104. The voice of a child echoes across the battlefield

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” (Ray)

With an uncountable number of sword flashes Ray rips apart the <Jirasudo> coated rocks overhead with Evans Mana banishing the darkness and denying the despair of those below.

Dazzling light illuminates my body.

“……Splendid…..” (Arnos)

A body wrapped in light and the scar from Evans Mana continues to destroy my origin.

“Demon king-sama!!”

The fastest of the Deiruheido advance units approach my position.

About 500 mazoku soldiers arrive at my location.

They may have come to save the demon king of tyranny but they are too late.

The light that surrounded my body burst open and as it subsides my body disappears.

“You damn humans…….”

The captain of the advance unit pulls out his demon sword and raises it to the sky.

“I am Elio Roodwell the demon emperor charged with looking after Midheys for the demon king of tyranny! My Midheys unit will now escort the demon kings journey to hell! Come stupid humans and give my lord comfort!” (Elio)

The Midheys unit and the subjugation force glare at each and just as they were about to start fighting Ray held up Evans Mana.

“My name is the hero Kanon. The demon king of tyranny Avos Dillheavia has been killed by me. This sword Evans Mana was created to destroy the very origin of the demon king himself. He will never revive!” (Ray)

Proclaiming it loudly Ray appears in front of the advance team.

“Proud Deiruheido soldiers, this is a wonderful attempt to follow your lord but have you forgotten the last words of the demon king of tyranny himself?” (Ray)

[All Deiruheido forces are to withdraw. I will not allow any retaliation against the Azeshion forces until I reincarnate again. Live. Until the day your demon king returns again.] The last words of the demon king of tyranny transmitted via <Liikus>.

“The words of your lord or the words of the hero wielding the sacred sword. Who do you believe?” (Ray)

The demon kings origin was destroyed by the holy sword and could never revive but his own words said he would reincarnate and come again.

Elio grits his teeth. Revenge is clearly in his eyes and on his mind but for him, a member of the royals, the words of the demon king of tyranny must take priority over anything else.

Asked who to believe the answer was obvious.

“…..Withdraw all troops and wait for the demon kings return…..” (Elio)

The Midheys unit starts to fall back.

“Chase them! Don’t let them go!!”

Ray stands in front of the subjugation forces blocking their way.

“Peaceful Gairadeite soldiers, Avos Dillheavia is gone. The mazoku follow the words of the demon king of tyranny. They will not attack until he is reincarnated but he is never coming back. Evans Mana has already destroyed his origin.” (Ray)

There is no one in Gairadeite who doubts the power of the legendary holy sword given to them by the gods.

“They will wait for all eternity for the revival of the demon king of tyranny and still it will never happen. That is their punishment, my brethren. A commandment that will last forever.” (Ray)

Ray raises his voice

“We have won. The fight is over. Right now, peace has come to Azeshion!” (Ray)

Ray raises Evans Mana high up in the sky creating a magic circle and summoning a sheath. As he sheaths Evans Mana the soldiers let out a great shout of victory.

The mazoku will not invade Azeshion until the demon king revives and this demon king will not revive for all eternity. As such, Azeshion will not invade Deiruheido either.

“…..This is the end……Arnos.” Ray murmurs.

As he speaks a shell of light was launched from the subjugation force towards the retreating mazoku forces.

Ray snaps his hand out and flicks it away with his right hand.

The next moment thousands of shells were launched towards the mazoku forces.

“….Fuuu…..!” (Ray)

Ray quickly whips Evans Mana out of its sheath and cuts down all the <Teo Trias> but his single breath delay due to him having to unsheathe his blade causes him to miss one.

“Ku—” (Ray)

The shell of light impacts the ground where a number of retreating Midheys units were causing an explosion followed by a dust storm.


The mazoku soldiers raise their voices.

“….We were quietly withdrawing yet you cowards dare to shoot us in the back….!”

The mazoku forces shout their anger

“Don’t be fooled! That’s not the hero Kanon! He’s a mazoku!! Kill the mazoku! Kill them all!!”

It was Diego, the commander of the subjugation army screaming to his troops.

“But commander the enemy has lost their fighting spirit and the demon king of tyranny has been destroyed. Our wish has been fulfilled! Even if by some small chance Kanon is a mazoku he’s not hostile. Our reason to fight ha—”

“Shut up! Kill every last mazoku! Can’t you hear my order!?” (Diego)

“…..This is a pointless battle that will do nothing but waste the lives of our soldi—”

The arm of the adjutant who was talking was suddenly cut off.


“I’ll kill you if you defy me anymore! Zeshia squad move out and use <Gavel>. Take out that fake Kanon along with all the mazoku!!” (Diego)

The 10,000 fully armoured Zeshias’ move forward and draw a magic formation over their hearts at the same time.

“….All troops…stop…..! The demon king who became our shield would laugh at us for backing down after his people were killed. We will remind you humans of the pride the mazoku race!” (Elio)

At Elio’s command, the Midheys troops stop and turn to face the subjugation forces.

At that time a voice rang out


Once the dust cleared the floating figure of Eleonor appeared.

She had deployed <De Igeria> and was protecting the mazoku troops.

It seems she had stopped the <Teo Trias> as non of the mazoku were hurt.

“It’s fine. Nobody has died.” (Eleonor)

Elio stared at her with surprise and wariness.

Eleonor is not a mazoku. He couldn’t help but wonder why she was defending them.

“What are you doing you failure! Have you forgotten your hatred of the mazoku? Are you intending to betray the humans!?” (Diego)

Diego speaks to Eleonor through <Liikus> his voice full of anger.

“There’s no reason to fight anymore! The demon king of tyranny is dead and the Deiruheido army is about to withdraw! Any more than this and it’s no longer a fight to protect ourselves. Instead, it will be nothing but a slaughter that kills enemies and allies alike. Not even the demon king of tyranny you hate so much would do this!” (Eleonor)

“Silence!! Did you say that I am less than those dirty mazoku!? Impossible. This is revenge! This is the hammer of justice falling on those mazoku that took everything from us!” (Diego)

“You’ve been robbed of nothing! What justice is in that hatred!? It’s not even yours to begin with! It’s foolish to fight! You’re being controlled by the heart of another! None of us wanted to fight originally!!” (Eleonor)

“I told you to shut up. Don’t talk to me like that Origin Womb <Eleonor>.” (Diego)

Magic letters appear on Eleonors body before overflowing with holy water and turning into a sphere of water covering her.

The magic <Eleonor> has been activated limiting her actions.

“Just watch quietly.” (Diego)

Diego raised Enhalle overhead releasing its holy light.

“Everyone charge at once firing <Teo Trias> and once you’re in range of the mazoku self-destruct!” (Diego)

10,000 Zeshia’s step forward.

“Zeshia please stop! This is pointless. There’s no one to kill! You don’t want to kill anyone do you!!” (Eleonor)

“They won’t hear what you are saying. You are both nothing more than weapons for killing the mazoku. Now go!” (Diego)

All 10,000 Zeshia draw out their holy sword Enhalle and head for the Deiruheido army.

Ray slashes out with Evans Mana flicking away the <Teo Trias’> and cutting the activated magic <Gavel> formations on the Zeshias’ but even with him being Kanon who’s wielding Evans Mana there is simply too many of them.

He hasn’t killed a single Zehia and its obvious that way of fighting will soon wear him out.

Several Zeshias slipped through his defences and approached him at point-blank range. The origin explosion at this close range will heavily damage even Ray’s origin.


Eleonor screams out but the Zeshias’ raise their arms to thrust Enhalle into their chests.

And suddenly……

They stop moving.

It was as if time had stopped. All 10,000 Zeshia’s are standing still not moving an inch.

In the several seconds of silence that followed or perhaps it was even less than that she opened her mouth.

“….Ple….ase……he……lp……..” (Zeshia)

A child’s voice echoes across the battlefield.

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