105. Ghost from 2000 years ago

All the Enhalle’s fall from the Zeshias hands and pierce the ground giving off a sad glow. 

“What are you doing you idiots!? Go! Go and annihilate those mazoku!” (Diego)

Diego gives the order but the Zeshia’s don’t move.

The usually compliant girls were crying, tears running down their faces.

“What are you doing!? Go! Gooooo!!” (Diego)

Diego continues to scream at them but they don’t move.

“Since its come to this…….” (Diego)

Diego draws the formation for <Gavel> and starts activating the forced detonation formula.

The moment he tried to inject his magic into the formula his hand was sliced off down to the wrist.

“…Guaaaaa…..Gaaaa……..!!” (Diego)

Diego cradles his arm in agony.

“I was wrong.” (Ray)

Ray thrusts Evans Mana at Diego’s neck.

With the Zeshia’s currently stopped Ray had taken the chance and left the front.

“……What are you talking about?” (Diego)

“I mean some people can’t be saved. Like you.” (Ray)

Rays eyes stare sharply at Diego but he’s not actually looking at him but at someplace far away.

“What are you doing!? All of you! Even if he’s got Evans Mana he’s only one man. Don’t be afraid!” (Diego)

Diego yells at the soldiers around him but they refuse to pull out their swords.

“…..Oi! Can you hear me!? I’ve given you an order!!” (Diego)

The soldiers just look down at the ground before one of them speaks up.

“…….None of us wield a sword that will be pointed at the legendary hero Kanon…..”

“Idiots! What gibberish are you spouting! Are your demon eyes rotten!? That guys a mazoku! I’m Kanon! I’m the legendary hero reborn!” (Diego)

“….You are……?”

The soldier starts muttering to himself before deciding on something.

“Did you lose the spirit god sword?”

Diego is at a loss for words before he turns red and glares at the soldier.

“Here, try it.” (Ray)

Ray stabs Evans Mana in the ground.

“The spirit god sword chooses those with honest hearts as its owner. If, as you say, I am a mazoku and you are a hero then Evans Mana will side with you.” (Ray)

“Don’t look down on me.” (Diego)

Diego immediately grasps the hilt of Evans Mana and the second he starts to pull it out of the ground.

“Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Diego)

A white electric current runs over Diego’s body judging him with holy light.

“….Why?……… Why spirit god sword!? Why are you siding with the mazoku….!?” (Diego)

“That is the spirit god swords answer. The demon king is gone. There’s no more reason to fight.” (Ray)

Diego’s expression turns bitter at Ray’s words.

“The mazoku are far more merciful than you.” (Adjutant)

The adjutant whose arm was cut off earlier speaks up.

“…What was….that…..you ….bastard…..!” (Diego)

“This battle is over. Follow the will of our Guardian deity the spirit god sword. Follow the words of the legendary hero Kanon. Let’s make our triumphant return to Gairadeite!” (Adjutant)

“Wait you bastards! I won’t allow this. I don’t give permission!” (Diego)

Diego starts screaming out orders but no one is listening anymore.

As tens of thousands of soldiers start to withdraw only Diego is left behind.

Diego falls to the floor with hollow eyes and starts muttering.

“…..It’s not over……” (Diego)

It was a hateful voice but more than that it was creepy and distorted. It was dyed with hatred and sinking into the abyss of despair.

He sharply clenches his fist and draws blood.

“….For 2000 years these seeds have been growing and now its time they bore fruit…….” (Diego)

The light of <Ask> wraps around Diego’s body and a voice speaks up out of nowhere.


An eerie voice

“Kill the mazoku.”

A hateful voice.


An unpleasant voice bursting with hatred.

“This is regrettable but.” (Ray)

Without any hesitation, Ray swings Evans Mana at Diego’s head but it stops just before connecting.

Diego who was still using <Ask> lost consciousness and collapsed.

If its caster loses consciousness <Ask> should be cancelled but this time it stayed active. 


The sound of people falling down could be heard.

Ray looked over and the subjugation forces that had started withdrawing were collapsing one after another and all their bodies were wrapped in the light of <Ask>.

“What’s this….?” (Ray)


Eleonor raises her voice as the Zeshias also fall down and have their bodies wrapped up in the light of <Ask>

“…..Dirty mazoku……”

The voice sounded out again but this time even the Deiruheido forces heard it and not just the people affected by <Ask>.

“…..I am Jerga…….”

“……Jerga…….?” (Ray)

“A magic made to destroy the mazoku. Mazoku Judgement <Jerga>.”

From the direction of Azeshion the light of <Ask> gathers in the sky before pouring down on the ground and tightly condensing.

Eventually, a body emerged from the light.

“Sensei…..” (Ray)

The condensed light formed a body made from magic. It was certainly Jerga. The 2000-year-old commander of the Gairadeite demon king subjugation forces who bore an intense grudge against the demon king and set up the hero academy whose aim was to destroy the mazoku.

“I said this 2000 years ago Kanon.” (Jerga)

Ray’s expression said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“The mazoku are not the kind of creatures you give kindness to. They are a corrupt existence that don’t belong in this world.” (Jerga)

Jerga didn’t move from the spot he was standing on. Was his body incomplete?

“Not only did you oppose the establishment of the hero academy it seems you never got tired defending the demon king of tyranny either. So much so you actually became a mazoku. That’s unfortunate Kanon. I’m very disappointed.” (Jerga)

Ray looked at Jerga with a sad expression on his face.

“….Indeed sensei. It is regrettable. It’s regrettable you’ve lost your heart to this extent.” (Ray)

Ray points the cutting edge of Evans Mana at Jerga.

“You’re a ghost from 2000 years ago sensei. That origin of yours should have disappeared by now. Its time to end this along with all that hatred of yours. (Ray)

Jerga fires a shell of light but Ray easily dodges it and stabs him with Evans Mana.

The divine light of Evans Mana cuts through Jerga but he immediately reforms and gains his original appearance.

“It’s useless Kanon. The spirit god sword is a holy sword designed to destroy the demon king of tyranny. It’s extremely effective against the mazoku but <Jerga> is the same kind of magic as the sword. A holy sword cannot destroy something that is truly holy.” (Jerga)

Ray draws a magic circle with his left hand and withdraws Sigshesta.

“Unfortunately it’s your turn now.” (Jerga)

Though moving slowly more and more light was gathering on Jerga’s left arm.

He draws a magic formation and a magic circle emerges from Zeshia’s left breast.

“The origin explosion of 10,000 people will wipe out the forest along with those mazoku in it. They won’t be able to run away.” (Jerga)

“…..Kuh…..” (Ray)

Flipping Evans Mana over Ray starts destroying the magic formations with the holy sword and Shigshesta.

“…..I won’t let you….!!” (Eleonor)

Eleonor emits a strong surge of magic power and erases the <Gavel’s > on Zeshia but there’s just too many.

Not only are there 10,000 of them but they are scattered all around the forest.

“It’s no use you know. You don’t have enough time.” (Jerga)

“Well how about this then?”

A voice comes from the sky so Jerga looks up to see Sasha and Misha floating there.

“……Subordinates of the demon king of tyranny? What are you going to do with that power? It’s far too inferior to the mazoku of 2000 years ago. You can’t do anything. Just lament your helplessness and die in sin.” (Jerga)

“Sorry to disappoint you but after 2000 years the mazoku haven’t become weak.”

A man with a skeletal body appears behind them. It’s one of the old seven demon emperors Aivis Necron.

“These twins are my direct descendants who are favoured by the demon king of tyranny. Its time to show this fool who drew his sword against my lord the secret art of the Necrons.” (Aivis)

Sasha exchanges a look with Misha and they hold hands.

“I’m not scared.” (Misha)

“Me neither.” (Sasha)

“I am you.” (Misha)

“And you are me.” (Sasha)

They each draw half a magic formation of their bodies and connect it together.

Aivis holds both their hands and places another circle on top of theirs before pouring all his magic power into it.

“You should return to your rightful figure.” (Aivis)

Following Aivis’ words they both say at the same time.

“<Dino Jikusess>.”

As the magic particles rise up their bodies slowly merge with each other as if melting.

A girl with silver hair that was neither Sasha nor Misha was standing there.

A fusion magic that unites two origins and amplifies their magic power. The <Dino Jikusess> that was meant to unify Sasha and Misha before was incomplete. 

Unlike origin clones, when two people are split from the same origin there’s a force at work between them that wants the origin to reunite which was the case between Sasha and Misha.

With Sasha and Misha as they are now <Dino Jikusess> has been bought closer to perfection. 

No, you could actually say that the amount of power they have now is perfect since instead of returning two origins to one, two separate origins are now fused.

“Disappear.” (Misha)

“<Demon Eyes of Ruin>.” (Sasha)

Both Misha and Sasha’s voice can be heard from the silver-haired girl.

Misha’s demon eyes scour the forest and capture the magic of <Gavel> for all 10,000 Zeshia scattered throughout the forest then Sasha’s demon eyes destroy all the formations instantly.

“Clever bug. Now fall.” (Jerga)

Jerga’s right arm glows even more then he looks at the silver-haired girl and fires a <Teo Trias>.

“Useless.” (Misha)

“I destroyed the formula for <Teo Trias>.” (Sasha)

The shell of light disappears under the gaze of the <Demon Eye’s of Ruin> but Jerga doesn’t care and just keeps firing more.

The formation at the end of his hand grows massively and the light shells were fired from it like a hail storm.

“Did you think increasing the numbers would do anything?” (Sasha)

“46 <Teo Trias> confirmed destroyed.” (Misha)

Sasha and Misha destroy all the <Teo Trias> as well as the <Gavels> that Jerga reapplied to Zeshia’s chest with their demon eyes.

In front of those silver demon eyes all magic will be nullified.

“You seem to have some magical power but you don’t seem to understand the situation. Those are great demon eyes but what will you do with them? You are on the defensive side here. They are only good for anti-magic and you will soon run out of magic power. I only have to waste time.” (Jerga)

Light gathers on Jerga’s body and his legs start to glow now as well.

One of the uncountable number of light shells evade the demon eyes of the silver-haired girl and hit her directly but her anti-magic blocked it. Barely.

“……If we can gain some time then that’s enough…..” (Sasha)

“Waiting.” (Misha)

“What happens if you wait?” (Jerga)

“…..Arnos is coming to defeat you…..” (Sasha)

“Believe in him.” (Misha)

Jerga’s mouth distorts into a sneer.

“Kuhahahaha. You have those demon eyes yet you see nothing. The demon king of tyranny is dead!! Evans Mana is a sword made by the gods to destroy the demon king of tyranny. His origin disappeared without a trace!! He can’t revive!” (Jerga)

“…..I wouldn’t be so sure…..” (Sasha)

“…..Even if I can’t see it I believe it…..” (Misha)

Light shells shoot at the silver-haired girl over and over again but she continues to watch the ground destroying any <Gavel> that appears.

“….I’ll protect it…..” (Sasha)

“The peace that Arnos wanted to protect…..” (Misha)

“……I was told to protect it…..!!” (Sasha)

“….I won’t let anyone die……” (Misha)

Light gathers on Jerga’s head then his magic body materialised like it had substance.

“….Did you think my demon king would die just by having his origin destroyed!?” (Sasha)

“Arnos won’t just die by himself.” (Misha)

The <Demon Eyes of Ruin> destroyed all the light shells.

“Pitiful mazoku. Did you become unable to understand common sense? Your anguish pleases me. Taste more despair. Let’s multiply the pain I felt 2000 years ago and return it to you tenfold.” (Jerga)

Four huge magic circles cover Tora forest composed of earth, wind, fire and water and form <De Igeria>. At the same time the magic formula on Zeshia’s left breast is completed.

“At first it will be one and then another one every ten seconds until you cry and beg me to stop. They’ll explode one by one. Enjoy the sadness watching those whom you wanted to protect die in front of you.” (Jerga)

Jerga clenches his left hand

“<Gavel>.” (Jerga)

Ray ran.

Sasha and Misha concentrated their demon eyes.

Eleonor raises her voice.

But none of them are in time.

But even so, Zeshia doesn’t explode.

Everyone’s eyes are concentrated there.

“…..Imposs……ible…….” (Jerga)

Jerga leaks out a small voice as he looks at the demon king of tyranny.

“…..Arnos……..Voldigod…….” (Jerga)

“Fumu. Seems you know me.” (Arnos)

I slowly step forward and move over to where some of the Zeshia’s are.

“That was pretty troublesome. Ray, Sasha, Misha and Eleonor you held up well.” (Arnos)

I cast Time Manipulation <Lebaido> on all the Zeshias and stop the time of <Gavel>.

“…..Why……? How…….? What did you do…….?” (Jerga)

“Even turning your body into magic hasn’t stopped you being stupid I see Jerga. Don’t try to measure me against common sense. Did you think just because my origin was destroyed I couldn’t revive?” (Arnos)

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