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99. Eve of the decisive battle

I transferred to the hidden room in the underwater cave.

In the centre of the room, Eleonor is still floating in the holy water ball.

“Wow. Welcome Arnos-kun.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor welcomed me with a laugh and a smile.

“Things have become a bit troublesome.” (Arnos)

“I know. Has Azeshion declared war on Deiruheido?” (Eleonor)

I nod.

“My fake Avos Dillheavia appeared in Deiruheido. It seems his intention is to meet the Gairadeite demon king subjugation force on the fields of battle.” (Arnos)

“…..Is that so.” (Eleonor)

“Avos is raising an army and heading to the border with Azeshion.” (Arnos)

“That’s quick. Were the soldiers gathering already?” (Eleonor)

“No, but Avos took the lead and left for the front showing them he would fight alone. They may live in a peaceful world now but they are not cowards who would let the founder go alone so mazoku from all over the country have rallied to him.” (Arnos)

The demon king subjugation army has been preparing for some time so of course they are quick. The heroes gathering from all over Azeshion have been absorbed into the army and are marching on the border as well.

It’s all part of the plan.

“I can still let you go.” (Arnos)

This is a good opportunity since the hero academy is focused on the demon king of tyranny.

“…..Will this war actually be fought?” (Eleonor)

“Yeah.” (Arnos)

“Then we can’t escape.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor states it matter-of-factly which is what I gathered she’d do.

Diego declared war on Deiruheido counting on the war potential of Zeshia that Eleonor can endlessly produce. Without them, the subjugation army would be overrun by the demon king army.

“I have to protect it. All of it. All of Gairadeite and all of Jergakanon.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor laughed.

“All of them are a bit stupid but they are not truly bad people. I can’t let them die.” (Eleonor)

Despite being in a very different form and very far from reincarnation her origin is still Jerga. Is this part of his sin?

“It’s complicated being a hero.” (Arnos)

You are forced to play an unreasonable role and still have to fight for what you need to protect.

Was it like this for Kanon 2000 years ago?

“…..It seems we have become enemies Arnos-kun.” (Eleonor)

She laughs sadly.

I reply back to her calmly.

“The things you said, the things you promised me. I don’t think you lied to me.” (Arnos)

“I’m going to beat you. Deriuheido or Azeshion. There’s no hard feelings whoever wins.” (Eleonor)

Its probably because she still wants me to erase her origin. She probably believes if she disappears everything will be settled.

If both sides are exhausted this war may not go any further.


“Let me tell you something Eleonor. Neither Deiruheido nor Azeshion is going to win.” (Arnos)

Eleonor gives me a strange look.

“There won’t be a victor?” (Eleonor)

“Oh no. There will be a victor. Me. I’ll stop this stupid war.” (Arnos)

My longed-for peace from 2000 years ago has finally come. Everyone is laughing and neither the humans nor the mazoku fear what tomorrow will bring.

I will not let them take away this irreplaceable time.

“Such a thing ever for you Arnos-kun is……” (Eleonor)

“What? This is nothing. All I have to do is lightly kick the Deiruheido army around a bit, stop Avos Dillheavia and brush aside the demon king subjugation force.” (Arnos)

I’ll neutralise both armies before they clash.

After that let’s give some long slow thought on how to get rid of the human’s hatred for the mazoku.

“Some things cannot be protected unless you are on the Azeshions side. That’s where you come in Eleonor. Don’t kill anyone until the very last moment. Enemy and ally both. Just protect what you need to protect.” (Arnos)

She still has a dubious look on her face as I talk.

“On my side, I’ll protect your happiness.” (Arnos)

Eleonor looks straight at me so I meet her gaze squarely and proudly.

Eventually, she nodded in determination.

“….All right. I’ll believe in Arnos-kun. I promise.” (Eleonor)

I turn to head back.

“Arnos-kun.” (Eleonor)

Eleonor calls out to my back.

“I think I understand why Kanon believed in the demon king.”

I turn to face her.

“I see.” (Arnos)

At the same time, I cast <Gatom> and appeared in Deiruheido outside the fan union tower.

Waiting for me were Misha and Sasha along with Ray, Misa and the eight people from the fan union.

To one side also waiting for me were four of the old seven demon emperors consisting of Melheys, Aivis, Gaius and Idol.

“I’ve talked to Eleonor.” (Arnos)

Everyone nodded with serious expressions.

They have Eleonor and Zeshia along with <Ask>.

“This is the battle I left behind 2000 years ago.” (Arnos)

Both Avos Dillheavia and the hero academy caused this situation because I couldn’t see through them.

“None of you need to be involved in this.” (Arnos)

Melhey’s and the other demon emperors kneel at my words.

“My lord, you are Arnos Voldigod-sama the demon king of tyranny. How can we seven demon emperors overlook the insolent fool claiming to be you?” (Melheys)

The demon emperors bow their heads to me.

“Please. Give us your orders.” (Melheys)

Each of the girls in my fan union spoke up.

“We’ll also fight though we may be useless.” (fan union)

“War is unpleasant though…..” (fan union)

“I’ll do my best!” (fan union)

I turn to look at Misa and she nodded.

“Avos Dillheavia has appeared which means the mixed-race mazoku will become increasingly more vulnerable…… He’s the fake demon king so this is also my fight.” (Misa)

“I don’t want to hear that from you now. You didn’t tell me to become a subordinate so I don’t have to listen to you. Did you think I’d stop just because you’re up against Deiruheido and Azeshion? I’ll fight with you even if you antagonise the whole world.” (Sasha)

Misha nods in agreement.

“Arnos is right.” (Misha)

“Not always.” (Arnos)

“Even if it was wrong Arnos gave me life. My life is always with Arnos.” (Misha)

Finally, Ray speaks in a relaxed tone.

“You’re my friend.” (Ray)

I speak to that loyalty and friendship.

“I’m blessed with good subordinates and good friends.” (Arnos)

I don’t belong to either army so I can turn two countries into my enemy.

Over there is a mazoku from the age of myths that has the spirit god sword in his hands. It’s also reasonable to think that the hero academy has one or two trump cards.

You can’t make this decision with light-hearted determination.

“Melheys, Aivis, Gaius and Idol. Suppress the enemies seven demon emperors Medin, Zoro and Eldora.” (Arnos)

I’ll hit the Deiruheido forces first.

I’ve roughly grasped the hero academy war potential but Avos is still an unknown and since I don’t know anything about him I’ll defeat him first.

The fight with the old seven demon emperors is 4 vs 3 but as long as we have Melheys we can’t lose.

“Sasha and Misha. I want you to seal the feet of the mazoku gathering in the west before they join the main force. Since it’s far from the border I don’t think they will attack once the chain of command is severed.” (Arnos)

The plains on the way there will be good for Sasha. She can limit their magic with her <Demon Eyes of Ruin> and Misha can create obstacles such as walls and cages using <Ibis> to hamper their progress.

“Misa and the fan union. Hide in <Fuska>, create disturbances and gather intelligence.” (Arnos)

It’s dangerous to have them on the front lines. I’ll have them serve as logistical support.

“And me?” (Ray)

“You kick the army coming from the east around a bit. Don’t let them cross the border.” (Arnos)

That’s the advance party made up of the royals who were the first to follow Avos. Even with the current Ray, this will be a tough fight but that man will crash through that wall during the battle.

“I’ll hit their main headquarters. According to what I’ve seen a huge demon king castle has been built on Eiyan hill. Avos is probably in it.” (Arnos)

Aivis speaks up.

“If I go wild he’ll have no choice but to show up.” (Aivis)

If he doesn’t come out I can go directly to the castle.

It was worth letting Avos roam free as he’s going for bold actions now.

I won’t let him escape anymore.

“This is an order. Don’t die and don’t kill. I don’t want anyone dying in this pathetic battle.” (Arnos)

You never know whats going to happen on the battlefield but this game won’t be determined through simple power.

I’ve seen many powerful people die without doing anything.

In all honesty, you should never go easy on your enemies but even though this is purely my selfishness they all nodded without hesitation.

“We will all meet here again and with no one missing.” (Arnos)

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