101. An oath made 2000 years ago

TN: Here we go folks. A big reveal chapter for those who haven’t read ahead. Enjoy.

Tora forest. A huge forest that spans across Deiruheido and Azeshion.

The Gairadeite demon king subjugation force is camped next to it on the Azeshion side of the border and amongst them are the 10,000 Zeshia origin clones.

All of them are fully armoured, their faces covered by helmets and equipped with the holy sword Enhalle ready to attack the Deiruheido forces.

On the west side of the border were the Deiruheido advance units and the mazoku royals. With the demon emperors at the top of the chain, the units are organised under each of them.

In the forest, many huge towering demon king castles had been created.

The two forces are quite away from each other but both sides are still staring at the other with hostility.

This stalemate will not last long however.

The war will spread the very second its lit.

I cannot let the 2 armies clash with each other.

Ray is hidden on the border just within the Deiruheido side. That man will not allow the advance units to step foot across the border.

Further to the west, the main Deiruheido forces are camped on Eiyan hill.

I’d say there’s about 20,000 of them? Presumably, the seven elder demon emperors are there as well.

I gaze at the jet black demon king castle built on Eiyan hill.

“Let’s go. Ignore the small fries, always act together as four people and only aim at the other seven elder demon emperors.” (Arnos)

“Your will.”

I walk straight towards the enemy with Melheys and the other elders following behind.

“……Stop. Who are you?”

Mazoku soldiers ready their demon swords at us since we came from the Azeshion side.

“Wait. Isn’t that Melheys-sama……?”

“It is. There’s also Aivis-sama, Gaius-sama and Idol-sama……”

“Does that mean that all the seven elder demon emperors will be participating?”

The faces of the mazoku soldiers brightened and they lowered their swords.

Too naive. You’re on the battlefield.

I grabbed the face of the one who seemed to be the best amongst them.


“Don’t let your guard down just because you know them. We are not your allies.” (Arnos)

I cover the mans whole body in a barrier and lift him up.

“Let….me….. Release me…..”

“Aah. I’ll let you go right now.” (Arnos)

I easily lifted him up, aimed at the crowd of Deiruheido soldiers and powerfully threw him.


The Deiruheido forces had set up a barrier but the man wrapped in my barrier shot through it like a cannonball and blew about 200 people away.

“Attack…. Enemy attack…..!!?”

“……Idiot. How the hell did the Azeshion army get here?”

“It’s not the Azeshions its the mazoku!!”

“What? Have they betrayed the demon king of tyranny? Who are they!? Unificationists!”

“Th…thats…. Seven Demon Elders. Melheys-sama and others…..”


I stand in front of the man who seems to be a commanding officer.

“Did you say betrayed?” (Arnos)

The grimm faced commander readies his demon sword while his subordinates cautiously watch us.

“You’re wrong. This is the true demon king army. You should tell Avos Dillheavia the real things come.” (Arnos)

“A demon king army with 4 people!? Charge! Crush them!”

“But that’s Melheys-sama and the others!!”

“The Seven Elder Demon Emperors would never defy the demon king of tyranny! They’re fakes! Do it!”

Yare yare. How embarrassing.

“You don’t seem to understand so let me teach you. It’s not four people. It’s just me.” (Arnos)

I raise my foot and stamp on the ground with all my might.

“I am the demon king army.”

The ground shakes intensely and the soldiers are violently shaken and thrown to the floor in what has become an unprecedented major earthquake. The type of earthquake not felt in Deirouheido in over 2000 years.

“Guhaa……Whats this……!!


“Woah!!……. The grounds breaking…..!!”

“Don’t falter……. Get in the sky….. Fly……!!”

The soldiers all flee to the sky at once using <Fres> but they soon stall and crash back into the ground.

“Wha…flying is….Guaaa……!!”

“The magic has been disturbed over this area…..Uaaaa….!!”

“Shit…… Ouch….. What’s happening….!?”

I take a single step forward and speak.

“Did you think the impact of an earthquake would not reach the sky?”

Every step I take transmits magic power to the ground and causes an earthquake. The quake is disrupting the atmosphere as well as disrupting the magic power in the air.

“Remember this. This is what the march of a demon king is.” (Arnos)

I walk straight to Eiyan hill where the demon kings castle is located.

Just that alone has caused the soldiers within a few kilometre radius to fall to the floor and bang their heads off the ground.

Grovelling in front of me the mazoku army has fallen in an instant.

Just then 3 shadows flew out of the demon king castle using <Fres>

Judging from the magic power I’d say its the Seven Demon Elders.

“Fumu. They’ve come Melheys.” (Arnos)

“Please leave it to me.” (Melheys)

Melheys and the others also cast <Fres> and headed to the 3 shadows.

“How’s it going Misha?”

I hear her voice through <Liikus>

“Going well.” (Misha)

Using <Guys> I can share her field of vision.

A desert spreads before me with a group of mazoku on it off to join the Deiruheido army, or they would be but Misha was using <Ibis> to create quicksand and was swallowing groups of them one after another.

Even if you use magic the desert is no place to hide and Sasha was using her <Demon Eyes of Ruin> to disperse any magic they were trying to make.

<Demon Eye’s of Ruin> use a lot of magic power and the current Sasha can’t use them for a prolonged period of time, however, she’s compensating for that by using them tactically. She’s only wiping out part of the formations so they cant form instead of deleting the whole thing.

If part of the formation is destroyed it’s very difficult to repair so it naturally collapses.

If you are skilled you can rebuild it before it collapses but there don’t seem to be any capable people out there.

Even so, there’s still tens of thousands of soldiers out there. Those numbers will force us to retreat bit by bit.

How long we respond for depends on the strength of those 2 and how they fight.

“Sasha. In the quicksand. I can confirm the formula of <Ibis>.” (Misha)

“They’re trying to create an obstacle to block my <Demon Eye’s of Ruin>. That’s not going to happen”

Sasha uses her eyes and destroys the formation. Even if you block their line of sight <Demon Eye’s of Ruin> still work as long as you can see the magic power. Using the eyes does limit how far you can look into the abyss and right from the start Sasha was never any good at seeing magic power.

But if you add Misha into the mix that blind spot is eliminated.

Most of the mazoku are confused as their chain of command is not very clear so they cant get a firm grasp of the battle situation.

Misha had built traps one after the other using <Ibis> and they were finding it hard to push forward.

“Fumu. Is this it?”

Bringing my vision back the mazoku soldiers are still rattling around on the ground. Some mazoku are standing but their feet don’t work out of fear.

Had this not been war some powerful people would have been able to stand up but Deiruheido has been peaceful for the last 2000 years so this is their first time seeing their allies collapse. Of course they’re scared.

If you see stronger people than you collapsed its understandable that your body won’t move.

Even the strongest of people can die swiftly if consumed by fear.

What I’d told Misha was happening now but it would have been a different story if not for Melheys and the others holding down the other Seven Elder Demon Emperors.

Using <Fres> I take off and land slowly in front of the demon king castle.

“How long do you intend to stay in there? Come out Avos Dillheavia.” (Arnos)

I create a magic circle and pour magic into it. The moment the jet black sun appears in the formation the door to the castle makes a noise and opens.

Looking into the depths of the castle holy light suddenly rushes out breaking my anti-magic and piercing my body.

Without a doubt that was Evans Mana.

“Fumu. Should I come in?” (Arnos)

Without hesitation, I step into the entrance of the demon king castle.


Misa’s voice arrived through <Liikus>

“What’s wrong?” (Arnos)

“Ray-sans <Liikus> has been lost……!” (Misa)


I activate my demon eyes and check.

“Fumu. <Guys> seems to have been cut.” (Arnos)

Just a while ago I could share Ray’s vision as well. Something seems to have happened to Ray’s body while I was concentrating on the castle.

That man is no good with magic but he’s not that easy to beat even without my magic from <Guys>

“Arnos-sama we have captured the 3 elder demon emperors.” (Melheys)

Strange. That was much quicker than I thought.

“What about the origins fused to their own?” (Arnos)

“……They abandoned the bodies and escaped.” (Melheys)

They ran away?

What’s the reason for abandoning the bodies of demon elders at this time?

“Arnos-sama the advance team is about to cross the border!”

“Ray-kun can’t be found anywhere.”

Messages came from the fan union via <Liikus>

“We will take care of the border. My lord, you focus on Avos Dillheavia.” (Aivis)

Nodding I turn my eyes back to the castle.

Ray won’t be killed that easily. He will break through even if backed into a corner.

The biggest threat in this war is Avos and Evans Mana. There’s no doubt the sword is in the castle. I can’t take my eyes off it.

In that case, I should leave the border to Ray, Melheys and the others.


I feel uneasy. Somethings not right.

What’s the enemies aim?

Why did the fused origins abandon the demon emperors bodies at this time?

Why is Avos letting the soldiers he gathered lose spirit while he sits in silence?

Why did you open the door to the castle and let me know Evans Mana is in there?

What are you after….?

“….Fumu. I see. Something like that is it.” (Arnos)

I deploy the formation for <Gatom>

“Melheys. Isolate the demon king castle along with the spirit god sword using Dimensional Prison <Azeishis>. If there’s any sign of Avos appearing run away immediately though in all probability this is a decoy.” (Arnos)

My vision turned white and I transferred to the Tora forest on the Azesion side.

There are no trees here. It’s a large open piece of grassland devoid of trees in the forest. It’s like there was a hole in the forest.

If I pass through here I would soon encounter the demon king subjugation force.

Listening carefully I can hear a voice.

“Advance my brethren. There’s nothing to fear from the humans. I will not let any of you die. Follow this back!”

It’s Avos Dillheavia.

I hear courageous shouts from the advance teams marching through the forest.

As expected.

Then his aim and purpose as well as who he is

I think I understand it all now.

I stood there silently and waited.

Eventually, a man appears.

Avos wearing his mask.

When he noticed me he stopped and without saying anything stares at me.

Then in an instant, his magic power swelled and he attacked me without words.

I received the violent sword swing and thrust out my right finger but he avoids it at such a speed he seems to disappear and kicks me away.

I landed a few meters back from where I started.

Avos lowers his posture like he’s about to pursue me and end it in one go but I speak to him.

“It’s been 2000 years hero Kanon.” (Arnos)

Avos’ magic power shook for a moment so I knew he was surprised.

Even with my demon eyes, I couldn’t see the origin of the man in front of me.

I thought it was the mask but it wasn’t.

Kanon excels at root magic. He’s much better at it than me. Even in the flesh, he was able to stop me from seeing his true origin.

“Well, actually it hasn’t has it?” (Arnos)

I opened my hand.

In the palm of my hand is half a shellfish necklace.

I robbed this from Avos during our clash.

“It looks like you’ve come to fulfil your oath Ray.”

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