. And well this just my theory but i think that the same goes for the name ( in which they those concept). Here is an example : avos dillheavia
      A = a
      Vos = force
      D = the
      Ill = ill ( as in sickly evil or something like that)
      Heav = have
      Ia = not (ia or in japanese its iya which means disagreeable, but for some reason i decided to go with iie which means no because i feel it fits better that way so it turns to not)
      And so avos dillheavia = a force the ill have not
      So with that i think the name kinda indicate that avos in not evil and it fits even more after i learn that ray/kanon is avos.
      So what do you guys and the tl-san think about that?
      Comment below! Or should i say reply?
      Anyway, keep up the goodwork tl-san

  4. As always, thank you for your translation!

    I have a minor correction(?) to make though, I think ้ญ”็œผ shouldn’t be translated as “demon eye(s)”, I think “magic(al) eye(s)” or “mystic(al) eye(s)” would a better translation. While ้ญ” can mean demon, it can also mean mystic(al)/magic(al) as in ้ญ”่ก“, ้ญ”ๆณ•, ้ญ”ๅŠ› etc. I think the fact that non-demons can have those eyes make it pretty obvious that the ้ญ” shouldn’t be taken as “demon” in the context of ้ญ”็œผ.

    To further strengthen my point ้ญ”็œผ is used in materials made by Type-Moon too and it’s translated as Mystic Eyes (tried giving links but I believe they somehow caused my comment to be seen as a spam.)

    Again, thanks for the translation! Have great day!

    • I’ve been thinking about that too. And just like you say its better to use magic/mystic eyes ( magic eyes is more natural to me though), because the ma in mazoku and ma in mahou is the same. But that is unless what the author meant that even though its a demon eyes that is unique to the demons but some of the humans can also use it, just like arnos being able to use holy magic

    • I really don’t mean this as sharp as it sounds so I do apologise but you’ve got to remember when I started this the humans were only mentioned (apart from Kanon) and all we had were the demons. Also the author very much has this whole light vs dark, holy vs demonic theme going on.

      Yes the eyes could be translated either way but since they were literally called the demon race and everything else was being called demon something or other I went with demon eyes. It wasn’t until chapter 92 the author literally pulled humans using it of nowhere. It’s the same with demon swords. I could have just called them magic swords but again everything was demon something or another.

      I’ll be changing the humans skill to magic eyes because it does sound a bit wrong them using something called demon eyes.

    • Well this arc? Probably in the next few chapters. But the LN continues on till the seventh volume so there’s still like 3 volumes to go after this one ends

  5. Oh so he needs his castle so he can pull out his sword? Cue one castle summoning spell later…

    Seriously how stupid is Jerga to not expect Arnos “Flex King” Voldigod to not have a spell to bloop his castle to his location?

    Meanwhile the bromance between Arnos and Ray is still going strong.

  6. I honestly have nothing but pure hate for this Jerga guy. Like he’s basically destroying the world just for his stupid grudge and is too crazy to even properly realize it. I just hope that he actually dies quickly. I originally wanted that he reincarnates as a hybrid demon but now I feel that he’s to much of a waste to use reincarnation magic on.

  7. “When โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ held up โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ right hand, a divine light flooded out there, and the sword became an elephant.”

    No thanks, I’ll wait for Tempus’ translation.

  8. Jerga’s willingness to drain the hopes of all the people in Azeshion is really horrifying if you think about it along with other plot elements. In this series, it’s common for people to be reincarnated, which means it’s very possible that his wife and child were reincarnated as modern day humans, demons, or other species. Even though their murder at the hands of demons was his original reason for wanting revenge, he’d probably be willing to sacrifice even his family to commit genocide on the demons.

  9. I’m pretty sure some of the spell names are corrupted english words.
    “Lebaido” (Ribaido) the time travel spell is “Rewind”
    Liikus is “link us” or “leaks”
    he does have a few I can’t place though.

    • Well duh, didnt you read the longest comment here (mine) and the one that i commented on?

      And btw heres some more theory for you guys

      Deruzogedo = there’s a gate
      Deruz = there’s
      O = a (its like when someone says a but it
      Sounded like eh, o or ah)
      Gedo = gate

      Some of you might be able to relate this to what will happen in the next chapter. ( fyi i didnt read ahead and this is just me theorizing)
      Good theorizing everyone tl-san too!!!

    • Ah right forgot about this..
      So for those who wants to know and with authorisation, the name of the combined sasha and misha, which the author got to tired to write sasha and misha combinations at some point is :
      Spoiler warning do not proceed

      The second letter of sasha then the second letter of misha. -sha

      (Like this even by mistake you have enough margin to avoid the spoiler)

  10. Weaving the essence of his being into the fabric of the world seems a bit above Jerga’s paygrade. He was a strong human hero but thats it. I wonder if he had help and if so who.

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