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100. Everyone’s thoughts

It’s not long before dawn now and that will signal the start of the war.

I headed towards the stairs to see how everyone was doing when I heard faint voices coming from upstairs.

“….I had a look around Midhays today.”

“How was it?”

Ray and Misa were talking in front of the half-demon sword.

No one else seems to be there.

“For some reason, it was the same as usual. You wouldn’t think a war was about to begin……” (Misa)

“Sounds about right. I don’t think its truly sunk in for people yet. People find it hard to believe that a war is going on and only when it spreads and they’re caught up in it do they truly realise it’s happening.” (Ray)

Misa stares vaguely at the half-demon sword.

“At that point, it’s probably too late.” (Misa)

Ray calmly clenches his hand.

“As for Deiruheidos demon emperors, most seem to have gathered under Avos Dillheavia.” (Misa)

“I guess they can’t just wait in their own castles when the demon king of tyranny is leading from the front. That’s how the mazoku fight.” (Ray)

The demon emperors that rule the country going to the front themselves. If something goes wrong it could bring down the country but that’s the difficult world of the mazoku. Who would follow a ruler that hides in their castle during an emergency?

Even though it’s become peaceful I see some things haven’t changed.

“It’s okay. Remember what Arnos said? I have no intention of killing anyone.” (Ray)

Misa eyes open wide.

“……Wha….” (Misa)

“Because your dad might be there.” (Ray)

“Ah….” (Misa)

Misa turns away in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry.” (Misa)

“Why?” (Ray)

“Because Ray-san will be fighting alone against a Deiruhedo battalion……” (Misa)

Ray laughs a clear refreshing laugh to clear away her anxiety.

“I’m not nervous in the slightest despite the fact we’re off to stop a war.” (Ray)

“Really? Why….?” (Misa)

“I think I was involved in the great war 2000 years ago. My body and my origin seem to know this. It’s no big deal.” (Ray)

Ray’s his usual easygoing self.

“I’ll come back. I’ll come back to you.” (Ray)

Misa’s eyes are absorbed in Ray’s. They slowly approach each other and she closes her eyes.

Ray reaches up to Misa’s neck and picks up the shellfish necklace.

“Ray-san?” (Misa)

“Can I have it?” (Ray)

Misa’s face goes bright red.

One shellfish is divided into two from the necklace that was given. By dividing it and each of you wearing half has the meaning of proposing to that person. We learnt that in the hero class.

“It will certainly become a charm.” (Ray)

Misa nods.

Ray hangs the now divided necklace around his neck.

“What was it you said?” (Ray)

Ray stops to recall something then continues.

“….I can’t wait for some time. I want to help now. If you don’t want to help people who are suffering now then when that day actually comes you won’t be willing to risk your life.” (Ray)

Misa nods shyly.

“I fell in love with you at that time. You were so dazzling.” (Ray)

Ray laughs his refreshing laugh.

“I thought everything would be fine to just swing my sword every day but I was just letting myself be swept along. I wasn’t kind and I wasn’t strong.” (Ray)

Misa shakes her head.

“Ray-san doesn’t know himself. You are kinder and stronger than anyone. You are always natural and treat everyone without discrimination.” (Misa)

“Really?” (Ray)

“…….That’s right and that’s why I…..” (Misa)

Misa looks down for a moment, bites her lip tightly and looks back up.

“That’s why I love Ray-san.” (Misa)

Ray stares in wonder at Misa then smiles.

“Thank you.” (Ray)

Fumu. Seems they have the resolution to head to the battlefield.

I turn around and head back downstairs and encounter Misha and Sasha coming up the other way.

“There’s something going on upstairs so if you have any business up there I’d wait a bit.” (Arnos)

Misha shakes her head.

“Looking for Arnos.” (Misha)

“What’s up?” (Arnos)

“Nothing particularly………” (Sasha)

Sasha squeezes her hands together and I noticed they were trembling slightly.

“What’s that Sahsa? Are you trembling?” (Arnos)

“That’s…no not particularly…….” (Sasha)

“It’s not surprising. This is your first battle after all. I was the same.” (Arnos)

I start heading down the stairs while talking with Misha and Sasha following behind.

“Really. Such a thing happened to Arnos?” (Sasha)

“Aah. It’s shameful to admit but I just rushed in. I was so eager to show them what I could do I couldn’t contain my excitement. I ended up being too ruthless though and killed way more enemies than we needed to.” (Arnos)

Sasha’s legs stop so I turn around and all I can see is the whites of her eyes looking at me.

“You know…… Who told you to tell such a heroic story…….?” (Sasha)

“Huh?” (Arnos)

“Don’t huh me. No, it’s my fault. I was wrong to consult the demon king of tyranny.” (Sasha)

I see

“Are you scared Sasha? Kuhahaa.” (Arnos)

“Why are you laughing? It’s war. We’re going to war.” (Sasha)

“How can’t you laugh at this? Kukuku. What are you scared of? You’re surprisingly cautious considering how much power you have within you.” (Arnos)

Sasha looks at me dumbfounded.

“I trained you for a week so you might not have noticed since it was only against me, but no matter how outnumbered you are it’s impossible for you to fall to any mazoku from this era.” (Arnos)

All of Sasha’s magic power was drawn out and amplified thanks to <Dino Jikusess> and now she can control her <Demon Eyes of Ruin> any mazoku will lose with just a glance.

“Also, you are not alone. There’s someone with equal strength nearby.” (Arnos)

Sasha looks at Misha and she nods.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let Sasha die.” (Misha)

Sasha looks down in embarrassment. She probably thought she was the only one who was scared.

“Give me your hands.” (Arnos)

“Eh…..wa…wait…..” (Sasha)

I wrap Sasha’s hands up with mine.

“Calm down.” (Arnos)

“….Yes……” (Sasha)

“Did you think I’d send my subordinates off to die?”

“…I didn’t think that…..” (Sasha)

“If you can’t believe in yourself then believe in me. Don’t hesitate. You won’t die. To those morons who are late in joining the army show them the power of my subordinates.” (Arnos)

Sasha firmly nods.

“All right.” (Sasha)

When I let go of her hands her shaking had stopped.

“Fumu. Your cheeks are flushed. Are you still worried about something?” (Arnos)

“That’s….. it’s nothing! I’m just a bit excited.” (Sasha)

“I see. How brave.” (Arnos)

“…..I need to wash my face….” (Sasha)

Sasha vigorously marches down the stairs.

“Thank you.” (Misha)

“There’s no such thing as normal in war, however, if you are consumed by fear you will easily die no matter how strong you are.” (Arnos)

I’ll never let them die though.

“How about you Misha?” (Arnos)

I take her small hand and her finger tips are trembling slightly.

“…..Understand….?” (Misha)

“How could I not?” (Arnos)

“…..Nn…..” (Misha)

“Are you scared?” (Arnos)

“Scary.” (Misha)

“What is?” (Arnos)

Misha thinks and then replies.

“Everything.” (Misha)

I don’t think there’s many people who aren’t scared on the battlefield whether it’s killing the enemy or having your friends killed. Everything is horrible.

The only ones who say they arent are the truly strong ones.

“….I won’t tell you not to be afraid but overcome that fear and make it your friend. No one will die if your demon eyes are calmly surveying the battlefield.” (Arnos)

Misha nods.

“I’ll protect. I’ll protect the peace Arnos protected.” (Misha)

Her trembling stopped.

“So we can settle this 2000-year-old dispute.” (Misha)

I didn’t say anything straight away but looked at her and as usual, she watched me back.

“Aah. I leave it to you.” (Arnos)

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